How To Plant Potatoes In a Pot?

Growing your own food is one of the best thing that you can do at your home. By growing your own food you are not only going to enjoy fresh foods directly from the farm but can also save some of your hard earned money.

Another benefit that you can gain from growing your on food is that you will have a totally save food to be consumed. This is because you know and control what have been put to the plants when you grow them. You are well verse of what type of fertilizers, pesticides and any other chemical that you use for your plants.

Sadly, many people think that they need a lot of space or land area in order for them to do gardening activities. This is definitely not true as there are many ways that you can do in order to plant your own food even you are living in an apartment. In modern technologies there are even soil-less gardening techniques that you can choose to do gardening activities such as hydroponics and aquaponics.

Today we are going to discuss on how you can do potatoes planting in a pot. Some people may assume that this topic is less significant but for people who do not have a lot of space of land this topic is quite important for them. Without further due, let see how you can plant potatoes in a pot.

Before thinking of doing anything of planting works, you first need to know and decide of what kind of potatoes that you want to plant. There are more than 100 varieties of potatoes all around the globe. Therefore you need to check on their planting requirements before picking one of them especially people who live in a four seasons places as weather is one of the important factors in ensuring the successful of your potatoes gardening.

Generally there are five types of potatoes depending on the planting period as below:

a) First early potatoes

Planting: February           Harvest: May

b) Second early potatoes

Planting: March                Harvest: July

c) Early main-crop potatoes

Planting: April                   Harvest: September

d) Main-crop potatoes

Planting: April                  Harvest: October

e) Second/Late main-crop potatoes

Planting: August             Harvest : November

For people who live in a place that is not affected by four seasons climate, they generally can plant potatoes all year round without any problems. You just need to find the suitable potatoes varieties for your place.

After considering of what type of potatoes to plant and when to plant them then you need to buy and prepare the potato seeds. Usually potatoes seeds are easily available at gardening shops.

In selecting the potato seeds you need to buy the one that are purposely produce to be as seed and not the one that are sold for consumption in the grocery stores.

There are a few reasons why the potatoes at the grocery shops are not suitable for planting. First, the yield may not be high or in the worst case there will be no potatoes produced at all if you use the consumption potatoes as seed. Second, the potatoes that your buy from the grocer may contain some diseases or potato viruses that may affect all of your other plantings.

The best solution is to buy the potato seeds that are purposely produced as seeds and are certified free from any diseases. By doing this you will be able to avoid all of the above said bad circumstances in your gardening activities provided that you take a good care of your plants.

Now it is time to prepare your pots. Basically any pots can be used to plants potatoes as long as it is big enough for potatoes to grow and high enough for you to keep adding soil in the pot.

You need to understand that potatoes are not growing downward but upward. Therefore you need to keep adding soil a few times in the pots during the plants growth to have more potatoes when you yield them.

The pots also need to have a good drainage system for healthy growth of potatoes.

After the pots are ready then you need to prepare the planting medium. For this reason, any gardening soils are good enough for potatoes planting. Compost, saw dust or any other planting mediums can also be used for potatoes planting purposes if you prefer to use them.

First you need to put the planting medium into the pots in 3 – 4 inches heights. Then you put the potato seeds on top of the planting medium that you put earlier. The best distance between the seeds are about 15 cm to 20 cm apart. For general tips, one potato plants need about 10 liters of volume to grow into.

After putting the potato seeds on top of the soils, now it is time for you to again top up the soils for another 2 to 3 inches height and cover all the potato seeds that you have put. By doing this you are basically finished with the process of potatoes planting.

Now you have to wait until the potatoes plants to reach about 7 cm to 8 cm of height. Once they reach the said height you need to again add the soil into the pots. Keep doing this until the soil within the pot reach to the maximum level or there are no more space for the soil to be added into the pots anymore.

At this stage there are nothing much you need to do anymore except watering and monitoring of pests and diseases. You just need to wait until it is time to harvest the potatoes.

The suitable time to harvest your potatoes is when then plants finished flowering and you see them to turn yellowish. To harvest is very easy as you plant them in the pots. Find a suitable place and dump all the soils on it. Search and find your potatoes in the planting medium and clean them. With that you are finish with planting potatoes in a pot.

That is all about how to plants potatoes in a pot. It is really hope that this article could you in your gardening activities. Actually by planting potatoes it will also help you to prevent some diseases that caused by some soil-borne pests or pathogens.

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