What is a Garden Trellis Used For?

Miniature Fairy Garden Triple Trellis, Antiqued by Jeremie
Miniature Fairy Garden Triple Trellis, Antiqued by Jeremie


There are a lot of gardening accessories and decorations out there that are being sold in the gardening shops nowadays including the garden trellis.

Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor, White
Dura-Trel 11178 Providence Arbor, White

Sometimes, it will be a little bit overwhelming when you enter a gardening shops to see various type of garden’s accessories and decorations being displayed and that will usually make you hard to choose which one is the most suitable one to be bought and put into your garden.

As we all know, garden decorations and accessories are one of the best ways for us to enhance the beauty of our garden apart from the plants.

They usually have their own beautiful and unique design that can enhance the look of our garden.

There are also usually very easy to be installed and does require any expertise and hard works from us.

Our garden, sometimes, will not be deemed as complete without one or two gardening accessories such the garden benches or garden trellis as they are usually the one that makes our garden more useful.

For your information, some garden accessories and decorations are not only made solely as a decoration to beautify our garden. They sometimes can serve us certain purposes.

This is also true with the garden trellis. In this article, we will be discussing a few uses of garden trellis in our garden.

Uses of Garden Trellis

1. Plant Support

Dura-Trel 11174M Winchester Trellis, Mocha by Dura-Trel, Inc.

Traditionally, the garden trellis is used to support our plants especially the creeping type of plants so that they can grow vertically instead of horizontally.

You will need to plant the creepers plants close to the trellis and let them grow and naturally climb the trellis.

The creeping types of plants will usually grow up the trellis without the need for you to train them. However, there are certain plants that do not grow up the trellis very well by themselves.

For this type of plants, you usually need to train them and tie them to the trellis to avoid them from falling down onto the ground. You can use the gardening wire or gardening clips to attached the plants to the trellis.

It does not matter where you grow your plants, either in the pot or directly on the ground, you can always use the trellis to support them and beautify your area.

The big types of pots or containers that have enough amount of soils are usually needed especially if your trellis is high as the plants will usually need to grow as high as they can according to your trellis height.

The reason you need to use the big pots or containers is to ensure enough water and nutrients can be supplied to the plants as they grow taller when the nutrients are needed much more compare when they were small.

2. Screening

Three Panel Trellis by Gardener's Supply Company
Three Panel Trellis by Gardener’s Supply Company

Apart from being used as a plant supporting structure, trellis could be used as a screen in your garden to close or cover whichever part of your garden that you do not want other people to see.

However, it will take a little bit of time for this type function to be fully functional as you need to wait for the plants to be fully established all over the trellis before the plants could cover the area.

Planting only one plant is usually not enough for this purpose. You usually need to plant several plants at the bottom of the trellis so that all the plants could cover all the surface area of the trellis.

You will also need to choose the type of plants that have a very high leave density that grows close together between each other in order for the trellis to be fully covered by the plants.

3. To Set a Border

Panacea 89660 Gothic Garden Screen Trellis with Lattice, 72-Inch, Black
Panacea 89660 Gothic Garden Screen Trellis with Lattice, 72-Inch, Black

If you are not keen to put or build hard structures around your garden to make a border between any area around it, then trellis could be an answer for you.

By using the trellis, you will be able to make borders so that people will not be able to enter places where you don’t want them to be or you can make a border to create spaces with special uses such as to make a barbecue or storage area.

Regarding how to do it, it is almost the same as how you are going to set up the trellis for the screening purposes.

The only thing is that you do not need to really stress on the plant types as when setting the trellis for screening purposes. Any type of plants that can grow on a trellis and beautiful should be enough for bordering purposes.

4. Wind Shield

H Potter Iron Garden Trellis Screen / Patio Screen
H Potter Iron Garden Trellis Screen / Patio Screen

A trellis could also be used as a windshield where you can block or reduce the speed of the strong wind to certain areas around your garden.

This is a very important element to have especially if the wind could make certain damages to your property or plants.

For example, if the strong wind could make some of your garden plants to fall down, breaking the pots or breaking the branches of any of your vegetables or ornamental plants, you can use the trellis as a windshield to cover that area to protect your plants or properties.

You, however, have to make sure that the trellis that you want to install as a windshield purposes is strong enough to face the strong blowing wind.

The trellis that is not strong will be easily broken or fall down. This is due to apart from bearing the burden of the blowing wind, the trellis is also at the same time is bearing the weight of the creeping plants that are growing on it.

5. Decorative Arch

Plow and Hearth Montebello Garden Arbor Trellis with Gate
Plow and Hearth Montebello Garden Arbor Trellis with Gate.

This is one of the creative ways on how you can use the trellis around your garden.

In order for you to have this function, you need to have the trellis that is in the shape of arches instead of the flat plane structure like any normal trellis.

This is also one of the good ways to beautify your garden especially the entrance of any areas.

This type of trellis are very well-known nowadays and are widely sold at any gardening accessories or decoration shops.

There are many types of materials that are used to make this type of trellis that you can choose from. Some were made from iron, some were made from wood and a few other types of materials including plastics.


Trellis as we have just been discussed, is not a type of garden decoration that can only be used for only one purpose. If you are creative enough, there are a lot of other ways on how you can use the garden trellis in your garden.

As you can see in this article, there are already five ways mentioned on how can the garden trellis be used in your garden.

To own a trellis nowadays has never been easy than before. You don’t have to make it on your own as there are a lot of beautifully designed trellis that is being sold in the market with a very reasonable price.

That is all about the garden trellis at this moment, it is hoped that you enjoy the article and have some ideas on how to use the garden trellis in your garden.

Should you have any idea to share on how to creatively use the garden trellis, please feel free to write it in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “What is a Garden Trellis Used For?

  1. Great article, Trellis’ have so many uses, I think that the use of shading is often overlooked by people. It’s a great way to create a different environment in the garden, especially if you are living in a hotter part of the world where too much sun can be a problem (helps prevent moisture loss as an added bonus).

    • Hi Dean,

      Ya, I agree with you that shading is often overlooked by people as one of the ways how to use the trellis. Thanks for the suggestion.

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