Vegetable Garden Weed Control Fabric

Vegetables gardening are one of the famous gardening activities among the people especially people who has some extra land spaces at their home.

This is because gardening activities does not only help you to fill your spare times with useful activities but also can produced you fresh vegetables for your own use. This activity can also help you in reducing your household spending cost as you are producing you own vegetables.

However there is one problem or obstacle that usually occur when doing the vegetables gardening and that is the weeds problems.

The weed problems sound and seem to be very small problem but to overcome it is very difficult and very time consuming.

Many people usually avoiding to try the gardening activities when thinking the workloads that they need to face in the gardening activities especially in getting rid of the weeds.

If you are facing the same problem as mentioned, now you can have a better solution in avoiding weeds in your vegetables gardening activities. The answer for you problem is you can now use the vegetables garden weed control fabric.

So, what is the vegetable garden weed control fabric? The answer is in the next paragraph.

Basic of the vegetable garden weed control fabric is it is a woven plastic fabric that is water permeable, meaning that the water can go through the fabric but it preventing the weeds from growing up through it. Besides the water the nutrients and air are also permeable through the weed control fabrics. All of the elements stated are very crucial for plants growth.

Regarding the planting side preparation, you can do it normally as usual. There is no difference in term of site preparation regardless either you are going to use the weed control fabric or not. The site preparation that we are talking about is something like planting beds preparation, tilling the soil and soil fertility preparation such as liming and fertilizing.

After you have done all the necessary site preparation at your gardening area and ready for planting then you just need to lay the weed control fabric across the area where you want your plants to be planted. It is just easy as that.

The second things you need to ponder after you lay the weed control fabric for your vegetable garden is where you want to plant each vegetable plants throughout on top of the weed control fabric.

This is because you need to make holes at all the places that you have identified to be the planting point. The holes can easily be made by using propane torch. You can also use knife or scissor to make the holes but using the propane torch is the best way to do it as it will prevent the edges of the fabrics to come out.

Please make a careful measurement of the distance between one hole to another hole. This is depending on the type of plants that you want to grow. Basically large plants need more distance between each other compare to small plants. This is very important because once the hole have been made on the vegetable weed control fabric it is hard to close it again.

In order to prevent the weed control fabric to move such form the wind blows you can put some heavy material around the fabric’s perimeter such bricks or stone. Usually this method is enough and being used widely in preventing the weed control fabric from moving.

Once everything is ready now you can start to plant the seedlings that you have prepared before onto the planting area.

It is good to use the garden weed control fabric as you do not have to worry a lot on getting rid of the weeds. The spare time that you have can be utilized on doing more gardening works.

Actually you can use the weed barrier fabric many times not just once. Let’s say that it is going to be the winter season and you wanted to stop your vegetables gardening activities for a while then it is fine. You just need to roll over the weed barrier fabric and store it at the suitable place where it will not be exposed to the winter and when it is time for you to start your gardening activities again you can use it again.

The weed control fabric does not only help you in preventing weeds from growing at your planting area but can also help reducing the soils erosion. Your panting beds will usually be intact without having you to raise it again and again throughout the growing season.

It can also reduce the respiration rate on the ground that means the water and the humidity in the soils ground could be preserved longer. The fabric can also raises the ground temperature up to a few degrees that will help in promoting earlier growth and maturity and this will enable you to have early harvesting.

Other than that the weed control fabric can plays a role in preventing the nutrients that you give to the plants from leaching especially when there are heavy rains. Therefore the fertilizer that you applied will be used by the plants optimally.

Lastly, you vegetables or fruits that you will harvest especially the one that grows creeping will be free from the dirt such as the water melon or pumpkins.

There are many types of vegetables garden weed control fabrics that are available in the market. Some of them that are available at is as below, you will need to click on the image given to read the full specs of each of the weed control fabric.

That is all for now about vegetables garden weed control fabric. My opinions or thoughts may not be very details and therefore anybody who have some experience and knowledge are very welcome to give their opinion in the comment section below.

Anyone who have any questions can also post your questions in the comment section below, i will try my best to find the answer for you.

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