Organic Insect Control for Vegetable Gardens

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Organic gardening is one of the famous gardening methods nowadays. Everybody seems to be very interested with it and trying their best to do gardening organically.

As usual when talking about gardening, one of the major problems being faced by gardeners all over the world with their vegetables planting is the insects that are ruining their plants and reducing their yields.

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This problem is not only occurring in the small scale farms but also in large scale farms that causing loss millions of dollars every year all over the world.

When talking about organic gardening, the problem is that it does not allow you to use chemical pesticides to get rid of the insects.

Before we go into further details on how you can get rid of insects organically, it is important that you understand that not all insects are pests and causing damages to the plants.

Some insects are even very important to the plants’ life cycle such as bees.

Bees can help some plants in the pollination process so that the plants can produce fruits for you to yield.

This is what chemical pesticides could not do, that is not killing beneficial insects once they were applied to the plants.

Most insects will die from the application of the chemical pesticides, both the beneficial and harmful insects.

The concept of pest control in organic gardening is not to totally kill all the insects but to only reduce their existence at your planting area so that there will be no significant damages could be done to your plants.

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Even though the concept looked very simple but in reality not many people understand it and know how to do organic insect control correctly.

People keep searching ways on how they can eliminate all the insects in their garden.

For your information, even you manage to kill all insects in your garden at once, there will be another group of pests that will come and destroy your plants. As they think there are no competition in your area because no other insects are there.

This cycle will never end and that is what happening in a farm that is using chemical pesticides.

No matter how many times they spray there will always be insect pests in their farm.

Organic Insect Control for Vegetable Gardens

1. Healthy Plants

The first and main concept in organic gardening in controlling the insects’ population in your vegetables garden is to ensure that your plants are in a healthy state with optimum growth.

All requirements and nutrients that are needed by the plants need to be supplied accordingly.

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Plants that are healthy will have their own immunity systems to protect them from pests and diseases.

Just see the plants in the wild, they can survive and live vigorously without having to be sprayed by any pesticides and the attacked by the pests is in a very minimal state.

Why is this happened? It is because the plants in the wild are healthy enough with the nutrients supplied by the nature. They can protect themselves from any harms without needed any help from anyone.

In order to make the same situation happen in your garden, this first thing that you need to look into when starting your organic gardening is the condition of your soils.

Your soil must be in a very tip top condition before your start to plant the vegetables.

A soil test to see the condition of your existing soil condition is a very good thing to do.

Based on the soil test’s result you can amend your soil accordingly based on the plants requirements.

By doing this you are about to settle half of the works in controlling insects for your vegetables garden.

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2. Using Companion Plants

The second way in order to get rid of insects organically in your vegetables garden is to plant what we called companion plants of your vegetables plants around your garden.

Companion plants are plants that are not going to be the rival to your vegetable plants but instead are going to be plants that will help in repelling the pests such as insects, attracting beneficial insects, providing nutrients and providing shades and also supporting you vegetable plants.

An example of companion plants if you are planting Asparagus is Pot Marigold. Pot Marigold plants will help in deterring beetles from your plants.

That is only an example, there are a lot more companion plants that can be used to almost any vegetables planting. A little bit of research are enough in order to find a suitable companion plants for your vegetable garden.

Companion plants do not only helps you in controlling insects in your vegetable gardens but can also provide you more varieties of vegetables that you can have in your vegetable garden.

3. Using Mulches

Another way to control insect pests organically for vegetable garden is by using special type of mulches that can help you to deter the insects from your plants.

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There are a few types of mulches that can help your to deter insects. One of them is by using plastic mulch.

Plastic mulch especially the one that is silver in color is very helping in reducing the insects attack to the vegetable plants.

This claimed have been confirmed through large amount of researches that have been done by researchers all around the world within the universities and other agricultural agencies.

There are also mulches that come in granules that can also help you to keep pest away from your vegetable garden.

Example of these types of mulch is the mulches that contained or mixed with red cedar oil. This type of mulches will produce some sort of aroma that can help to deter insects from coming close to your plants as the smell is very strong to the insect.

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4. Insect Trap

The fourth way on how you can control the harmful insects population in your vegetables garden is by using insect trap.

There many type insects traps that you can use and put in your vegetables garden. You can make it on your own or you can buy them as they are easily available in the market.

Example of insect trap that is very cheap to be bought and to be used in your vegetables garden is the yellow sticky insects trap.

Basically, the way how this trap works is by attracting the insects through its striking color that lure the insects to them and once the insects touch the traps the insects will permanently stick to the traps.

There are a few other types of insect traps that are available in the market. You just need to ask the seller based on your needs and budget.

5. Organic Insecticides

You can also use organic type insecticides in order to control harmful insects in your vegetable garden.

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The techniques and principals in applying this type of insecticides are same as the conventional method when applying the chemical pesticides.

The only thing that you need to really consider is that the insecticides that you are going to buy are really organic insecticides. The best way to determine this is by choosing the one that have been certified organic from organic product certification authorities such as OMRI.

If you have time, you can also browse the internet to find the homemade insecticides recipes. Homemade insecticides recipes are usually using ingredients that can be easily obtained from your house such as peppers and soap.

You just need to follow the recipes in order to make your own insecticides and then apply them to you plants accordingly.

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Electronic Insects Repellents

The last tip for this topic on how you can control the insect organically is by using the electronic insect’s repellent devices in your vegetable garden.

There are a lot of these types of devices available in the market. You just need to choose it depending on your need and budget.

The devices will produce some type of wave that are not preferable by the insects and thus keep them away from your plants.

The Conclusion

For the conclusion, there are so much ways on how to control harmful insects population in your vegetable garden.

You just need to choose a few techniques to be applied to you garden.

May be there are a lot of other ways out there besides what have been listed here as some experienced gardeners have their own ways in tackling specific insect from ruining their vegetable plants.

If you have some experienced in controlling insects in your vegetable garden organically, you are most welcome to share it  here in the comment section below.

It is really hope that this article could benefit people who are searching ways to control insects in their vegetables garden. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post it in the comment section below.

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