What are The Best Pruning Shears?

Pruning is one of the important aspects in gardening activities. It does requires a little bit of knowledge to do the pruning works correctly but having a good pruning shear could also help your to do the works efficiently.

When talking about pruning, not many people are actually really understood of the benefits and the correct techniques in doing it.

They just feel that when their plants are not looking in the correct shape then they need to prune them.

Actually, there are a lot of other reasons why pruning need to bed done, not just to reduce the shape of your plants that have grown wildly and out of shape.

Pruning could also be done to remove the unwanted branches of your plants. This is done to the plants that have too much of branches that are unneeded even though there are still in the good shape.

One of the reasons why this needs to be done is to improve the air circulation within the plants canopy. This pruning is sometimes done to enable the sunlight to penetrate into the plants canopy.

When the air circulation is improved and there are also some sunlight penetrated into the plants canopy, there will less probability that the pest could hide and stay within the plants.

Water can also be easily dried from the plants surfaces that could prevent fungus to get benefit from the moist condition.

Your plants will surely get huge benefits from this practice as they will not be easily attacked by pests and infected by diseases.

You can also reduce a lot of pesticides uses to control the pests and diseases within your garden and that could also save our environment from hazardous chemicals.

Some money could also be saved from spending it on necessary pest control products for pest problems that can actually be prevented by easy methods.

Another good reason why you should prune your plants is to remove the disease infected or dead branches of your plants.

To enable you to this practice, you need to always closely monitor all of your plants conditions as this should be done as soon as possible when you notice it.

The reason why you should prune the infected and dead branches is to prevent the bad condition of the plant’s parts to spread to any other part of the plant as well as any other plants surrounding that area.

As mentioned earlier, you need to do this as soon as possible as the diseases and the pests could spread very fast with very short period of time that you could never expected.

The third reason why pruning is needed is to cut unnecessary branches in order to produces better yield that you are expecting.

This pruning technique may not be required by all type of plants, it is depending on the type of the yield that you are expecting.

As an example, this type of pruning technique is widely used is in the grape vines planting.

In order for the grape planters to produce high amount and high quality of grape yields, they need to prune about 80 to 90 percent of the last year’s branches.

Yes it is that much, 80 to 90 percent of last year’s branches need to be cut so that new branches could grow and produces higher amount of yield with great quality.

Pruning is also done to maintain the plant’s shape in the form that you want. This is done not only to retain the normal form of the plant but also to make the plant to be in whatever form that you wanted.

This pruning technique is often called as topiary that is creating shapes out of plants.

This type of pruning is quite an easy task to be done as it does not require you to identify which branches is critical to be cut, just cut the branches according to shape that you want.

I think that is all a little of sharing about the benefits of pruning to the plants. Before we went too far, let us get back on discussing about the best pruning shears that you can have at your home.

Browsing for a best pruning shears could be hard for you as there are a lot of pruning shears with various brands that are being sold in the market either online or offline.

To give you a little bit of ideas about some good pruning shears, I have listed a few pruning shears that are available at Amazon.com that I think are quite good in terms of their performance. The list is as follows:

1. Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears 

This is one of the best sellers pruning shears at Amazon.com. It also received a lot of positive reviews and rating from its previous buyers.

If you do not have a strong hand to hold and grip a pruning shear, then this one might be good for you.

This pruning shears is designed that it could cut hard branches with less effort from your part.

The design of this pruning shear could increase the power of your hand up to 5 times more compare to normal pruning shears.

Besides what has been stated here, there are a lot more useful features that come with this pruning shears.

If you would like to learn more about this particular pruning shears, please click here.

2. Felco F-8 Classic Pruner with Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Felco is quite a famous brand for gardening tools. There are huge amount of people that already trusted this brand for its quality and durability products.

If you look at the handle of this pruning shears, you can see that it is differently designed from any other normal pruning shears.

This design is called ergonomic design that specially made so that you can grip this tool comfortably and avoid injuries while using this pruning shears.

This pruning shear is also made to be in a light weight so that it will not hurt your hand when doing a lot of cuttings.

If you would like to learn more about this pruning shear, please click here.

3. Till Harvest – Best Steel Bypass Pruning Shears

One of the great features that come with this particular pruning shear is that its blade is coated with titanium.

With this feature included, the blade of this pruning shears will not get dull easily and also will last longer than the one without titanium coated.

The handle of this pruning shear could also be adjusted accordingly depending on the size of the hand of the users of this pruning shears. This feature is rarely included with any other normal pruning shears.

As the above mentioned pruning shears, this pruning shear is also quite light in weight, therefore very suitable for people who are looking for a light weight pruning shears.

Should you would like to learn more about other feature of this pruning shear, please click here.

The Windup

Pruning is an important work that needs to be looked seriously in gardening activities. A little bit of knowledge about it should be deem as important so that you get the best result from your gardening efforts.

I think that is all for now, should you have anything to say, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below. Thank You.

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