Grass Edge Cutting Tool

Taking care of your grasses to have a beautiful looking lawn and garden will involve wide range of works that you need to fulfill.

You are not limited to only doing the grass cutting, fertilizing or pest and diseases control but you also need to cut the edge of the grasses.

Looking at all the listed works that need to be done will surely scares a lot of people who are new in gardening activities.

Please do not jump into a conclusion yet, even though it seems like a lot of works that need to be done.

With proper tools and techniques, all the works to have a beautiful or amazing looking garden can be done easily and in short period of time.

Before we go into discussing about some different grass edge cutting tools, it is good if we could first discuss on what is the importance of doing the edging works.

First and foremost, edging works could help your lawn to look more tidy and neat.

You will never have neat and tidy lawn and garden if you do not do cut the edges of your grasses.

It does not matter how much time you spent in mowing them as most of the grass edges are not reachable by the lawn mowers.

Some of the edges that usually lawn mower cannot reach are near the poles, near the pathways and near your planting beds.

All these places need special arrangement for you to cut the edges of the grass.

The second reason why you need to do the edging works is to prevent the grass to grow to the places where it should not grow.

One example of these places is the garden beds where you grow your flowers or vegetables.

Besides of having your grass to look untidy, the grass will also become weeds or rivals to your flowers or vegetables.

They will compete in acquiring the spaces, nutrients, water and sunlight.

The sad news from the competition is that your flowers or vegetables will always loose the battle.

When this situation happened, your flowers or vegetables will not be able to grow healthily and produce the results as you expecting.

Apart from being the rival of your flowers or vegetables on the planting beds, uncut grass edges could also be a place the pests can stay and hide.

Plants pest such as snails and slugs will be very happy to hide and stay at the places like that.

If this situation happened, you can bet that your plants are in a very critical condition. They are very vulnerable to be harmed by the pests.

You plants will not only get injured but could also be dead in the worst consequences.

It will also increase your cost in the maintaining your garden’s plants as you need to buy the pesticides to control the pests as well as to buy new plants to replace the severely infected plants.

Therefore before anything serious happen to your plants, it is better that you take a good care of your grass edges.

Cutting the edges around your flower beds could also help to ease you in making the maintenance works of your planting beds.

You do not have to do so much weeding works to remove the grass that grow on the flower beds.

You can also easily apply any of the garden inputs such fertilizers on the flowers beds without having to think about the grass that grow on them.

Grass Edge Cutting Tools

When talking about grass edging cutting tools, there are usually two types of them that are being sold in the market. One is manual type and another one is machine type of edges cutting tools.

The first one is the manual edge cutting tools. This type of cutting tools is usually used by home owners that do not have a large area of grasses to be taken care off.

The best thing about this manual type of edge cutting tools is that it is much cheaper compare to the machine type of cutting tool.

However, the sad thing about the manual type of edging tools is that you need more energy and more time when doing the edges cutting.

That is why I initially said that this type of tools is suitable to be used by home owner that have only little areas of grasses to taken care off.

There are a few different type of manual grass edge cutting tools that are widely used by many gardeners and they are:

a) Garden Edging Shear

b) Half Moon Edger

c) Edging Spade

I have written an article titled “How To Edge Your Lawn With A Shovel” that mainly discussed how you manually cut the edge of your grasses with a shovel. Please click the title given if you would like to read the article.

Another type of edging tool that people use to cut the edge of their grasses is the machine type edging tools.

These types of tools are usually used by landscape maintenance service provider company and also by people who have a quite large lawn area to be taken care off.

Using this type of machine to do the edging works could save you a lot of time as well as your energy. These types of machines are usually powered either by electricity or gas.

The bad news regarding these types of grass edgers are they are a lot more expensive compare to the manual grass edgers.

However, there is nothing unusual about the price because most of the gardening machinery is higher in price compare to the manual tools.

Just like the lawn mowers, even though the price is quite high, people still buying them to do the lawn mowing works instead of buying the manual grass cutter such as the scissors. This is due the high efficiency of this machinery.

To make your work a little bit easy in browsing some of the second type of grass edge cutting tools to be bought, i have listed a few of them that i think will worth the money you spent on to, they are as follows:

1.BLACK+DECKER LST420 20-volt Max Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger, 12-Inch

If you are looking for an edger that has been bought by many people, then this might be the one for you as it is one of the bestselling edger at

Black & Decker is also a well-known brand that has been used by a lot of professional gardeners. Therefore i do not think you have any problems in trusting this product brand.

This lawn edger uses battery power to operate. This feature will allow you to cut the grass edges anywhere within your garden without having to worry about the power supply.

There are a lot more of other useful features about this product, if you would like to learn more about this product, please click here.

2. Troy-Bilt TB516 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Wheeled Edger with JumpStart Technology

This lawn edger is a little bit different in term of the way you will use it compare to the first one.

This is a walk behind type of lawn edger whereas the one that has been mentioned earlier is the one that you need to carry the machine to use it.

If you are somebody who does not like to carry a machine in doing your gardening works, then this lawn edging should be listed as one of your choices.

This machine also comes with a lot of other useful features, please click here if you would like to learn more about it.

3. WORX WG896 12A 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Edger, 7.5-Inch

This is another version of walk behind lawn edging tools by WORX.

The way it should be used will be almost the same as the above mentioned lawn edger.

However, the main difference between this model of walk behind lawn edger and the one that was mentioned earlier is the power source that it uses.

This lawn edger uses electricity for its power source instead of gas.

So, if you are not comfortable of using gas for your machinery, this machine could on of the good choices of lawn edger for you to buy.

If you would like to learn more about this lawn edging tools, please click here.


As a conclusion, there are a lot of benefits from cutting the edges of your grasses and you surely do not want to neglect them all by not doing it.

You also need to find suitable edging tool that you can use it comfortably when doing your works.

If you feel like something to say or ask about what we have just discussed, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

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