How to Keep Weeds Out of Vegetable Garden

How to Keep Weeds Out of Vegetable Garden 1
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We have already discussed this topic a few times in this blog. As this topic seems to have high interest from many gardeners that always trying to find ways on how to keep weeds out of their vegetable garden, we will again discuss so that all the techniques will always be fresh in our mind.

First of all we need to bear in our mind that weeds are also living things.

Therefore, in order for us to get rid of them we need to first make the condition at our vegetables garden is not suitable for them to grow.

How to Keep Weeds Out of Vegetable Garden 10
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There are few ways on how you can do this; one of the ways is by planting your vegetable plants closer between each other.

By planting your vegetable plants close between each other it will reduce the spaces that could initiate the growth of the weeds.

This is because the as the plants are close together it will also increase the competition for nutrients, water and other elements that is essential for plants growth.

When the plants are close together, the plants leaves will also create something like canopy that will block the sunlight from reaching to soil surface. This will prevent the weeds’ seeds from germinating.

Besides the two benefits that you can gain as mentioned in the above paragraphs, planting your vegetable plants closed between each other will give more yields as you are using the land spaces at an optimum level.

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Another way that you can do in order to keep weeds out of your vegetable garden is by putting mulches on the soil surface.

As been said in my other articles that there are a lot of materials that you can use to mulch you vegetables planting.

They are ranging from natural materials to man-made materials that you buy from any gardening shops or hardware near to your house or online.

Examples of natural or organic mulches are hays, straws, wood chips and dried leaves and example of man-made mulches are plastic mulch and weed control fabric.

All these materials can be used to mulch your plants and will surely help in controlling the weeds problems in your vegetable garden.

The mulches that you put on the soil surface will suppress the seeds of the weeds from germinating and grow.

How to Keep Weeds Out of Vegetable Garden 4
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Besides helping you to keep weeds out of vegetable garden, mulches can also contribute to other few benefits to your soil particularly.

Some of the benefits of having mulches in your garden is that it can helps you to retain the soil moisture.

Soil moisture is not only important for plants growth but also very important to increase the activity of soil organisms such as worms and soil microorganism such bacteria and nematodes.

Another benefit of putting mulches to the soil’s surface is that it will eventually contributing nutrients into the soil once it decayed. This will only happen when you use the natural or organic type of mulches materials.

Mulch 2
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This is because the mulching materials such as straws, hays and dried leaves were once living plants’ parts and contain a lot of nutrients that were stored from the photosynthesis process.

When they decayed, all the nutrients that were stored in the plants parts will be released into the soil and this process will improve the soil fertility immensely.

Some of the mulches materials that you apply can also help you to deter pest from ruining your vegetable plants.

One of the mulching materials that can give this type of benefits is the silver plastic mulch.

Silver plastic mulch can helps in deterring a variety of insects such as aphids and flea beetles.

silver mulch
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This situation happened because of the ability of the silver plastic mulch that can reflect back the sunlight to atmosphere.

Besides helping you to deter pests, silver plastic mulch can also help to increase the amount of yields produce by your plants.

Another example of mulching material that can help to prevent pests from coming near to your plants is the cedar wood mulch that contains the aroma of red cedar oil.

The aroma produced from this mulch is hated by the insects thus insects will not come near to your plantings.

Another way that you can do to keep weeds out of the vegetable garden is by applying weeds repellent or weeds preventer.

How to Keep Weeds Out of Vegetable Garden 2
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Before applying the weeds repellent you first need to clear all the weeds in your vegetables garden.

This is because weeds repellent will not kill the existing living weeds in your vegetables garden but will only inhibit the weeds seeds and weeds seedlings from germinating out around the weeds free area.

If you are not keen in using the chemical type weeds repellent there are organic based weeds repellent that you can get at any gardening shops.

Applying weeds repellent initially before the weeds start to grow can reduce a lot of weeding works that need to be done once the weeds start to grow.

Cleanliness of your tools and attires especially your shoes are also important factor in keeping weeds away from your garden.

Gardening tools and your attires can be agents in spreading the weeds’ seeds if you do not take care of their cleanliness.

red mulch
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It is good that if you do not use your gardening tools elsewhere except around your gardening area including your shoes so that no outside plants seeds entering your vegetables garden.

By doing this, it can also help in preventing the spread of diseases and pests from other places into your vegetables garden.

We have come to the end to this article, it is really hope that you have find the best way that you can apply in keeping the weeds away from your vegetables garden.

Some of the ways suggested here can be apply concurrently at your vegetables.

Some techniques need you to spend a little bit of money if you want to do the suggested mulching techniques.

Lastly, if you have any questions, i would be very happy to help, please leave your questions in the comment section below.

If you have any experience that can help other people, you are really welcome to share it in the comment section below.

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