What is The Best Garden Spade?

What is The Best Garden Spade 7
Spear Head Spade by Glorious Outdoors Llc

Every gardener should equip themselves with various tools so that all gardening works could be done efficiently.

Every type of works needs to have a specific gardening tool and that is why gardening tools being invented.

This is to ensure that all the gardening works could be easily done, correct measurement could be obtained and excellent end result could be achieved.

What is The Best Garden Spade 8
Spear Head Spade by Glorious Outdoors Llc

Imagine that you need to transplant a shrub in your garden to another place, what tools do you think you need to have?

If you have all the necessary tools for that kind of works then the work could be easily done in a short period of time.

You can also avoid the shrubs to be accidentally damaged from the transplanting activities such as digging and increase the chances for the plants to eventually grow healthily without any problems and also being stunted.

One of the tools that every gardener should have in their gardening store is the garden spade.

Garden spade seems to be unimportant tools for many people but it actually plays very important roles in gardening activities.

Garden spade is very important in digging holes. Yes, you can say that you can dig a hole by using other tools such as a hoe but to have a nice hole with exact measurement you cannot avoid from using a spade in your digging works.

What is The Best Garden Spade 10
Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools Stainless Steel Digging Spade

Garden spade can also be used to do the lawn edging.

This can usually be done by using the garden spade with the flat blade. If you already have this type of garden spade then you do not need to buy the lawn edger anymore.

Another uses of the garden spade is that you can use it to flatten uneven area in your garden. As the garden spade blade is usually flat you can really expect that the area that you have flatten to be even with the existing area.

Clearing and cleaning up dirt is also one the works that can be done using a garden spade. Dirts that makes you pathway or patio dirty can easily be removed using a garden spade.

Actually there is a lot of more type of works that can be done using a garden spade such filling soil into the pots or container and applying mulches. We are not going to cover everything here in this article. It is just a rough idea on what can you do with a garden spade.

Another important thing to discuss regarding the garden spade is about the best technique of using it.

Many people especially people who are new with gardening activities are usually using the garden spade with the wrong techniques.

What is The Best Garden Spade 12
Radius Garden 201 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Spade

They usually use their hand strength or using only the upper body strength when using the garden spade.

Wrong techniques when using a spade could cause your body to be injured or in pain.

The correct techniques when using a garden spade is by pushing the spade with your whole body strength or weight.

It does not matter whether you are using the garden spade vertically or horizontally, the main thing you have to always bear in mind is to use your body strength when pushing the garden spade.

It may take a little time in order for you to get used of this technique.

However, with frequent training you should be able to master it.

After mastering this technique, you will experience that your works are becoming easier and less tiring.

Back to main our main topic that is; what is the best garden spade, it is actually hard to only ponder to one brand or model and then claim it as the best garden spade.

Garden spade is not a type of machine that you can compare various features between them to come out with a conclusion of which one is the best.

Yes, you can compare the quality but there are a lot of variable that are actually depending on the user itself to determine whether one particular brand is the best garden spade for them.

Variable like the height, the handle and the stepping area on the blade need to be considered when choosing a garden spade. This is to ensure that you are comfortable when using it.

Below are some of the best garden spades available at Amazon.com that i chose based on the customers’ ratings and reviews. It is hope that this listing could help you to choose the best garden spade for your own use.

1. Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade (9667)

What is The Best Garden Spade 13
Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade

This is one of the best rated garden spades Amazon.com. There are also a lot of positive reviews regarding this garden spade. Buyers seem to be very happy with what they have purchased.

This garden spade has a quite large D shape handle. This feature could help you to have a better grip of the spade. The large area of its handle could allow you to grip it comfortably even though you are wearing gloves.

The size of this product is 46.5 x 9 x 4.5 inches and is weight is 4.8 pounds. If you are searching a garden spade that match the size and weight of this product the then there is no doubt this that item should be the chosen one.

As i said earlier a lot a people are very impressed with the performance of this product that leads them to give many positive reviews about this garden spade.

If you are interested to know more about this particular item, please click here.

2. Ames True Temper LH Floral Spade

What is The Best Garden Spade 15
Ames True Temper LH Floral Spade

Ames is one of the famous brand that producing a lot of high quality gardening tools. Ames brand have been serving gardeners for more than 100 years.

The meaning of the above statement is that they know what they are doing in terms of serving people with quality product.

The dimension of this item is slightly different compare the garden spade mentioned above. The dimension of this product is 3.5 x 6.5 x 51.5 inches.

This product also received positive reviews and ratings for its performance. This could be an indication that this garden spade is an item that is worth the money to be spent on.

Should you would like to acquire further details about this product, please click here.

3. Jackson Garden Spade with Solid Shank and Armor D-grip

What is The Best Garden Spade 2
Jackson Garden Spade with Solid Shank and Armor D-grip

This garden spade is a little bit expensive compare to the two garden spade mentioned earlier.

This garden spade is also produced by Ames.

If you are searching for a very heavy duty and durable garden spade then this item could be the answer for you.

It is specially design for heavy works such as tree digging. It was also carefully design that make it perfectly balanced so that you can do you work comfortably.

The size of this garden spade is 3 x 7.5 x 35 inches and its weight is 5 pounds.

Should you would like to acquire further details about this product, please click here.

We have come to the end of this article. If none of this three garden spade can fulfill your need, you can just click any image in this article to go to Amazon.com to further browse other brands of garden spade.

It is hope you will eventually find the best garden spade that you can use for your gardening activities.

Should you have any comments, suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below. I am more that happy to respond to you.

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  1. Wow! I did not know how important a garden spade was to a gardener. I plan to start my garden soon and I am definitely going to have to invest in a garden spade. Reading your article has helped me understand what is good for me. Thank you for the information.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that my article is helpful.

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