How to Create Landscape Design?

Creating a good landscape design is one of the most important things that need to be done for anyone who owned properties.

A good landscape design not only can beautify your area but can also give you a lot of other benefits such as the screening effect and creating functional spaces.

The main problems that hindering many amateur gardeners from creating a good landscape design is because of the misunderstanding of the concept of designing a landscape spaces.

Most people when thinking about creating a landscape design, the main concern for them are the plants. This is what makes their design horrible.

You have to first really distinguish between gardening and landscape designing. Those two are really different things. Then you can make a good garden design.

To have a good landscape design, you need to combine a lot of arts elements and gardening elements together in a harmonious group.

1. Colors

One of the elements that you can easily play around when creating a landscape design is the colors.

You can play around with various colors to bring up various effects and moods from your garden.

You can also create spaces around your garden based on the colors that you used at each section.

Colors also play a very important role in giving effect of the landscape theme that you choose to build.

For example, if you would like to create a cheerful and exciting effect in your garden, then striking color of plants and other landscaping elements should be your choices.

Therefore, choosing a right color tone if very important to accentuate your ideas in your landscape design.

2. Scales

Another element that you can play around in order to have a good landscape design is the scale.

Choosing the right scale could give a different perception of the real space that you have.

For example, planting big type of trees around your house would make you house to look smaller than the exact size.

You can also try to use the effect of scale to make small spaces to look bigger and vice versa.

Scale can also be used to change people’s moods when they are in your garden.

3. Lines

The third element that you can play around that can give high impact to your garden design is the line or line arrangement.

In designing, line is very important element that you need to be concerned off. From line can create a lot of patterns of your garden and within your garden and also spaces.

You can play around with the thickness of the lines to give certain effects to your garden.

You can also play around with the form of the lines to make certain effect in your garden.

4. Forms

Form is one the famous elements that have been used by landscape designers in creating landscape design.

There are various types of form that use you use in creating your landscape design. Examples of forms are round, oval and columnar.

Besides creating artificial form to give certain effect in your garden, you can also make use of the natural form of plants in creating the effect that you wanted within your design.

Christmas trees for example have a naturally canonical form that you can make use it designing your area.

5. Texture

Another element that you can use in creating effect in your garden design is the texture. Texture is something fine or course, thin or dense and heavy or light.

Based on you landscape design theme; you can choose the most appropriate texture to be applied in your landscape design.

For example, for modern theme of landscape design usually use thin and light texture to represent the simplicity effect of the design.

Course and heavy design in the other hand are always used to make a large or big area to look full and dense instead of emptiness.

6. Unity

Using all of the mentioned elements earlier in your design is very important to end up with a good landscape design.

However, without unity element included in your design, your landscape design would end up with messy looked and untidy.

You have to make sure all the elements that you use in creating a landscape design could blend together with each other and producing eye soothing scenery and not an awkward looking designed garden.

7. Balance

Balance is another aspect or element that you need to look into when designing your garden.

Balance will give the sense of equality within your garden. It is like everything is well prepared and taken care off. It also shows that nothing is neglected within your garden.

It does not mean that you really need a formal balance when doing your design. An informal balance is good enough to create the sense of balance within your garden.

8. Emphasis

Emphasis is an element in designed that is used to direct or attract people to them.

You can also use emphasis elements to redirect people from something that you do want them to see.

This is something that plays around with the human psychological effect that always attracted to something that is highlighted the most.

There are many ways on how you can create the emphasis effect within your garden. You can use elements such as sizes, colors, grouping or any other techniques that you think possible to get people attention.

9. Sequences

Playing with the sequences in an arrangement is a good thing to do to come out with a good garden design.

There are a few ways that you can do to create the effect in your design and you can even combine a few elements to come out with the sequence effect.

You use colors, textures and any other elements to create the sequence effect. Creativity plays a very important role to come out with nice and meaningful sequences.


That is all, briefly regarding on how and what you can do to come out with a good garden design.

Every people have different perspectives on how they view of a good design is. The main consideration is all the elements stated above is used in a way that can give a meaning and structures of your garden design.

I am happy to hear any opinion from you regarding this topic, should you have anything to say, please write it in the comment section below.

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