The Best Fertilizer for Tomatoes

Gardening can be a good workout for your body, mind and soul. It is also a good activity that could be done in your spare time.

With our climate that have change rapidly lately, doing gardening around our properties could also help to stabilize back our nature and environment.

Nowadays, there have been a lot of encouragement all around the world for people to be active back in gardening activities at least around their properties for sustainable environment.

One of the favorite plants that have gained a lot of interest among beginner and  senior gardeners is tomatoes plants.

The reason why tomato plants were being famous among the gardeners is because it is easy to be taken care off and can also produced a beautiful and delicious yield.

There are many types of tomatoes that you can choose for your planting purposes. It is up to you of which one do you prefer to plant as there is not much differences on the soil and nutrients requirements.

To plant tomato plants, the first thing you need to do is to sow the tomato seeds.

The best medium to use for sowing the seeds of the tomatoes is the potting mixes that are purposely made for sowing seeds and not the normal soil.

You really need to be more cautious in selecting the medium for sowing your seeds as this is the important phase in developing a strong root system.

Proper sowing techniques and care will produce a healthy and strong seedling that you can easily transfer to the main planting plots or containers and will grow healthily and vigorously as well as producing excellent yield  that you can reap after all the hard works that you put in.

At this phase there not much of supplement fertilizer that need to be put to seeds or seedlings as the nutrients from the soil (a good soil) is usually enough up until to time they are ready to be transplanted.

Before you start to plant your tomatoes seedlings once they are into the soil, it is crucial that you first prepare the soil or treat the soil so that it can give conducive condition for the plants to grow.

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It is good for to do a soil test on your soil to really know the current condition of your soil. This is important so that you can act accordingly and correctly when doing the soil improvements.

If you are planting in a container and are planning to use potting mixes that are being sold in the market then the soil test not  necessary as they soil that you are going to buy is usually already in the best condition.

You can also review first the specification by the manufacturer to know the soil condition. If you would like to know more about the best potting soil available in the market, i have wrote a few articles about it.

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Besides improving the availability of nutrients within the soil, you also need to look into other few factors about the soil that are also affecting the plant’s growth.

Other factors that you need to look into are something like the pH of the soil, the aeration, soils drainage, and organic matters.

All these factors are very important to be look into if you are preparing the gardening soils by yourself as it will determine the success from your plantings.

After you have transplanted the seedling into the main soil, it is good that you prepare the support structure for your tomatoes plants.

There are many type of support that you can choose to be used for tomato plants. There are cage type, staking type and also netting type of support structures.

Just choose the one that is suitable on your own condition as all the mentioned structures are used widely worldwide. You can also make your own structures based on your creativity and ability if you choose to.

At this stage you can start to apply some fertilizers to the tomato plants to support its initial growth.

When the tomato plants start growing, you can you an increase the fertilizers amount based on the growth stage.

Basically there are two type of fertilizers that you can use in tomato plantings. They are organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that were derived from natural organic materials. Example of organic fertilizers are manures, compost, bone meal and blood meal.

Whereas chemical fertilizers are fertilizers that were made at the factories from chemical compound.

There are a lot of debate about the pros and cons of using each type of fertilizers mentioned. It is depend on you which one do you prefer.

However, in recent years, organic gardening have become more favorable by many gardeners all around they world.

It is believed that organic gardening techniques could produce more quality yields, safe products and also more environmental friendly compare to the conventional gardening that uses chemical fertilizers.

So, if you are asking which one is better, i would recommend you to opt for organic gardening methods that only uses gardening fertilizers.

It is not like the old days where it is hard for you to get a good organic fertilizers to be bought and used. Now, there are huge amount of organic fertilizers are available in the market. You can even buy them online.

Back to our main topic that is what is the best fertilizer for tomatoes? It is actually hard to say exactly which one is the best. Every producer will tell that their natural fertilizers are the best based on their own description.

The best way for us to know is by looking at the reviews and ratings given by the previous buyers to the products that they have bought.

To ease you, below are some of the natural fertilizers that have gained quite nice reviews from buyers. You can buy all these product at by clicking the image given.

1. Jobes Organic Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer (Pack of 6)

This is one of the natural or organic fertilizers that have gained a lot of interest by many tomato gardeners.

This fertilizers have received a lot of positive reviews as well as good ratings from its previous buyers.

This is a granular types of fertilizers. It can also help you to increase the beneficial microbes activity within your soil to increase the nutrients availability. You need to apply this fertilizer to your tomato plants in every eight week.

If you would like to know more about this particular tomatoes organic fertilizer, please click here.

2. FoxFarm FX14051 FoxFarm Peace of Mind Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer 7-4-5

This is another good fertilizer specially made for tomato plantings.

This is also a granule type of organic fertilizers with carry the formulation of 7-4-5.

This organic fertilizers is rich in various type of organic materials. Example of organic material that contain in this fertilizer are bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal and fish meal.

Another good ingredient of this organic fertilizer is humic acid. This acid is beneficial in helping the seed germination and could also increase the micro-nutrients intake.

There are also about 20 species of beneficial microbes added into this fertilizers to help your plant grow healthily and fighting diseases.

Should you like to learn more about this natural fertilizers for tomatoes plants, please click here.

3. Espoma TO18 Tomato Tone, 18-Pound

Espoma is a well known brand in producing many quality gardening materials that have been used widely by many gardeners all around the world.

This natural fertilizers received many encouraging reviews from its buyers.

This could be a very good indication for us that this fertilizer is doing well in helping your plants to grow healthily and producing delicious and fresh tomatoes.

If you would like to know more about this natural fertilizer from Espoma, please click here to go to its selling page.

That is all about the three fertilizers that could help you in planting your tomato plants.

It is hope that you could benefit a little bit from the topics that we have been discussing here.

For those who are new in gardening, please do not too much about the type of fertilizers that you should use.

Just start the gardening with whatever you have and increase your knowledge as time goes on.

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Lastly, should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write them in the comment section below. I am more than happy to respond back to you.

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