How To Edge Your Lawn With A Shovel

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Having a nice and beautiful garden is a dream of every garden owner. People will try very hard and do whatever they can to enhance the look of their garden.

One of the ways that can easily be done to make your garden to look more beautiful is to have a proper edges around your garden.

As we all know, having a good and nice edges could enhance the beauty and tidiness of our garden.

What is Lawn Edging

For those who do not really understand especially people who are new into gardening, lawn edging means an activity that you do to separate, distinguish or demarcate your lawn area with other areas within your garden.

Benefits of Lawn Edging 

Before we go straight into discussing about how to properly edge your lawn, it would be better if we could first discuss a little bit on the purpose and benefits of having proper edges in our garden.

Proper edges do not only enhance the beauty and tidiness of our garden but could also provide us with a few other benefits.

Some of the well-known benefits that we could gain from proper edges around our garden are as listed below:

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1. Avoid Competition

One of the reason why edging need to be done is to stop or inhibit your grass from entering into the area where they are not suppose to grow such as into your planting beds or on your walkways.

If your grasses happened to grow into your planting beds where you are growing other plants such as flowers and vegetables, the grasses will become one of the competitors for the nutrients and spaces of your plants.

The sad thing about this competition is that the grass will usually win and this will make your flowers and vegetables unable to grow healthily due to lack of nutrients.

By edging you lawn properly, this situation could easily be avoided.

2. Reduce Pests Problems

The grass that grows uncontrollably could also be as hiding places for some dangerous pest that could severely damage your vegetables or flower plants.

Pests such as snails, slugs and many other insects can happily live and hide inside the grass bushes.

These pests could also carry some pathogens that could cause many type of diseases to your plants.

By having a good edging around your garden, you could easily prevent the above said problems.

Thus, will save a lot of your time and money from having to do the pest control and other type of correction activities.

The time saved could be used to do other value added activities for your garden.

3. More Beautiful

As been said earlier in this article, having a good edging around your garden can improve the look of your garden.

You garden will be looking more structured, tidy and beautiful.

Tool To Use To Edge Your Garden

One of the tools that you could use to do the lawn edging work around your garden is the edging shovel.

The shovel that you are going to use for the edging work are shovels that specially made for edging works and not the normal garden shovel that you use for digging the soil.

The blade of edging shovels are usually flat and straight without any curves. It is also quit thin than the normal garden shovel.

Some of the edging shovel also have a depth marker so that you will get an even depth when digging and determining the edges throughout your lawn.

The reason why you need to use the edging shovels instead of the normal garden shovels is because for you to have a clean and straight cut of the soil for a nice looking edges.

How To Edge Your Lawn With a Shovel

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To edge you lawn with a shovel is not really a complicated task.

A little bit of planning would be just enough for you to get a good result.

Before you start to dig the lawn edges using a shovel, it is advisable if you could first draw a line along the places where you want to dig the edges.

This line will help you to do your work efficiently and faster.

It will also help to have a nice and beautiful straight looking line after you have finish your work.

To make the line, you can use any material as long as you could see the line as it is only a mark to help you to determine the area where you need to dig.

Examples of material that you can use to make the line are ropes, paint, and flour.

Once you have the guiding lines of where you should start and end your work, you can then start to do the edging process using the edging shovels that you have.

Using an edging shovel is also very easy. The first thing you need to do is to hold the shovel 90° straight from the ground.

There are two main reasons why this is very important.

The first reason is for you to have a nice clean cut that goes straight into the soil and not into the side of the soil.

The second reasons why you need to hold the lawn edging tools 90º straight is for you to have even depth all along of your edges.

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Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn Edger

After you have put the lawn edger 90º straight from the soil surface, you then need to push or press the shovel with your legs into the soil.

The main concern here is to push the lawn edger with your legs and not with your hands.

By using your legs, you are actually using the whole of your body weight to push the shovel into the the soil and this will make your work much more easier and and less tiring.

If you are using you hand to push the shovel, it does not only make the work harder and tiring but could also injure or causing pain to the upper part of your body.

Once the lawn edger is inside the soil, you then need to pull the handle towards you or push it away from you to take out the soil as well as the grasses.

You just need to repeat this process until you reach the end point that you have marked earlier to finish your work.

Safety Precaution.

Please consider the safety aspect when doing any gardening activities even though the works seem to be very simple.

Regarding the safety aspects when doing the lawn edging, it is very important for you to know what is in under the soil.

Things such as underground pipes and electrical wires are something that you need to be aware of before you start digging the soil.

You need to either relocate the underground  pipes or wires or just consider to change the edges line so that it will not disturb the underground utilities.

Example of Manual Lawn Edging Tools

To help you to have some ideas about different type of edging tools available in the market, below are some of the edging shovels that are available at should you would like to buy it online:

a) Yard Butler EDGE-180 Manual Lawn edging shovel 2

This edging shovel has a unique half moon shape. The half moon shape make it very efficient to be used to edge your lawn.

As you can see from the picture given, this edging tool has a place for you to put your foot to help you to push it into the soil.

This edging tool is also equipped with a depth marker just above the the blade to help you to have even depth of edges all around your garden.

With this feature, you can do your work easier and quicker than using the normal square garden shovel. The result of your work would also be better.

 Please click here if you would like to know more about this edging tool.

b) Garden Weasel Edge Chopper

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This is another type of lawn edger that is available in the market.

If you compare this edger from the above mentioned edger, you will definitely notice that this edger have a different design.

This edger is quite durable that you can even use it to break up ice in winter time.

This lawn edger blade is made from carbon type of steel and provides you with extra wide foot plate so that you are not going to have any problems when using it even though you are wearing big boots when doing your work.

If you would like to know more about this lawn edging tool, please click here.

c) Radius Garden 20606 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Edger, Midnight Blue

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This will be the last lawn edging tool that will be mentioned here.

One of the main differences of this lawn edger compare to the two lawn edger mentioned earlier is the design of its handle.

The handle of this lawn edger is in round shape like the letter of “O’ and it is design with the material that the tool are not going to be easily slipped from your hand while you are using it.

This handle design will allow you to have 4 times gripper surface than the normal handle.

This also mean that you are going to have better strength to push this lawn edging tool into the soil than the normal lawn edgers.

If you would like to know more about this lawn edging tool, please click here.


That is all a little bit about the benefits of having proper edges around your garden and how you could the edging works correctly using a shovel.

Edging your lawn is not a very complicated task to be done, however, the benefits that you could gain from the work are enormous.

Should you have any questions or suggestions about what we have discussed here, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

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