Ways To Improve Soil Fertility


Soil fertility is a very important subject in gardening activities. Without a good soil your gardening activities most likely to be failed.

This is due to soil is the main source for your plants to uptake their nutrients for their growth. A good soil should be able to supply all the nutrients that are needed for a plant to grow healthily and eventually give high yield for any types of produced.

Soil fertility is not a one-time works or project. It is a continuous works that you need to do or maintain throughout your gardening activities time. This is because as long there are plants in your garden or on the soils they need to be supplied with the nutrients and the soil need to have the nutrients that are needed for the plants for the optimum plants growth.

A good soil with sufficient nutrients will also help in reducing the diseases and pest attack to the plants. Enough nutrients will help the plants to grow healthily and vigorously. These types of plants will have their own defense to diseases and pests. It is just like human, healthy people with optimum nutrients intake will not easily get sick and infect by diseases.

Now let’s discuss on ways that you can do to improve your soil fertility.

1.Put Organic Materials.

One of the famous and effective ways to improve your soil fertility is by adding organic material to your soil.Black gold

The meaning of organic material or organic matter is a composed of organic compounds that derived from dead living things such plants or plants parts and animals including their waste.

A lot of benefits can be derived from putting organic matter to your soil. One of them is that organic matter can increase the beneficial microorganisms’ activity in the soil. The microorganism such as bacteria and fungus can help to break the large organic matters in the soil to the f
orm that the nutrient can easily be taken by the plants.

Another benefit of having a lot of organic matter in your soil is that it can help to improve your soil structure. Sandy soil and silt type of soil can easily be improved by adding organic matters.

Sandy soil usually cannot hold water efficiently and with the help of organic matters this problem can be solved easily. Adding organic matters to the silt type of soil can also improve the water penetration and aeration to that type of soil.

All the things mentioned before will definitely improve your soil fertility.


compost 2



Mulching is another great way to improve the soil fertility so that your plants can grow healthily.

There are a lot of benefits of doing mulching in your gardening activities, mulching can help to retain water and humidity in the soil. Therefore, the water in the soil will not dry easily by the hot sunlight.Mulch 2

Mulching can also retain or increase the soil temperature that is important for soil creatures such as worm and microorganisms. Appropriate temperature will lead to optimum activity of the soil creatures to eventually produce a fertile soil.

There is also a research that have been done and shows that by increasing the soil temperature it will leads to faster yield for certain crops.

Mulching can also help in reducing the attack of certain pests such as weeds and aphids depending on what type of mulch that you use. If you would like to read more about this type mulching there is another article that discussing about it in details, please click here to go there.

black mulch

red mulch

silver mulch

3. Introduce or Inviting Worms to Your Garden

Earthworms have a lot of roles in helping you to have a fertile soil.

Worms can help to improve the air circulation and water penetration in the soil. This benefit can be derived from the tunnels made by the worm in the soil.

Worms can also help to broken down the organic matters same as the bacteria and fungus do. This will help to produce more nutrients within your soils to your plants.

worms 2


Another good thing of having worms in your soil is that their excretion is also rich in nutrients that beneficial to the plants. There is also another article discussing the benefits of earthworms in the soil, please click here if you would like to know it.

4. Amend the Soil pH

Soil pH is very important to be looked on. This is because without a good soil pH no matter how much fertilizer that you put into the soil your plants cannot uptake them.

pH meter
pH meter

For those of you who do not know, soil pH means the state of acidity and alkalinity of your soil. The scale is ranging from 0 -14 which number 7 represent the neutral pH, below 7 represent the state of acidity and above 7 represent the state of alkalinity.

pH of the soil works very closely with the availability of the nutrients in the soil. There will be nutrients that is unavailable if the soil are too acidic or to alkaline. Therefore you need to do the soil test to determine the pH of your soil and act accordingly to rectify it.

To amend the soil pH is very easy, if the soil pH is too acidic you just need to put agriculture lime to increase the pH and if the soil is too alkaline you just need to put sulfur to the soil. These entire products are easily available in the market. Examples of the product are as below:



5.Adding Fertilizer

Another thing you can do to improve your soil fertility is to add fertilizers to the schemical fertilizeroils.

Types of fertilizers to be added are depending to your suitability. There two types of fertilizer one is chemical fertilizer and another one is organic fertilizer.

There are pros and cons that have been discussed regarding which fertilizer is better. As i said earlier it is depending to your own comfort as the aim of the fertilizer is to supply the nutrients that are needed by your plants.

TherOrganic fertilizere are many types and brand of fertilizer available in the market. The best thing you can do before buying any of the fertilizers is to do the soil test and determine what type of
nutrients are lacking in your soil. Use the result from the soil test to determine which fertilizer is the best for your soil.

If you would like to read about the benefit of using organic fertilizer, you can read one of my earlier articles here.

6. Introduce Beneficial Microorganism to Your Soil

Now days there are a lot of products that you can put to your soil to introduce or to increase the population of beneficial microorganism to your soil. The method of purposely introduce microorganism to the soil is not impossible before but nowadays it can be done. The only thing you can do to introduce microorganism in old days is to put organic matters to the soil.

There are many products in the market that sells solutions that contain microorganism in it. You just need to buy and apply them to your soil. No hassle here. Examples of the products available are as below:

EM 1

EM 2

As of now, i think that is the end for this article. Please do not hesitate to give suggestions or ask questions in the comment section below so that we can have further discussion and insight regarding this topic.

4 thoughts on “Ways To Improve Soil Fertility

  1. Great article! I have sort of been forced to learn about this sort of thing ever since my dad retired – he has become rather keen in the green fingers area!
    He goes on a lot about green manure – a crop grown with the intention of benefiting the next crop. Have you heard much of this and what are your opinions on it?

    • Hi Chris,

      Regarding your question, yes i have heard about that, it is called sustainable agriculture or may be crop rotating program. That means you select plants they have different types of nutrients requirement for their growth and plant them one after another so that the soil could be cured. As you asked my opinion, i think it is a good practice. Thank you for reading.

  2. `Hi there, I love gardening and you have lot#s of great tips there for anyone to have a go at. At first things might seem a bit scientific but it is not that complicated at all once you get in to it. I think the hardest thing about gardening and soil is digging it and the weeds that come up after you have done that. I keep my soils organic, I don’t want to harm all of my good worms with chemicals, so I use a green compost that I grow cut down and compost or make a tonic soil conditioner by soaking the compost plant stuff and letting it brew for a while to make a liquid compost. It can be a big pongy but it is good stuff. Also, someone told me..and I have tried it on an overgrown allotment, was just planting loads of potatoes to improve your soil. Then once they were done dug it over and it was easier to handle felt better and grew some really nice veggies and salad stuff on it after.

    • Hi Andi,
      Thanks a lot for your comment and inputs. There are surely lots of ways on how you could improve the soil fertility.

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