How To Grow Peas In A Garden

How To Grow Peas In A Garden 2
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Gardening is one of the wonderful activities that can be done at your home and one of the best benefit that you can experienced from your gardening activities is producing your own food.

It does not matter of the size of empty area that you have in your house, with modern technologies; gardening can always be done without any problems in any size of spaces.

Terms like vertical gardening, hanging pots, square foot gardening and urban agriculture are for people who only have small area but very interested in gardening activities.

Many people have been discussing of what the importance of producing your own food is and how can you benefited from those activities. Just Google it and you will find the answers.

In this article however, I’m not going to discuss on that topic in details as i said earlier that there are many people already talking about it.

How To Grow Peas In A Garden 3
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One important thing that i want to stress out from the benefit of producing your own food is that the foods that you produced are totally safe to be consumed as you know what have you done when taking care of them.

There is nothing important in this world except your health and your health is greatly depending on what you consume as foods. So, by producing your own food even a little bit of them could immensely contribute you to a better health condition.

Now let us get back to our main topic that is to discuss on how to grow peas in a garden.

Peas are a plant that is suitable to be planted in a cool area or within a cool season. The pea seeds can be sowed when temperature reaches up to 10°C.

For you to have a vigorously growing pea plants the suitable temperature is between 13ºC to 18°C.

Any places or seasons where the temperature is not at the range as stated above are not suitable for peas planting.

How To Grow Peas In A Garden 4
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Pea plants have a few varieties like the majority of other vegetable plants.

Because of that, you need to first know and decide which type of pea plants that you want to plant and eventually reap the expected the yields.

This is important so that you will not be yielding the things that you do not want to.

There are a few varieties of pea plants as listed below. The seeds are easily available in the market.

How To Grow Peas In A Garden 5
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a) Sugar Snap Pea

b) Pea Feisty D2722

c) Oregon Sugar Pod

d) Green Arrow

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f) Mammoth Melting Sugar

Regarding of the planting requirements, most of the pea’s varieties have the same requirements; therefore you do not need to worry about it when choosing any varieties to be planted in your garden.

Growing peas is one the easiest gardening activities that you could have ever done.

Pea plants can be planted in any type of soil as long as the soil is a well drainage soil.

Soil that retain too much of water could lead to the plants root to be rotten.

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To make it more good, you can apply or put some compost or organic matter to the soil to increase to the soil fertility.

In term of fertilizing, please be careful to not to put too much of Nitrogen elements into the soil for pea plants.

Too much of Nitrogen will cause the plants to grow excessive foliage but less in fruits.

This is due to pea plants are a legume type of plants that they themselves can fix the nitrogen from the atmosphere through their roots.

In term of the pH of the soil, pea plants can be suitably planted in the soil where the pH is ranging from 6.0 to 7.5.

In growing the pea plants it is advisable for you to have a support or staking so that the plants will not be easily bend and fall. This is due to pea plants’ roots are not penetrating the soil deep enough in order for them to stand alone.

If you are growing the vine or creepers type of pea plants then a trellis or staking is a must so that the plants can grow up by climbing the support.

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By the way, before i forgot, peas can be planted anywhere or anyhow you wanted to, such on the raised bed or even in a container.

In term of watering, peas need a consistent moist soil and they need more water especially when they are blooming and about to produce the fruits or pods.

It is advisable that you water the plants at least once a week. However, you need to always check the soil moisture to make sure that it is in the optimum condition especially when the hot season is coming near.

To make it easier for you to maintain the soil moisture it is good for you to mulch the soil surface. Any mulching material should be fined for pea plants as long as the mulch can retain the moisture within the soil.

Pea plants are rarely to be attacked by pest. However there are a few pest that commonly visible and bring problems to pea plants.

One of the common pests that always cause problems to the pea plants is Aphids.

How To Grow Peas In A Garden 8
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The good news is Aphid can easily be controlled. You just need to spray water with the water hose to your plants with a little bit high in pressure.

If this way does not work, you can always use pesticides to control it. It is up to you whether you want to use organic or inorganic type of pesticides.

Just go and buy or if you do not know ask the sellers that you want pesticides to get rid of Aphids and they will give the right one.

Pea plants can also be infected by a few type diseases. But it is rarely happen if you grow it properly and you really take care of the hygiene aspect of your garden.

A few diseases that usually infected pea plants are powdery mildew, mosaic virus, root rot and fussarium wilt.

The first and important way in order to sidestep the diseases from your pea plants is by buying the disease resistant seeds or seedlings.

There are a lot of suppliers now days that are selling diseases resistant seeds in the market that you can easily fine and buy them.

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If the diseases still occur then there is no other way except to use suitable pesticides, as usual either organic or inorganic, the choice is yours.

Pea plants are maturing very fast; they can start to produce the yields around 11 -15 weeks after planting depending on the varieties that you planted.

When the peas starts to producing the pods and ready to be harvested, then you need to do the harvesting works regularly and most of the time daily especially early in the morning.

This is to encourage the plants to produce more pods. This means the more you harvest, the more will you get the yields.

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The pods are very soft and easy to be broken, therefore please be careful when picking up them.

I think that is all for our discussion today, it is really hope that i could help somebody who are interested in planting peas in their garden today.

Anybody who have experienced and tips that are not stated in this article, you are welcome to share your tips in the comment section below so that we could help others who are in need.

Should you have any question, i am more than happy to answer it. You are welcome to ask me in the comment section below and i will surely get back to you.

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