Handheld Grass Seeds Spreader


1.  Introduction

There are a lot of works that need to be done in order to have a beautiful and good looking lawn either in the earlier stage where you are newly planting your lawn or in the maintenance period where you are taking care of your lawn.Earthway 3400 Ergonomic Hand-Held 2

With some help of useful tools such as handheld grass seed spreader that we are going to talk about in this article, doing your gardening works will not become a burden anymore.

You do not need to be a professional lawn caretaker in order to have a beautiful lawn, you just need to have correct tools and a little bit of information (that you can find all over the web) on how to take care of your lawn then good results can be produced. It is just simple as that.

2. What is a handheld grass seed spreader

As its name, handheld grass seed spreader is used to help you to spread grass seeds evenly all over the area where you wanted the grass to grow.

Traditionally the grass seeds were spread by hands.

3. How does a handheld seeds spreader works

Using a handheld seeds spreader is the most efficient way to spread your grass seeds. Let us discuss it.

Usually, a home use hand held spreader have a place where you can put the seeds. Once you place your seeds into it then you are ready to go.

Usually, there is also a controller to control the amount or volume of seeds released depending on how much seeds you want to spread per square foot or per square meter and also depending on the speed of your steps.

4. Why it is important to use a hand held spreader

There are many reasons why it is important to use a handheld grass seed spreader instead of using your hand.

a) Save time

By using a handheld grass seed spreader you can save a lot of your time compare to use your hand. This is because the tools spread the seeds much faster that the human speed.lossless-page1-408px-NRCSIA99561_-_Iowa_(3787)(NRCS_Photo_Gallery).tif

b) Even Spread

The handheld spreader can spread the grass seeds evenly compare by using your hand and usually you can adjust the quantity or the density of the spreading as a lot of handheld spreader are equipped with the adjuster that can suit whatever density that suit you.

c) Better Result

Using mechanical tools such as the handheld spreader to spread your grass seeds will usually give better end result as it spread your seed evenly to all the area.

d) Precision.

By using the spreader to spread your grass seeds it will make the right quantity or amount of seeds wanted per square foot or square meter is correct.

Using bare hands will usually end up in the uneven density of grass through the whole area.

5. Handheld grass seed spreader available in the market

Solo 421S 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader

Solo 421S 20-Pound Capacity Portable Spreader

One of the best features of this product is that you do not have to worry about this spreader to be jammed. This is what many previous buyers talked about in the review section at Amazon.com

Handheld Broadcast Spreader, 25 lb, 1 Hole

Handheld Broadcast Spreader, 25 lb, 1 Hole

The good thing about this spreader is the place where you can put your seeds. It looks like the handbag.

This feature will allow you to put more seeds or any other things you want to spread such as fertilizer with of having the hassle of filling up many times during your work.

The handbag look features also allowing you to carry it easily while doing the work.

Earthway 3400 Ergonomic Hand-Held Broadcast Seeder/Spreader

Earthway 3400 Ergonomic Hand-Held

The reason this product is listed is here is because it is cheap. This is a good choice for those of you who only have a small budget.

This product is not suitable for those of you who have a medium or big size garden as it can only be filled up with only small amount of seeds at one time. Small garden works best for this spreader.

The quality of this product is still acceptable even though the price is cheap. The majority of previous buyers still give high ratings for this product.

That is all about handheld grass seeds spreader for now. Your opinion and suggestion are really appreciated in the comment section below.

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