Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 1
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As we all know that soil are very important in determining the success of the gardening activities. It does not matter what type of gardening you are into whether it is vegetable gardening or flower gardening without a fertile soil you will not be succeed.

This is because soil is the important medium that supplying all the nutrients needed by the plants. Fertile soil means the soil that can provided enough nutrients and good growing condition in order for plants to grow healthily.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 2
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In soil science, one of the important elements in its studies is to decide whether the soils are fertile or not and one of the way this is done is by looking to the organic matter composition within the soils.

Organic matter plays a lot of important role in the soil so that the plants can benefited from it.

One of the roles of organic matter within the soil is that it can improve the water holding capacity of a soil. The water that being held by the organic matter can easily be absorbed by the plants to reduce the transpiration side effect and to avoid the plants from being dried.

The water within the soil can also increase the activities of the soil organism as well as soil microorganism. Dry soil will not be experiencing this type of activity as there are no organism can live in the dry soil.

Another benefit of having organic matters in the soil is that it can soil increase the availability of soil organism and soil microorganism within the soil.

Soil organism has a substantial contribution in improving the soil fertility. An easy example to illustrate this is by looking at the contribution of the earthworm.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 3
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As we all know that earthworm can help improving the soil fertility through the tunnel that was developed when they were moving around. This tunnel can improve the air circulation within the soil and also increase the underground oxygen level.

Apart from the tunnel, earthworm also helps in breaking and decaying the organic matter to smaller size. This process will also break the nutrients within the organic matter to the form where the plants can take and use it for healthy growth.

The existence of the beneficial microorganism due to the availability of the organic matters within the soil would also help to increase the soil fertility.

One of the famous microorganisms that many people already know is the nitrogen fixing bacteria. This bacteria helps to fix the nitrogen from the atmosphere to nitrate, a form where the plants could take and use for their growth.

Organic matters could also help to reduce the soil compaction. By reducing the soil compaction it will allows the plants’ roots to penetrate either vertically or horizontally in the process of finding water and nutrients.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 4
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The roots penetration will also help the plants to gain more support and stability so that the plants will not easily falls due the wind and rain.

We can go deeper and discuss on the benefits of organic matter within the soil and will never ends here. The main thing that we need to know is how we can improve the availability of the organic matter within the soil so that our gardening activities would give optimum result.

We need to bear in mind that improving the garden soil organic matter is one a one-time effort. It has to be done continuously so that the soil could be more fertile with time.

Below are some of the ways that you could do in improving your garden soils organic matter no matter what type of soils you are having now.

1. Using Mulches.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 6
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Applying mulches such as wood chips, straws and hays will definitely help you in improving the organic matter in your soils.

This material in time will decay and settle down in your soil and contribute the organic matter availability.

You are fixed to use mulches that were mentioned earlier. Whatever organic material mulches that you can get around you can be used for this purpose.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to really make sure that the mulches that you are going to use a really dry so that they do not carry any seeds that eventually will come out as weeds in your garden.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 5
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This is very important if you are using mulches from materials such as grass clippings and hays.

Another thing that you need to consider before using this type of materials is that they are treated and are free from any diseases so that it would not infected your garden plants.

The best thing to do if you are not sure how to get good mulches by yourself is by buying it from the reputable manufacturer. Mulches are not really expensive and they can last quite long for an application.

2. Using Organic Fertilizer.

Using organic fertilizer is also a good way in improving the garden soils organic matter.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 7
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They are many type or organic fertilizers that are available in the market. The best form of organic fertilizer to be used in improving the soil organic matter is the one in the solid form and not the one in the liquid form.

You can use any type of organic fertilizers such as animal based fertilizer like manure and bone meal; plants based fertilizer such as alfalfa meal and compost and also mineral based fertilizer like calcium and Epsom Salt.

All these fertilizers will definitely help to improve the availability of organic matters as well as minerals within the soil.

If your garden soil is quite bad in condition, you may use a few type of organic fertilizer in an application to speed up the process to improve the fertility of the soil. This is because each type of organic fertilizer has a special characteristic in improving your soil. You cannot depend on one type of organic fertilizer to solve all your soil problems.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 8
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3. Reduce or avoid the use of chemical pesticides.

Another way to improve the organic matter in your soil is to reduce or avoid the uses of chemical pesticides in your gardening activities.

This is because the chemical pesticides that you apply will not only kill the pest but could also kill the beneficial organism or microorganism within your garden and the soils.

As you all know that a lot of organism and microorganism play a very important role in the decaying process of organic matter. Without them this process would be slow or even stunted.

4. Introducing the beneficial organism and microorganism to your soil.

Improving Garden Soils Organic Matter 9
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You can deliberately introduce organism or microorganism into your soil by putting them into your soil.

Now days this process has been simplified for you. There are worms and effective microorganism (EM) solution that is being sold in the market. You just need to buy and apply them into your garden soil.

For the conclusion, you will definitely improve the organic matter availability within your soil by applying all the methods that have been mentioned earlier.

Please do not be anxious if your first or second attempt does not show any improvement as it needs time for the process to be successful. Unless you have a lot of budget to buy everything in huge quantity then this process can be speed up.

I would be very happy to hear from you your experience in improving the soils organic matter in your garden. Please do not be afraid to share you experience in the comment section below as it will also help other people to apply the successful strategies in their garden.

Should anyone have any questions, they are also welcome to ask in the comment section below and i will be very happy to help to solve your problem.

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