How to Get Rid of The Weeds in Your Garden?

1. Introduction

To see the weeds in your garden after working hard to beautify it with plants and flowers must be a very frustrating experience.

However, this is the common problem a gardener even a landscaper need to face. The only thing you can do is to learn the best way on how to get rid of weeds in your garden.

The first thing you need to do is to understand that you cannot totally eliminate the weeds as they are living things that can always come and go. The only thing you can do is to control them from invading your garden and give significant damages.

2. The Definition of Weeds

I know that it is not important for you to know what the meaning of the weed is, but still, it is good for you to first know it to fully understand how to control them.

In simple term, weeds can be deemed as plants that have no value to human where they are growing.

That means any plants that grow anywhere that they are unwanted can be called as weeds. There are no specific species of plants fall under weeds except depending on where they grow.

From the definition given, a plant that deemed to be useful at certain places such as Bougainvillea at your home can also be deemed as weed somewhere else such as Bougainvillea in a corn farm.

3. How to get Rid of Weeds in Your Garden

They are many ways on how you can get rid of weeds; we will discuss them one by one in this article.

We will not be able to discuss every method that is being used to control weeds in this article.  However, certain common and effective methods will be covered to help you solve your problems.

Whatever you do in controlling the weeds, it is good to make sure that you do it before the seeds or flowers of the weeds are not out yet.

The new seeds from the flowers or fruits will be disseminated everywhere and the weeds may grow again and may be even worse than before as the seeds disseminated from one weed could result higher in numbers.

a. Hand Picking

One of the common ways on how people usually do to control the weeds is by handpicking the weeds with the help of some gardening tools such as the garden trowel or the garden cultivator especially if the weeds are hard to be pulled by your hand strength.

The handpicking method is a useful method for controlling weeds the especially weeds that grow in the pots or you are only having a small scale garden. As been said earlier, in doing this, you have to make sure that you pull the weeds before they grow big and produce seeds and flowers.

It is also important to take note of the ways you dispose of all the picked weeds as wrong disposal methods will lead to the weeds to grow back as you may unintentionally disseminate the weed’s seeds by yourself.

b. Mulching

Another method to control weeds is to put mulches on top of the soil under the plants.

Mulching is a great way to control weeds as you need to only apply it once and it can last for a longer period of time before you need to apply it again.

The concept of mulching is to prevent the sunlight from reaching the soil where the weeds can benefit from it. It can also help to prevent the seeds of the weeds from germinating as there are not enough sunlight for the germination process.

Apart from preventing the weeds from growing, applying mulches on top of the soil could give a few other benefits that are important for your plants’ growth.

One of them is to reduce the water loss from the ground by the transpiration process and therefore reducing the frequency of watering  to you need to do. This can also help you to reduce your water bill as less water is needed to grow your plants.

Besides that, mulches can also help to increase microorganism activity within the soil as it provides an optimum condition for the microorganism to live.

This, at the same time, will increase your soil fertility without having you to do a lot of works and wasting a lot of money by buying other soil fertility products.

The best thing is mulching can be done easily without having you to spend lots of money.

Basically, you can use whatever your garden waste materials as mulching materials. These include wood chips, grass clippings, dried leaves and homemade compost from your kitchen waste.

c. Selective Herbicides

Another way that you can do to control the weeds is by using the selective herbicides that can be easily bought at any gardening shops.

Selective herbicides mean herbicides that can kill selected species or type of plants. That means if you are targeting the weeds only the weeds will die even though you beloved plants come into contact with the herbicide.

These type of herbicides are widely used in controlling the weeds that are growing in between of your lawn grasses and mostly targeting the broad leaf type of weeds.

By using these type of herbicides, you will be able to kill the weeds but at the same time retain the healthy growth of your lawn grasses.

Make sure you thoroughly read the description and the instruction of the product that you have bought, this is very important as a simple mistake could lead to severe damage to your garden. Please follow all the instructions given by the manufacturer religiously to get the best result from selective herbicide that you are using.

d. Using the Plastic Cover or Weed Barrier on Your Garden Beds.

Another way that you can do to address the weed problems especially if you are using garden beds to grow your plants in your garden is by using the plastic cover or weed barrier on the garden bed before you plant the plants.

As mentioned earlier, you need to first put the plastic cover or the weed barrier on the ground before you do any planting as it is very difficult or even impossible for you to put them if there are already plants on the garden beds.

There are many types of weed barriers and plastic covers that are being sold on the market nowadays.  also other benefits besides controlling weeds such as to increase photosynthesis process and to reduce insect problems. There are also many colors for you to choose.

Some of the weed barriers and plastic cover also contribute to other function to help your plants grow healthily besides controlling the weeds, for example, help to increase the photosynthesis process for early yield as well as help to reduce insect attack that can ruin your plants.

e. Use The Treated Organic Fertilizer from Animal Waste.

Most of the people usually take for granted when using the organic fertilizer from animal waste thinking that the fertilizer is good for their plants and environment.

People rarely know that the animal waste such as from the herbivores contains a lot of weeds’ seeds that cannot be digested in their digestion system.

All these seeds are actually still viable, and once you apply the organic fertilizer from the animal waste onto the soil , there is a high probability that the seeds will germinate.

In order to avoid this situation from happening, you have to make sure that the organic fertilizers that you are going to use in your garden are treated and free from any contamination.

f. Use Other Gardening Method To Grow Your Plants

There are many other modern ways that usually does not have weeds problem that you can choose to do especially if you are growing vegetable plants.

Alternative gardening methods such as the hydroponic or aquaculture system are some of the best ways that you can do at your home.

These methods are not necessarily for commercial farms only, they can also be used by home gardeners to grow fresh and healthy vegetables for their family.

A lot of tools and material for the above said gardening methods are widely sold that you easily find them either offline or online. Therefore, it should be a problem for you to find them.

4. Conclusion

That is all a little bit of discussion on how you can get rid of the weeds from ruining your garden as well as your beloved plants.

If you have any ideas to share on how to control the weeds problem that has been one of the major problems faced by a lot of gardeners all around the world, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section.

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