Self Watering Vegetable Growing Containers

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways and equipment that you can use that could facilitate you in your gardening activities.

All these opportunities should be fully utilized especially for busy people so that your vegetable plants could still grow vigorously even though you have a very limited time in taking care of them.

One of the clever ways in helping to ease a little bit of your gardening works burden is by using the self-watering vegetables growing containers.

Using these type of containers will definitely help to reduce the watering works that you need to do as well as save of a lot of your time especially when you have a large quantity of plants to be taken care off.

Some of you may be asking why it is very important for you to use this type of containers to supply water to your plants.

In order to answer that question, we have to go back to the basic of the gardening requirements.

One of the main requirements for plants to live healthily and vigorously is the water element and plants needs constants supply of it.

Water is taken by the plants by their roots in order for the chemical process to occur in the plants’ cells, as any other living things on this planet, so that they can live healthily.

If there is not enough water supplies the plants will reduce the chemical process within the plants and this will result with unhealthy growth of your vegetable plants.

You plants may not be dead but you will notice that the yield that you are having are not like what you are expecting.

The vegetable or the fruits may be a little smaller, the taste are also not may not be so good and the quantity of the yields may be less than what you anticipate.

Water is also needed by the plants to replace back the water that has lost from the transpiration process especially during the hot season.

Failing to provide enough water to the plants at this period of time, it may cause your plants to be stunted or your plants may even be dead if it is a very extreme condition.

Another importance of water for the plants growth is that it helps the plants to take nutrients that are available within the soil into the plants’ cells through the roots system.

In order this to occur, water potential mechanism is extremely important. The water potential concentration need to be higher outside the plants roots than the water potential concentration inside the plants’ roots.

When the water potential concentration is higher at the outside of the plants’ roots than the inside of the plant’s roots, the nutrients will start to move from the high concentration region to the low concentration region.

That is how water helps the plants acquiring the nutrients within the soil for them to live and grow healthily.

Besides benefiting the plants, water is also important for the beneficial soil organism and soil microorganism to live and perform their activities.

For your information all the beneficial organisms and microorganisms could immensely help to improve the soil fertility and also help the vegetable plants to grow healthily.

Some of the benefits of soils organism and microorganism are; help to increase the availability of the soil nutrient and also help your vegetable plants in fighting pests and diseases.

An example of soil organism is the earthworm. Earthworm could excrete earthworm castings that are very rich in nutrients and it could also improve the air circulation of your soil thorough its movements.

An example of soil microorganism is the Mycorrhiza fungi. This type of fungi could help your vegetable plants to fight certain diseases and could also help to improve the soil structure.

That are the reasons now days you see some of the potting soil producers adding the beneficial microbes in the potting soil that they produced.

Apart from benefiting your plants by supplying the water constantly, using self-watering containers to grow your vegetables could also help to reduce the mistake that you could do when watering your plants.

One of the common mistakes by a lot of gardeners when watering their vegetable plants is that they do not really know the correct quantity of water that should be given to the plants.

Two common problems will usually happen. It is either you will give your plants too much of water or you will give your plants too little water. Both of the situations will affect the growth of your plants.

If there is too much water within the soil, your plants could suffer from roots rot problem and it may also cause your plants to not having enough oxygen at their roots. This is definitely a bad situation to you need to avoid.

If it is not enough water supplies, I think you should already know what will happen as we have discussed it earlier in this article.

Therefore, a proper quantity of water is really important to avoid any problems to your plants and using self-watering containers could help you to do this.

Another problem that could happen from the wrong watering techniques is the disease problems, especially fungi related diseases.

This is due to the excessive humidity on the plants’ canopy. In order to avoid this you are usually advice to water your plants early in the morning so that the water on the plants’ canopy could have enough time to dry.

Water your plants directly onto the soil could also avoid this kind of problem from occurring.

If you are using the self-watering containers then that kind of problems could be avoided easily as you do not have to do the watering works, the containers will take care it for you.

The only thing you need to do is just to make sure the water quantity in the water storage compartment of the self-watering containers to be always available.

Below are the lists of some self-watering containers that you can buy and use to grow vegetable at your home.

1. Plow & Hearth Rolling Self-Watering Tomato Planter and Tomato Tower Support

If you are planning to grow tomatoes for your gardening activities, then this self-watering container could be a good choice for you.

The reason I say this is because this container is purposely built for planting tomatoes.

When you buy this self-watering container, it will also come with the tomato tower support.

If you have been planting tomatoes before, you will surely know that the support is an important element in tomatoes gardening.

This self-watering container is also equipped with wheels that are very useful if you want to change the location of the containers.

Should you would like to know more about this watering container, please click here.

2. Nancy Janes P1360 12-inch original Stacking Planters with Patented Flow through Watering System and Hanging Chain

This planter box is very useful for people who have limited spaces at their home for gardening activities.

Using this type of self-watering containers could help to increase the numbers of plants or variation of vegetable plants that you can grow at your home.

Each layer of this planter has 3 containers that you can use to grow your vegetables.

This self-watering container could be stake up to 9 levels of tiers that could give a total of 27 containers for to grow your vegetables.

Should you would like to know more about this this self-watering planter, please click here.

3. GlowPear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter

If you are looking for self-watering containers that are a little bit presentable so that you can put it at main area of your home, then this self-watering container might be a good choice for you.

This is an elongated designed of self-watering planter, which means you are able to grow a few plants with only one of this planter.

If you feel that one planter is not long enough for you, please don’t worry as this self-watering planter have been designed so that you can easily connect it with another unit of the same model planter without any limits of the quantity.

This means that you can connect it up until to the length that you feel that is already enough for you.

Should you would like to learn more about this self-watering planter, please click here.

The Windup

As water is one of the important elements in order for your vegetable plants to grow healthily and vigorously, it really needs to be taken care off very carefully.

One of the ways that could help you in supplying the water consistently to your vegetable plants is by using the self-watering containers.

However, this is only a tool and not something that you must use. It is up to you to consider whether it is suitable for you to acquire the self-watering containers to be used for your gardening activities.

If you have something to say about what we have just discussed in this article, please feel free to write it in the comment section below.

I am also more than happy in welcoming any suggestion from any gardeners who have better knowledge or experience in the topics that we have just discussed. Please feel free to write your suggestion in the comment section below.

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