Recycled Plastic Raised Garden Beds

Raised bed has become a famous way among the gardeners in growing wide range of plants in their garden.

It does not matter what type of plants that you are going to grow, either edible or ornamental plants, raised bed could really help you to achieve your desired result.

The reason it becomes a preferred way among the gardeners to grow plants in their garden is because of the benefits it could provide to the plants as well as to the gardeners when doing the maintenance works.

One of the benefits of using raised bed is; it could prevent the gardening soil to become compact from your daily gardening activities either deliberately or accidentally.

As we all know plants do not prefer to live and grow on a compact soil. One of the reason is because plants’ roots need air for them to grow.

If the soil is compact, it will not contain enough air in it and this will affect the root’s growth adversely.

Another benefit of raised beds is that it could reduce the strain from the bending position that you need to face when doing the gardening works.

This feature is very beneficial for old people who interested in gardening activities as well as for people who have back problem.

Gardening as we all know requires you to spend a lot of your time around your plants and most of the time bending is the essential position to do the works.

By having the raised bed garden, you could minimize the effect from the bending to your body and you could further more optimize it to the level that you are comfortable with.

The third benefit of doing gardening with raised beds is that it could help you to reduce the pest and disease attack to your beloved plants.

First and foremost, the soil that is usually used in the raised bed gardening is already well treated.

With that, you have already avoided most of the soil born diseases that usually caused by certain fungus and insects or any other pathogens that are usually live in the soil.

The level of the soil of your raised beds is also usually higher than the level of the ground soil.

The difference level of the planting soil and the ground soil makes it hard for the pests to move in and out from the ground soil to the planting soil.

This will naturally help you to avoid many pest and disease attack to your plants without having you to do anything for pest control.

Another benefits of having raised beds is that it could help you to contain the nutrient rich soil from being carried away by the water either from the rain or watering activities.

As we all know, soil is a very important factor in determining the success of your gardening effort.

Soil is not only a soil, but it contain a lot of nutrients that is essential for the plants growth that eventually produce the result that you are expecting.

If the soil been carried away by the water, it will also bring along all the nutrients with it.

You are not only risking your growing plants from becoming lack of nutrients but you are also going to waste a lot of your money as the plant’s foods that you gave are wasted at other places.

Having a good raised beds that contain all your gardening soil will help to prevent the above said situation from happening.

Using raised beds could also provide your plants with better drainage soil.

As mentioned earlier that raised bed could prevent soil compaction and also the soil that you are using for the raised beds is usually a well-treated soil.

With both of the combination, there is no doubt that the plants that you will grow in the raised beds will grow on a very good drainage soil.

It is important for you to look into the proper drainage system for your plantings. Too much water within the soil will cause you plants’ roots to become rot.

If this happened, you plants will not be growing healthily and produce the result that you are expecting. In the worse case scenario, you plants could also be dead because of the roots’ rot diseases.

It is now should be cleared to you that raised could contribute a lot of benefits to you for your gardening activities.

However, as there are many type of raised beds kit material out there being sold in the market, which one should you choose to be used in your garden?

There are no right or wrong answers for that question actually. This because each of the material used to built a raised bed has its advantages and advantages.

As this article’s title is about the recycled plastic raised garden beds, we will discuss a little bit about the advantages of this kind of raised garden beds.

The plastic raised garden beds usually comes in versatile colors and designs. You would not be out of colors and design choices should you are looking for the one that could suitably blend with your garden design.

This is because plastic can easily mold to what ever shapes or colors that you can ever think off compare to any other material.

It is also not a very hard task to be done that make any manufacturer could easily create new colors and designs all the time to meet the customer’s needs.

Another advantage of using plastic garden raised bed is that it could easily be cleaned if it becomes dirty.

As we all know gardening activities involve a lot of gardening inputs that sometimes could make the raised bed container dirty.

By using plastic raised beds, you do not have to worry about the hard works of the cleaning process as plastic surfaces are very easy to be cleaned.

The third advantage of using plastic materials for raised beds is that it could be easily recycled back once you do not want to use it anymore.

Other material especially the wooden material will usually leave rotten and thrown away once you finish with them.

If you are looking for plastic garden raised beds to be bought, below are some of them that are available at for you to buy:

1. Lifetime 60053 Raised Garde Bed Kit, 2 Beds and 1 Early Start Vinyl Enclosure

This is one of the choice of garden plastic raised bed that is available at

The material of this raised bed made off is the high-density polyethylene that definitely durable enough to be used as raised bed.

The size of this raised bed is 4 ft x 4 ft and the height is 0.75 ft. If you ever feel that the height is not enough you can easily stake another set of the raised bed on top to get the extra height that you desired.

There are a lot other more interesting feature about this plastic raised bed. If you would like to know more please click here.

2. Good Ideas GW-RBG-DAR Garden Wizard Raised Bed Garden, Dark Granite

This is another version of plastic raised bed from another brand that also have a quite interesting features.

One of the best features that this garden plastic raised bed has is that it is equipped with the self-watering feature.

This interesting feature will definitely help to ease you gardening works burden in taking care of your plants as watering is one of the main activity in gardening works.

There are also a lot other interesting features that comes with this plastic raised bed. Should you would like to know more, please click here.

3. Polyannex Rectangular Raised Bed Planter Tan Quartz

Unlike the two garden plastic raised bed mentioned earlier that comes in the square shape, this plastic raised bed comes in rectangular shape.

This garden plastic raised bed also made from the recycled plastic material.

Should you are looking for a rectangular shape of garden plastic raised bed, then this one could be put into one of you choices.

The width of this raised garden beds is 14″, its length is 40″.and its depth is 18″.

If you are interested to know more about this particular garden plastic raised bed, please click here.


It is been agreed by many gardening experts that using raised beds in gardening activities could immensely help you to achieve your desired results from your gardening efforts.

One of the famous materials of raised beds that are available in the market today is the recycled plastic raised bed.

There are always pros and cons of every material used for raised bed, however, there is no special recommendation from any experts that using certain material is better than another.

It is up to you to decide which materials is the best that could suit your needs. Should you have anything to say, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

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