Self Watering Vegetable Planter Boxes

Nowadays there should be no excuses for people to not have any gardening activities at their home.

We always heard people are saying and giving all sorts of excuses to not having any plants in their home.

Some of the popular excuses are not enough spaces, do not know how to do gardening and too busy to take care of their plants.

There are actually a lot of solutions for any problems in gardening activities for people who are searching for them.

There are solutions for people who have limited spaces at their home, there are solutions for people who are busy and there are solutions for people who do not have much knowledge in gardening works.

All the solutions were made with special attention that is to encourage modern people to try gardening activities that have been long neglected by our society especially the urban people.

There are many calls recently by environmental concerned people for us to start at least a simple gardening activity at our home to help balance back the nature.

We all know that every day in the whole world, people are non-stopping cutting trees and clearing the forests.

Just imagine what the world could be in the near future if there are no drastic actions to protect our nature.

Therefore, if everybody could at least grow 10 plants at their house no matter what type of property you are staying in, this surely could a little bit help to balance back the numbers of plants that we lost every day.

In making the gardening works to be easier for you than before, there are one type of gardening equipment that is invented so that you do not have to water your plants very frequently and it is called self-watering planter box.

It does matter whether you want to grow vegetable plants or ornamental plants; the self-watering planter box is suitable for both of them.

May be some of you who are new in the gardening field is wondering; what the self-watering container is and how does it works.

Actually, in terms of the ways and techniques in growing your vegetables, they are still the same as when you grow them on the ground or in any other normal planting boxes, there are nothing need to be changed.

The only difference is that this type of container is equipped with special feature that can keep the water continuously available to the plants for a longer period of time by having special compartments for water storage.

The designed and technicality may be difference for one brand to another brand but the concept is still the same.

If you grow your vegetable plants with the self-watering planter boxes, you do not have to worry about watering the plants anymore.

The only thing you need to do in term of the watering work is to check the water storage compartment of the planter boxes maybe for once or twice a week to see the availability of the water.

If you are a kind of busy person who do not have huge amount of time to take care of your vegetable plantings or you need to always go out of the town then this type of planter boxes will certainly help you a lot and will make you less worry about your plants when you are not at home.

When choosing a self-watering planter boxes to be bought for you to use at your home, there are several factors that should be considered so that you are not picking the wrong one.

The first one is the size of the planter box. In determining the right size of the self-watering planter box that you want to buy, first you need to know where you want to put it.

Different people have different size of areas that they can allocate as gardening areas, the area that you have located will be the first main factor in deciding the size of the planter box.

The bigger the area you allocate for the gardening purposes, the bigger the size of planter boxes you can buy.

The second factor in determining the size of the self-watering planter boxes that you want to buy is the size of the plants that you wanted to grow.

This factor may be looked very simple but even experienced gardeners could make a mistake.

When measuring the size of the vegetable plants that you wanted to grow in a planter box, you need to measure the size of the vegetable plants when they are matured and not the size during they were young.

If it happened that you choose the big planter boxes for small vegetable plants then it is still ok, but if you choose small planter box for big type vegetable plants then it is definitely not ok.

Your gardening activities results may not be as what you are expecting; this is due to the limited spaces that the plants experienced when they are growing.

The third factor that you need to consider when buying a self-watering planter box is the characteristics of the plants that you wanted to grow.

Some plants have deeper root penetration and some plants grow just below the surface of the soils.

With only those characteristics, you should already know that different type of vegetable plants need different type of planter boxes.

Plants which have the roots that penetrate deeper into the soil need to be planted in the self-watering planter boxes that have deeper depth.

There are also plants that are creeping and need outside support in order for them to grow straight upward.

For this type of vegetable plants, you need to buy planter boxes that already have the built in support features or the one that allows you to put the plant’s support manually.

Lastly, you should not forget to choose the self-watering planter box that could fit into the design concept of your home and garden so that it could blend perfectly at the point where you are going to use it.

Below are some examples of the self-watering planter boxes that are available at that you can buy:

1. Planter with Trellis and Self-Watering Reservoir, in Anthracite by Plow & Hearth

Self Watering Vegetable Planter Boxes 1
Planter With Trellis And Self-Watering Reservoir, in Anthracite by Plow & Hearth

If you are looking for planter boxes that also comes with trellis to support you vegetable plants then this one might be the answers for you.

As you can see from the picture, this planter box has built in trellis to support you vegetable plants.

Not only that, this self-watering planter box is also equipped with the wheels that make it easier to relocated without having to worry to lift it.

Should you like to learn more about this self-watering planter box, please click here.

2. 6-Foot Yorkshire Easy-Care Self-Watering Window Planter Box, in White by Plow & Hearth

One of the places that you can make use for gardening activities is the outer part of your window.

If you are looking for a window planter box to be used for vegetable plantings, then this one could be a good choice for you.

You can try to grow some small type of vegetable plants or herbs in a nice designed self-watering planter box at your window.

If you would like to learn more about this self-watering planter box, please click here.

3. GlowPear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter

This is quite unique and beautiful self-watering planter box that you could use at your home for vegetable planting.

If you find one planter box is not enough, you can always buy another one and attach them together to be looked as one.

There is no limit of how many planter boxes that you can attach together. It is all depending on your condition and suitability.

If you would like to learn more about this self watering planter box, please click here.

I think that is all about our topic today that is the self-watering vegetable planter boxes. It is really hope that this article could somewhat help you in finding the right self-watering planter box for you vegetable garden.

Please do not hesitate to write any question or suggestion in the comment section below if you have one. I am more than happy to revert back to you.

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