Natural Pest Control For Vegetable Gardens

For those of you who intend to delve into organic vegetables gardening activities this topic are very crucial for you. You really need to know about natural pest control for vegetable garden as pests problem is one of the common problems in gardening activities.

In organic gardening, uses of chemical pesticides to get rid of pests are unacceptable therefore learning the natural way to get rid of the pests naturally is very important. Do not be afraid of the pests, you just need to do the necessary procedures and techniques that we are going to discuss and you will succeed in your gardening activities.

Before we go into further details you have to understand the concept of controlling the pests. You cannot and you will never succeed in truly eliminating the pests as the plants that you grow in your garden are their food. Even you manage to kill all the pests at one time there will be another group of pest coming from everywhere to your garden. The only thing you can do is to control them so that they will not do severe damages to your plants.

Let’s discuss one by one on the natural pest control for vegetables garden in the coming paragraphs.

1. Preventing the pests.
The best thing that you can do to get rid of pests is by preventing them to invade your vegetables garden at the first place.

Among the things you can do in preventing pests into your garden initially is to prepare a very good and fertile soil for your plants to grow.

The reason why this is important is because healthy plants really depend on the availability of important nutrients in the soils. If the soil is not in a very good condition your plants will be having nutrients deficiency and leads to unhealthy growth. A healthy plant has their own immune systems that protect them from pests and diseases.

Like human unhealthy person is vulnerable to any diseases and same goes to plants. Unhealthy plants will be easily infected by diseases and pest whereas healthy plants have the natural ability in avoiding them from being attacked by pest and diseases.

Therefore just taking care of your plants health through fertile soil you have already taking care one of the most important aspects in getting rid of pests naturally.

If you take a time to think of what just being said above you can surely relate it to the plants in the nature. In nature plants can survive and have been survived for thousands of years by themselves without having the pesticides even the organic pesticides for them to grow healthily. This proved that healthy plants have their own immunity towards the pests and diseases.

If your soil is not in a good condition you can improve the soil by adding some organic materials such as compost, organic fertilizer like animal waste and beneficial bacteria solutions. All these things will help in improving your soil fertility. Some of the available products in the market are as in the pictures below:

2. Control your pest manually.

The second way you can do to control the pests naturally is by doing it manually. Of course not all pests can be controlled manually but many of them you can use this techniques.

Example of pest that you can control them manually is slugs, snails and weeds. By controlling the pests manually, you will be avoiding the uses of pesticides to your vegetables.

Of course if you are doing large scale of planting this method may not works but for small vegetables garden this method is highly recommended as it does not only avoiding the uses of pesticides but also saving your money from buying the pesticides.

3. Preventing or repel the pests from your plants.

The third way you can do in getting rid of pests naturally for your vegetables garden is by preventing or repelling the pests from coming near to your plants.

There are many ways on how you can do to achieve this. The first choice for you is by building a greenhouse at your garden. This may take a little bit of cost but actually the best way to get rid of the pests naturally. You just need to spend your money only once to build the greenhouse and you can use it as many time as you want.

The second choice is by using the plastic mulching. There are many types and many colors of plastic mulching available in the market. Each of them has different function. One the famous plastic mulching that usually used for pests repellent is the silver color.

The third way to prevent the pests to your plants is by building row covers throughout you planting beds. Example of the row cover is as in the picture below.  To make a row cover you need to use the clear plastic sheet so that the sun light could penetrate the plastic sheet and allowing the plants to do the photosynthesis process.

4. Spraying The Organic Insecticides.

The fourth way and the last one for this article on how you can get rid of pests in your vegetables garden naturally is by applying organic pesticides. You must be wondering what does applying pesticides got to do with the natural way of controlling the pests.

Actually the pesticides that were meant here are the one that is made from natural materials or plants such as form herbal plants like neem plants and not the chemical pesticides.

For your information there are a lot of plants that can be formulated into pesticides but not many have been made commercially. If you browse all over the internet there are a lot of people who are sharing their home made pesticides recipes that you can follow and try to make your own pesticides at you home.

Chili, pepper and lemon grass are some of the plants that are commonly used for homemade pesticides recipes. May be you can try to make your own pesticide by referring to one of the recipe available on the internet and see how it works.

If you are not keen in making your own pesticides there are also a lot of organic or natural pesticides being sold in the market either online or offline. These products were made from various natural formulations that have been tested for their effectiveness. Some of the products that are available at are as below:

For the conclusion, natural pest control for vegetables garden is available; the only problem is that not many people know how to do it. There are many ways that you can choose in controlling the pest naturally without having to use the harmful chemical pesticides at your vegetables garden.

It is really hope that this article will help you a little bit in your gardening activities. Please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below should you have any question.

I am also really grateful if anyone would like to share their opinion or experience in the comment section below so that we all can learn from each other.

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