Organic Gardening Tips for Tomatoes

As we all know, organic gardening has become extremely popular in recent days. This is due to the benefits that you can gained from this practice are really giving high impact to our daily lives.

Two general benefits from organic gardening that are always been highlighted by many people are the safe and healthy food that it can produce and reducing the pollution to the environment. Comprehended by this, you are not only saving yourself but also saving the environment just by doing one simple activity; a best way not to be selfish.

For many gardeners, tomatoes are one of the famous plants or crops to be planted at their farm or garden. Sadly, not many tips or guides are available in planting them organically. This article will be discussing on tips and guides of how you can plant your tomatoes organically that can produce you a satisfactory yield.

Now let’s go to the first point. In order to have healthy plants you really need to look into where you get the tomato seeds that you are going to plant. It seems a little not really important but actually using a good seeds would give you many advantages to have healthy plants.

A good seeds are usually free from diseases. Therefore you do not have to worry about the chances of your plants being infected any diseases that is inherited from the mother plant. If your plants are still infected by diseases during the planting period then most probably the diseases come the surrounding of your planting area that you need to identified and rectify it.

As you are going into organic gardening, it is also better for you to buy organic type of tomato seeds. To find them is very easy as the supplier will label the seeds packaging to be either organic or non-organic seeds. Some of the seeds beings sold in the market are also been certified by authorities to be as organic seeds and this should be your preferred choice.

As any other plants, tomatoes also have a lot of varieties. You need to determine which varieties are you preferred before buying and sowing the seeds. Some of the varieties available in the market are Sun Gold, Big Beef, Brandy Wine, White Cherry, Bellstar and many more.

We have finished with the first tip regarding the seeds, for the second tip is a about the exposure of the tomatoes plant to the sun light. A general rule that you can follow is tomatoes plant need at least 6 hours of son daily. The longer the exposure to the sun lights the better for the tomatoes plant growth.

As we all know, sun light is important for plants to do the photosynthesis process in order to make their own food. By exposing the tomatoes plant to the sun light you will encourage the plants to grow faster, healthier and more importantly produce high yield during the harvesting time.

Please also be reminded that tomatoes plant do not like or do not prefer cool and frozen temperature, so please avoid to plant tomatoes plants at this type of area unless you have a green house.

The next tips for tomatoes gardening is the optimum temperature for optimum plants’ growth. Regarding the optimum temperature for tomato plants, there are two types of temperatures that you need to consider when planting the tomatoes; one is the soil temperature and another one is air temperature.

The optimum soil temperature for germination of the potato seeds is between 20°C to 30°C and the optimum air temperature for tomatoes plant growth is between 15°C to 32°C.

When planting the tomato plants the condition of the soil pH is also need to be looked into. Optimum soil pH in order for the tomato plants to grow healthily is between 6 to 7. Therefore if you have the soil pH tester and it show numbers between that ranges it should be nice for you to grow your tomatoes.

If you are having problem with your soil whether too acidic or too alkaline; treat your soil with agriculture lime if it is acidic and treat it with sulfur to reduce the pH.

You will also need to consider the spacing between the tomatoes plants when planting them on site. Too close to each other will reduce the air circulation that could leads to pest attack and diseases.

It is hard to tell specifically what the good spacing for tomato plants is as it also depend on what varieties that you intend to plants. Generally tomato plants can be planted between 20 – 40 inches apart from each other. The only thing you can do to know specifically the distance for the varieties that you wanted to plant is by reading the instructions from the seed packaging that you have bought.

In terms of nutrient supplement, there are no specific requirements of products that need to be added to tomato plants. The things you need to bear in mind is that tomato plants are heavily consume nutrients so that it can grow well and produce high yield.

When choosing the fertilizer, the best thing you can do is to choose the one that are high in phosphorus and potassium. If you put the one with high in Nitrogen it may result into the plants are very healthy in the green part of the plants but producing less fruits. If you are not sure which fertilizer to choose there are organic fertilizers that are purposely made for tomatoes plants in the market that you can buy.

Other gardening techniques and materials can also be implemented to the soil to improve soil fertility. Things like putting compost or mulching is recommended in growing tomatoes.

This article will not be discussing a lot in terms of the pest control techniques as there is already article another article that discussed on how you can get rid of pest naturally. If you would like to read the article please click here.

You do not have to worry much about pests or diseases that will affecting your tomato plants if you have supply all the requirements needed for the plants to grow healthily. This is due to healthy plants have their own immunization to deal with pest and diseases.

If it still happened to your plants you can always use organic pesticides to tackle them. Make sure you choose the one that is totally organic pesticides.

That is all about the tips of planting tomatoes organically. It does not that hard as some people think. You surely can do it by yourself at your home.

If you have anything to say either suggestions or questions, you are very welcome to write it in the comment section below.

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