How To Get Rid of Slugs in The Garden, Is It Possible….?

What Is Slugs?

To be easier to define slug can be said as a snail without its shell. Slugs can easily live in an area that is moist in condition.

Therefore gardens that are moist most of the time are most likely to be inhabitant by slugs.


Damages by Slugs

Pests, Diseases and Disorders of Garden Plants

Slugs can be categorized as a very damaging pest to plants especially in your garden as it can consumes a wide range of plants.

Any plants in your garden can be infested by slugs, be it ornamental, fruits or vegetables plants.

Slugs do not only reduce the quality of your garden output but could also consume a lot of your money in maintaining your garden.

Slugs’ problem is one of the common problems in the home garden as well as in the horticulture and agriculture sectors.

There have been a lot of researches done by researchers all around the world on how to get rid of slugs for home gardens as well as for other bigger scale sectors.

Some of the ways on how to get rid of slugs that are infesting your garden are as below:

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1. Cultural Practices

Cultural practices can be easily defined as the way you maintain the cleanliness and the up-keeping of your garden.

To do this you need to understand the biological aspects of the slugs’ life such as how they live, where they lay eggs, where they hide and etc.

By understanding this it really helps you to overcome the slugs’ problems. Some of cultural practices that can be applied in your garden are:

  • Water your plants only when necessary to avoid excessive moist.
  • Rake your garden to clear all the dried leaves or what ever debris that are favorable for the slugs to lay eggs and to hide.
  • Use proper mulching materials and techniques so that no suitable ambiance for slugs that is favorable for their life cycle.
Slug’s eggs

2. Biological Practices

Biological practices can be one of your chosen ways on how you can get rid of slugs in your garden.

There are a lot of other predators that feed on slugs such as beetles, ducks and some birds.

Even you yourself can be one of the predators to slugs by self-picking them especially at night where slugs are usually active.


slug trap
Tierra Garden WS100 SlugX Chemical Free Slug Trap

You can also set up traps to catch slugs in your garden as a way on how to get rid of them.

There are a lot of ways on how to make slugs’ trap that you can find online to make a homemade trap.

If you are not keen in making the slug’s trap by yourself, there are always slug’s trap that are available in the market for sales such as the Tierra Garden WS100 SlugX Chemical Free Slug Trap.

4. Planting Plants That are Not Favorable by Slugs.

Another way on how you could get rid of slugs from your garden is by growing plants that are tolerant to slugs especially at the moist area of your garden.

There are a lot of slugs tolerant plants available out there for you to choose no matter where you live and regardless of the climate of your area.

Some examples of the plants that are tolerant to slugs are Astilbe, Phlox, Lobelia, Viola and many more.

Using all the above said measurements in controlling the population of the slugs in your garden could help in saving our environment as there are no chemicals involved.

If it is not possible for you to control the slugs’ population using all the measurements that have been mentioned earlier, then there is one more ways that you could try and it is as below:

5. Chemical Practices

Using chemical is one of the famous ways on how to get rid of slugs as it is very easy to be used and does not consume a lot of time to apply them.

You just need to buy the pesticide and apply it wherever and whenever you want.

The main thing you need to consider is to read thoroughly the instructions given from the manufacturer of the pesticides before you take any action in applying the chemical so that optimum result could be obtained.

Usually there are two types of pesticides available in the market based on their ingredients.

One is non-organic based ingredients and another one is organic based ingredients

For home uses it is highly recommended that you use the organic based ingredients as it is really safe not only for your environments but also for your pets and humans around you.

Some of the pesticides that are recommended to be used in your garden that are available in the market to get rid of slugs are as below:

a. Sluggo Snails & Slugs Granular Bait

Sluggo snail and slug
Sluggo Snails & Slugs Granular Bait

The best part of this slug repellent is it is made from organic based ingredients.

That means this pesticides is safe to be used at you home with all your pets and it is also safe for your environment

This pesticide specially targeting the slugs and will not kill any other beneficial insects or worms.

It is also suitable for any species of plants whether it is ornamental, fruit and vegetable plants.

The application of this pesticide is also very easy as there is no specific time frame when you need to apply it.

You can apply it whenever you want even though near to harvesting time for vegetables or fruits as it does not left any dangerous chemical residue to the plants.

To get this snail or slug bait, please click here.

b. Garden Safe Slug and Snail Bait, 2-Pound, 4536

Garden safe slug
Garden Safe Slug and Snail Bait

Same as the above said slugs repellent the Garden Safe Slug and Snail bait is also made from organic based ingredients and therefore really recommended for home garden uses.

This slug bait acts almost the same as the previous said snail bait.

The difference is just it is made from different manufacturer. It is up you which brand do you prefer better.

If you would like to have this slug or snail bait, please click here.

The Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of ways on how you can get rid of slugs that are damaging your plants around your garden.

It is good if could first use the method that are not involving the chemicals.

However, if the chemical free methods are not given any effect on the slugs’ population, then you are good to use the chemicals to get rid of the slugs.

It is now come to the end of this article. Should you have any questions or anything you would like to know more please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below.

4 thoughts on “How To Get Rid of Slugs in The Garden, Is It Possible….?

  1. As a person living in the warmer side of town (the globe) in the Caribbean this is definitely applicable to me. One of the slugs we have here is the African Snail which is very prevalent here. It has been a real pest across the country for crops and agriculture. Thanks for your information!

    • I felt great that this article benefited you.

  2. I have an outside garden and a polytunnel. I found when i only had an outside garden it was inundated with slugs. At the time i used some pellets and they seemed to work well. In the polytunnel i don’t have as much a problem with the slugs. I also heard that if you pour salt around your beds that this will keep slugs away as well. Do you know if this will work?

    • From my experience, putting salt directly to the slugs would definitely work.

      Putting salt around the could also work but the problem is that you will not know how long will be the salt retained on the soil as it is easily dissolved with water and disappear. Pellets usually last longer.

      Another problem with salt is that it will also cause your soil to be salty if using it excessively and that is not good for your plants grwoth.

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