Organic Garden Soil for Vegetables

There are a lot of people that talking about the benefits of gardening lately. Since then gardening have become one of the famous subject that have gained a lot of interest by many people.

People nowadays have realized that gardening could bring a lot of benefit for them not only for their personal benefit but also benefit to their environment.

Some examples of personal benefits that you can gain from gardening activities are; beautify your area, helps you to achieve healthy physically and mentally and consuming safe and healthy own grown food.

Whereas a few examples of benefits from organic gardening to the environment are; giving more oxygen to the environments and save environments by promoting organic gardening.

Planting your own food through organic gardening activities could also help you to maintain healthy lifestyle and prevent you from a lot of major diseases such as cancer.

A lot of people recently have realize that most of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart attack and many others are mainly cause by what we consume as our food. The best way to stay healthy is to eat healthy.

Unlike the conventional methods of gardening, organic gardening does not use any harmful chemicals in maintaining the health of plants as well as in preventing from any pests and diseases.

Most material if not all, those are used in organic gardening activities were derived from natural resources.

Not to say that the conventional method of gardening is supplying bad food but organic gardening will surely give you a very healthy and safe food to be consumed.

One of the major factors that you should be very concern off if you would like to success in organic gardening activities is the soil.

Your soil need to be rich in nutrients that are needed by the plants to grow healthily.

Healthy grow plants will have their own immunity in fighting diseases and pests and therefore would reduce or even eliminate the uses of pesticides.

In organic gardening, chemical fertilizers are not allowed to be used. In order for you to add or increase the nutrients availability within your soil is by adding natural or organic matters.

You have to be wised in choosing the right organic matters to be used in increasing the availability of soil nutrients. Choose the one that can solve the main problems of your soil.

This is because every organic matters have different nutrient elements that they are rich with. Choosing the right one could help to overcome the specific nutrient deficiencies within your soil.

Your soil should also not to be very loose like sandy soil and not to compact like clay soil.

This is because a good soil that is suitable for vegetable gardening should be balance between the soil particles, air and water.

Soil that is too loose like a sandy soil could not retain water in it as the water will flow down very fast. This will make your plants to be lack of water.

Soil that is too compact like a clay soil is retaining too much of water that could make your plant roots to be rotten and your plants will eventually die.

In order to fix both of this problems within your soil to enable you to plant vegetables, organic matters should be apply into your soil.

A good soil for vegetables gardening soil also have a good pH level for the vegetables plants grow healthily.

A good pH level for many vegetables plants is between 5.5 and 7.5. At this range most of the soil nutrients are available for plants to take.

If the level of the soil pH is too high or too low, then there will be some nutrients that are not available within the soil because of the chemical reactions.

You however can fix the pH problems that occur within the soil. If you soil is too acidic, then you need to apply agriculture lime to increase the pH and if your soil is too alkaline then you need to apply sulfur.

Besides the nutrients and the pH of the soils, soils organism and microorganism is also very important to be available in organic gardening soils.

Soils organism and soil microorganism plays a very important roles in increasing the fertility of your gardening soil.

There help to break the nutrients from organic matters from big particles into small particles that can be absorbed by the plants.

The simplest example of soil organisms that hugely contributes in soil fertility that you should already know is the earthworms.

Nowadays people even breed them to have their excretion to be used as organic fertilizer.

Earthworms eat on organic matters that available on the soils and then excrete back all the nutrients within the organic matters such as decayed leaves into the soil in the form that can be easily taken by the plants.

Earthworms can also help to improve the soil structure. The tunnels formed by the earthworms’ movement within the soil can improve the air circulation within the soil.

Besides earthworms, example of soil microorganism that helps to improve the soil fertility is the nitrogen fixation bacteria.

The bacteria helps to fix the nitrogen from the atmosphere into the form that can be taken by plants within the soil.

Actually there are lot of researches that have proof and shown the benefits of soil microbes to improve the soil fertility as well as to help plants to fight some pests and diseases.

The important thing to understand is, soil microbes or soil microorganism do have important roles for the soil and the plants. It does not necessarily to deem that all microbes are bad.

This is what lacking in the conventional gardening methods that use pesticides and chemicals excessively that kills every organism and also pollute the environment.

As been mentioned earlier in this article, the most important thing to look into to be successful in organic gardening is the soil. If you can tackle this, then everything will run smoothly until you reap the yields.

If you are looking for organic garden soil for vegetables to be used at your home, there are a few reliable brands that you can buy at

To make it easier for you, i have chosen and listed a few of them below:

a) Hoffman A H /Good Earth 12504 4QT Organic Potting Mix 

This potting soil is suitable for vegetable planting purposes as described on the product’s label.

What is good with this potting soil is that it contains wetting agent that helps you soil to retain more water than normal soil.

With this feature it will help you to reduce the watering frequency of your vegetable plants.

Previous buyers also seem to be quite happy by the performance of this gardening soil.

This can be looked at the ratings and reviews given to this product’s selling page at

If you are keen to learn more about this product and its specification, please click here.

b) Black Gold 1302040 16-Quart All Organic Potting Soil

This is one of the best sellers gardening soil at

There must be a good reason why this gardening soil brad gained a lot of interest from many gardeners.

If you look at the ratings and reviews given from the buyers to this product, you can easily make a conclusion that this product is very good in its quality.

This gardening soil received huge amount of positive reviews and comments from their buyers that make it an indication that maybe you should try this gardening soil at least one to really know how it works.

This gardening soil is listed with Organic Material Review Institute. That means all that this soil has been tested and certified that it is organic.

This gardening soil contains earthworm’s castings, perlite, pumice and organic fertilizers that make it a very nutrient rich gardening soil.

If you are interested to know more about this particular gardening soil, please click here.

c) Dr Earth 728 1-1/2 Cubic Feet Natural and Organic Potting Soil

If you are looking for a good gardening soil for vegetables gardening then you should not take out Dr Earth brand from your radar as one of your possible choices.

Dr. Earth is one of the famous brands in producing a lot of high quality gardening inputs that can sure helps your gardening problems.

The gardening soil mentioned here also have a quite high ratings and positive reviews from its buyers.

If you would like to learn more about this particular gardening soil, please click here.

With that, this article has comes to its end. It is really hope that the listings could a little bit help you in in choosing your vegetable gardening soil.

Yes, there are a lot more of vegetables gardening soils out there in the market but i think those three mentioned before are enough for you to get a good results from your gardening activities.

However if three is not enough for you and you are looking for more choices, you can go to marketplace by clicking here.

People say, sharing is caring, therefore if you have anything to say either questions or suggestions that could benefits other people may be from your pass experienced or knowledge please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below and i am more than happy to get back to you.

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