Power Pruning Shears, How does it really helps you?

Bosh Pruning shear
Bosh Pruning Shear

With recent technologies and creativity most of human works becoming easier and that does not excluded the gardening works. Many new invention are being found everyday either the tools or they way we do the works. One of the invention is the power pruning shears.

Have you ever heard about it? Have you ever had it? or Have you ever used it? What is actually the power pruning shears and how does it works? and how can actually it helps you compare to the traditional pruning shears?

The Power Pruning Shears.

Ryobi pruning shear 2
RYOBI Pruning Shear

Basically a power pruning shear operates with the help of electricity power from a battery. Most of the products of power pruning shears have a built in rechargeable  battery.

However the different brands have a different specs of how long a power pruning shears should be charge before you can use it and how long you can use it at your work area.

Some of the manufacturer described on how long you can use it based on the time for example up to one hour from one charging and some manufacturer based on how many cuttings you can do with one full charged pruning shears for example 500 cutting from one full charged powered pruning shear.

As a shears there are no other works they do except for pruning and cutting branches regardless whether it is a power based or manual based shears. This statement is for those of you who are wondering what power pruning shears can do.

Why do you need the power pruning shears?

Instead of having traditional pruning shears that are still relevant to be used nowadays, why do you need the power pruning shears?

To answer this question first you need to understand that the traditional pruning shears are using hand power to cut through the branches. It really looks easy for those of you who are still young and strong, but please think about old people, people who just been through an accident and injured or people who just went through a surgery and many other similar condition that is thinkable.

These people are usually could not use their own hand strength or power to cut through branches with traditional pruning shears. With the help of this new invented (not really new) power pruning shears they can do the job perfectly like normal people.

This does not mean that the power pruning shears are meant for them, anyone can use it regardless of their background, it is just that people with disabilities really appreciate this kind of tools compare to us that seem do not really appreciate their existing of this new tools.

Power pruning shears are usually higher in price compare to the traditional pruning shears. If you are planning to have it please prepare a little bit of extra budget so that you can have a good quality power pruning shears in your hands.

teho pruning shear 2
TEHO Pruning Shear

How to use the power pruning shears?

Different pruning shears have different ways on how to use it. Basically every pruning shears need to be charged before you can use it.

Just put the shears where the branch that to need be cut is in the middle of the two shear’s blade, then push the start button and your shear will automatically cut the branch that you wanted.

Another advantage of using the power pruning shears is that you can really focus on the cutting angle that you want instead of focusing the strength on your hand.

If the branch is a little bit bigger you can still use the power pruning shears by doing double cutting form the opposite direction of the first cutting.

Regarding the pruning rules and techniques, you still have to follow the standard practices regardless of what type of pruning shears that you are using. Pruning rules and techniques that we are talking about are something like the angle of cutting, time of cutting and the wound dressing.

Available Power Pruning Shears

BOSCH (Bosch) battery pruning shears [CISO] (japan import)

Bosh Pruning shear 2

Bosch branded tools are one of the trusted tools all around the world, people would really love to have it but usually the price is the constraint.

However this pruning shears could be helpful for those who needed. The guaranteed from the make manufacturer is one of the reliable guaranteed.

RYOBI rechargeable pruning shears BSH-120 import JPN

Ryobi pruning shear

One of the best features of this pruning shear is that it is really light compare to other brand. Most of the reviewers are very happy with this light weight features that really helps them in doing the works.

The price for this RYOBI pruning shears is slightly cheaper compare to the BOSCH brand.

As any other powered pruning shears the RYOBI pruning shears are also rechargeable.

Teho Tools 8301 4V Lithium Cordless Pruner

Teho pruning shear

The Teho pruning shears is the cheapest powered pruning shears compare to the two above. Not much can be said about this product except from the manufacturers specification description as not much review from its previous buyers in Amazon.com.

If you would like to know more about this product you can proceed to the selling page of this product at Amazon.com.

As for now, that is all about powered pruning shears that i can talked about. Anything that is still confusing please leave a comment below for further discussion.

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