Getting Rid of Squirrels in The Garden. What Can You Do?

One of the problems being faced by many gardeners is the squirrel’s infestation to their plants. Squirrel can infest a wide range of plants not only limited to fruits. Vegetables and flowers could also be damaged by squirrels.

Getting rid of squirrels in the garden could be distressful if you do not know the correct way of how to do it.

This article will be discussing on ways that you can choose in order to get rid of squirrels at your garden.


Squirrels fall under the rodent’s family that is Sciuridae. There are many types of squirrels that you can find in the wild; some of them are tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks and flying squirrels.

Squirrels are herbivores and because of that they only feed on plants. They can eat a wide variety of plants or plants’ parts such as nuts, seeds, fungi and fruits.

Your garden is not excluded from squirrel to find their foods. As a result of that they usually left your garden with damages that ruined all your hard works and money invested for your beautiful garden.

However please do not give up on your gardening effort or activities as there are a lot of ways on how you can get rid of squirrels in your garden that we are going to discuss in the next paragraph

Getting rid of squirrels in the garden.

1.Natural or Biological Measures.

The main reason why there are squirrels in your garden is because there is food for them there. If there is nothing attracting them surely there are no squirrels at your garden.

First of all please look at your garbage or trash area. Unattended garbage area or improper closed garbage bin could attract squirrels to your garden. The reason why squirrels attracted to the trash area is because of the food.

If you throw your garbage properly it is high probability that squirrels will not be attracted to your garden.

The second aspect that you can look into is by planting plants that will not attracting the squirrels. This will helps you a lot in preventing squirrels from entering your garden as the plants there are not friendly or suitable for them. Examples of plants or flowers that are not attracting squirrels are alliums, crocus, hyacinth and many more. Try to Google it and you will find a lot of them.

Another way of getting rid of squirrels is by scaring them. To do this you may need to have a dog at your home as squirrels are scare of dog especially when the dog barks. The squirrels will not even dare to come close to you home.

You may also introduce some preys around your garden that will also scare the squirrels. Example of preys that feed on squirrel are hawks and owls.

2.Squirrel Repellents

a) Chemical Repellents.

Chemical repellents are usually something that affecting the smell sense of the squirrels. Squirrels will not like the strong smell of the chemical and therefore they will leave the area.

To apply the chemical repellent is very easy, you just need to put or spray the repellent to the area where squirrels usually attack or the place where you think the squirrels would go.

How long the repellents will last after you have applied it is depend on the product you bought. Some can last one month and some can last up to 3 month after the application. You need to apply the repellent after the suggested effective period ends.

b) Electronic Repellents

Using electronic repellents means you need to put electronic repellents in your garden. Numbers of electronic repellents needed in your garden is depending on the how big is your area and how it was design.

There are a few types of electronic repellents available in the market. Some using ultrasonic flash light to chase the squirrels and some using ultrasonic sound wave to chase the squirrels.

Usually the electronic squirrels’ repellents are a little bit expensive from the chemical repellents. The good thing is you can use them as many time as you want and as long as it still working without to buy anything again except the battery.

The electronic repellents are also usually can be used to get rid of many others pests not limited to squirrels only. They can also be used to get rid of rabbit, dear, mouse and many other animals. You just need to read the description from the manufacturers of what can the electronics repellents do as usually it does no only limited to get rid of squirrels.

2. Squirrel Trap

Another way of getting rid of squirrels from your properties is by using squirrels’ trap. This method is really useful especially when there are only a little numbers of squirrels are attacking your garden.

Some states or countries are also banning of killing animals like squirrels therefore using this method are useful for that area.

Setting up your own squirrels trap must be daunting to you. Please do not be worried as squirrels traps are being sold everywhere in the local market and even on the internet. Amazon is the best place you can go if you prefer to buy it online. There are many types of squirrels trap with a wide range of prices for you to choose. Examples of squirrels’ traps are as below.

3. Squirrel Poison

You can also use poison in getting rid of squirrels in the garden.

This method seems a little bit cruel for some people but for those who are being attacked by squirrels especially squirrels in a colony this method quite useful for them. Owners of big orchards also need to use this method in order to control the population of the squirrels in their properties so that they can produce better yield from their orchard.

First of all you need to observe the law where you live in before thinking to use poison in getting rid of the squirrels at your garden as there are some places where using poison to killed the squirrels are deemed as breaking the law and you may be fined or jailed because of that.

There are many types of squirrel poison available in the market. Just applied it according to the manufacturers’ description and you are ready to go to get rid of squirrels in your garden.

That is all about getting rid of squirrels in the garden for now. Hope you got something after reading this article. Anybody who wants to share their experience please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank You.

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