Tools For Edging Flower Beds

One of the famous ways among the gardeners when planting their flowers around their garden is by using flower beds.

There are a few reasons why flower bed is being the preferred planting ways compare to any other techniques.

One of them is that it is easy for you to do the weeds control activities. The soil of the flower beds are usually very soft, thus will allow you to easily pull out the weeds that are growing while they are still small.

As you are always pulling out the weeds from your flower beds, you are gradually reducing the amount of the weeds’ seeds from the flower beds.

This will eventually wipe out all the weed seeds that existed within your flower beds soil and reduce significantly the weeds problems except for the seeds that are brought by the wind and other insects or animal and this situation are very less to be a major weeds problem.

The second benefit of having flower beds around your garden for flowers planting is that  it provides you with practical accessibility for you to do the maintenance works.

Besides the weed control activities mentioned earlier you also need to do the pruning and fertilizing works of your flower plants.

Without good accessibility, you could accidentally damaging you plants as well as the soils while you are doing the maintenance works.

Flower beds could also help you to do the pest control works easily and faster.

This is because the area of the flower beds are well defined, therefore you could take a proper measurement such as pesticides application straight away onto the targeted area.

Besides all the factors mentioned above, flower beds could also be a good garden decoration or design that could further enhance the look of you garden.

You could use the flower beds to highlights certain areas of your garden to gain attention of your visitors or you could also use the flower beds to cover certain areas around your garden that you do not want people to see it.

While there are a lot of benefits having the flower beds around your garden, there are also some challenge of having them.

One of the main challenge that is always encounter by most gardeners regarding the flower beds is that the have to maintain it by doing the edging works.

What is actually the edging works?

This questions may not be so hard to answers for seasoned gardeners. However, for people who are new in gardening activities, they might not really know what is it.

In simple words, edging works could be said as works that you need to do to properly defined the flower beds area by cutting out any plants that grow crossing the the flower beds border.

It is a very simple process actually, however you need to know the best suitable tools that you need to use in order to do the edgings faster and efficiently.

There are a few benefits that you could gain from the edging works that you do around your flower beds. It is not the works that you need to do without gaining any benefits.

One of the benefits of doing the edging works is that is could avoid the competition of spaces and nutrients between your flowers that are situated on the flower beds and other plants and this is usually the turf grass.

As we all know, grasses will grow by spreading themselves anywhere the can by producing new stolons that will try to search for new spaces for the to grow.

This stolons will eventually grow as a new grasses that will take up all the nutrients that you supply to your flowers on the flower beds.

By doing the edging works, you could avoid your flower beds from being colonized by the grasses and prevent the nutrients that you give to your flowers from being taken by the grasses.

Another benefits of doing the edging works around your flower beds is to prevent or avoid the pest attack to you flower plants.

The grass bushes that grow wildly near your flower beds could be a good spot for some pest such as snail, slugs and some insects to hide.

If this situation happened, your flower plants are very prone to the attacked of the pests and this could ruin all your flower plants.

The third benefits of edging works that is usually highlighted by many  of gardening experts is that it could enhance the beauty of your garden.

You garden will look very neat and tidy from the proper edging works that you have done.

There are many type of edging tools that are being sold in the market. There is no specific tools that can be said is the best for your gardening works.

The main factor when considering which edging tools that need to be bought is you yourself and the condition of your garden.

There are edging tools that only use your hand strength to do the work and there are also edging tools than you can step on to have it penetrate deeper into the soil.

You just need to choose the one that you think is most suitable for you and most important thing is the tool must be durable so that it will not easily bend while you are using it.

To make it easier for you to choose a good edging tools for your flower beds, I have listed a few of them that I think quite good and they are as below:

1. Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

This is one version of edging tools that are available in the market.

As you can see, the blade of this edging tool is in the shape of half moon, This is one of the famous shape that is used widely by many gardeners for edging works.

This edging tools features a stepping area at the center of the blade which will give even force when you push the tool into the soil.

There is no doubt that this edging tools could help you to do you work faster and efficiently to have a beautiful edged flower beds.

If you would like to know more about this edging tools, please click here.

2. Bully Tools 92202 7-Gauge Square Edger Root Cutter with Steel Handle, Beveled Blade

This is one of the famous brand for its quality and durability that is produced 100% in USA.

Unlike the previous edging tool that is in half moon shape, this edging tool is designed in square shape.

So, if you are interested in having a good edging tools that us in square shape then this edging tool might be a good choice for you.

Should you would like to know about this edging tool, please click here.

3. Super Edger for Gardening and Lawn Care

This edging tool is quite different in terms of the design and how it should be used. This edging tool can only be used with hand only.

If you are looking for a simple edging tools that you want to use for your small garden, then this edging tool could be the one that you are looking for.

If you are going to do edging works for a large garden area, I personally felt that this tool is not really suitable as it will consume a lot of your time and your energy to finish your work.

Should you are keen in knowing more about this particular edging tool, please click here.


Every work in gardening activities need a special tool in order for you to do your works efficiently and have a good results.

This is also true when it comes to edging works, a good edging tool will definitely help you to achieve the result that you expected without having to face a lot of difficulties.

Should you have any questions or suggestions after reading this blog post, please feel free to ask me in the comment section below.

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