Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 1
Greenes Fence Two Tiers Dovetail Raised Garden Bed

There are a lot of gardening methods that are being practiced by gardeners all around the world.

Each type of gardening methods have their own benefits and advantages for any places and situations.

The main thing to consider is that you just need to choose the right one for you in order to give optimum result from your gardening activities.

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 2
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One of the famous gardening techniques that are popular among the gardeners all around the world is the raised bed gardening for vegetable gardens.

There are a few reasons why this technique is being chosen by many of the gardeners for its benefits. Some of them are as listed below:

1.Optimum use of land area.

By implementing raised bed gardening for your vegetable garden you can actually use up your land to an optimum level.

This means you can plant a lot of vegetables in a limited spaces that you have that will eventually give you high and varieties of yield.

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 3
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This is because with raised bed gardening you can plant your vegetables closer together than any other gardening techniques. You can also plant a few different type of vegetables in a raised beds.

By planting the vegetables closer together with each other you are also preventing the weeds problems in your vegetable garden.

This is due to the micro environment that are not favorable to the weeds growth. When the vegetable plants are close together it will block the sunlight from reaching to the ground and there will be a very strong competition for water and nutrients. All these conditions will prevent the weeds from growing on your raised beds.

2. Easy To Control The Pests and Diseases.

Another advantage of using raised bed gardening for your vegetable garden is that it will help you to control the pests and diseases problems easily.

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Greenland Gardener 8-Inch Raised Bed Double Garden Kit

Pests especially the soil borne pests are easily to be controlled when you are doing the raised bed gardening. The reason why is the soil that you use for the raised beds are well treated before you used it. Furthermore the soils within the raised bed container is not directly contacted with the surrounding soil.

This is also true for the diseases as the soil that you are using are treated before you could use it for planting and also there are no direct contact with surrounding soils the pathogen from the soils for some diseases are eliminated by raised bed gardening.

3.Easy To Do Maintenance Works.

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 5
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By choosing to do the raised bed gardening you can do the maintenance works of your gardening activities easier than if you are using conventional gardening methods.

Works such as fertilizing, mulching, weeding (if needed) and applying pesticides can be done not just easily but also efficiently as you put them to the specific targeted area.

This means you can save a lot of your time as you can do your works faster and also save a lot of your money as you are not wasting your resources due to the efficient uses of them.

4. Can Be As Decorations For Your Garden.

It does not mean that by choosing the raised bed gardening techniques you are a not able to beautify your garden with it.

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Raised beds can be made with various sizes and heights. Therefore you can decorate the raised beds accordingly in your garden based on your design, taste and needs.

They also can be made from various materials from plastics to woods thus will given you a lot of flexibility in choosing and building your raised beds in terms of their materials and designs.

You can also planted various type of vegetable plants on your raised beds ranging from herbs to a varieties of vegetables plants.

You can play around with a lot of plants to eventually come out with your own beautiful design for your garden.

5. A Few Things To Ponder For Successful Raised Bed Gardening

a) The Heights of The Raised Beds

Actually there are no specific rules of what height of your raised bed should be. The main thing is that it should be enough for the plants’ roots to grow.

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 7
Greenes 4 Ft. X 8 Ft. X 10.5 In. Cedar Raised Garden Bed

However, for simplicity, your raised bed height should be around 12″ height. This general rule is to make sure that whatever plants that you are going to grow in the raised bed could grow healthily.

b) Soil Used Should be Amended and Treated.

The soil that you want to use to fill in your raised bed should be amended soil and treated before you fill them into the raised beds.

The amended soils that have been mixed with some compost and organic matters could increased the soil nutrient availability, improved the soil structure and soil aeration. All these will improve the soil fertility and preparing optimum condition for your vegetables growth.

Treated and amended soils will also helps in preventing diseases that can severely harm your vegetables.

c) Planting Design of Your Plants

You need to really look on how you are going to arrange you vegetable plants in a raised beds.

This is important so that all plants would get optimum nutrients and any other growth requirements that they needed.

Raised Bed for Vegetable Gardens 8
Greenes Fence 48-Inch x 48-Inch Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Plants characteristics such as deep rooted or shallow rooted and the height of the plants should be in your consideration when arranging your vegetable plants in a raised beds.

You do not want tall plants with broad leaves blocking the sunlight that is essential for small growing plants underneath.


For the conclusion it can be said that raised bed is very suitable for vegetables planting. It has been widely used by many gardeners all around the world and good result have been seen from this practices.

This article may not be very details on how you can do raised bed gardening at your home. If you would like to have further reading on this topic, there is another article in this blog that you could read to enhance your knowledge. Please click here to go to the article.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding the topics that we are discussing here, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in a comment section below so that our discussion could be fruitful and benefited by other readers who are searching for information

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