Gardening Quick Tips: Easy Watering For Container Plants

Having beautiful potted plants around our properties is the wishes of every home owner.

However not many people are willing to do the necessary basic works such as watering. This is true especially for busy people that need to spend much of their time out of their home.

Water is one of the importance elements in ensuring the plants to be in a good condition. Without enough water your plants will most probably stunted or die.

However, with modern research and technologies, you can still plant a lot of plants either ornamental or vegetable plants without have to worry about to water them frequently.

There are two choices for you, one is by using self-watering containers to plant your plants and the second one is by using watering spike or probes.

This two methods can surely help you to water your plants while you are away from your house. You just need to top up the water into the containers when it became less.

Let see some of available products for you to buy at so that can have a little of ideas of what are we talking about.

1. Self-Watering Containers

If you choose to use self-watering containers, then the important factor that you should consider when making decision of which self-watering containers to buy is its size.

Self-watering containers come in different designs and sizes. It is much like normal containers that come in different sizes and designs.

As it has varieties of sizes and designs, self-watering containers’ prices also varies accordingly.

Self-watering container works by having two compartments. One compartment is where you plant your plants and another compartment is for water storage.

The water in the water storage need to be checked and top up once a while when the water in it is reduced.

Here are some of the self-watering containers that are available at (Please click on the product name to go the selling page for further details)

a. Bloem Living LP1852 Lucca Self-Watering Planter, 18-Inch, Midsummer Night

b. Mkono 5PCS Self Watering Planter Automatic Watering Plant Pots PP Plastic Office Home Decor Flower Pots (Mixed Colors)

c. Santino Self Watering Planter Asti 7.9 Inch Gold/Black Flower Pot

2. Watering Spikes or Probes

Another way to help you to water your plants and i think this is the most economical way, is by using watering spikes or probes.

This tools is very easy cheap to be bought and also very easy to use. You just need to have unused soft drinks bottle in order to use this watering spikes.

Fill your unused soft drinks bottles full with water and closed them using the watering spikes. You are now ready to prick it into the soil within your container.

If you are unclear of how to use it, just go to the selling page and you can easily understand it.

Below are a few examples of watering spikes that are available at, please click on the products names to go to the selling page of the each product.

a) Terracotta Plant Waterer – Perfect for Vacation Plant Watering

b) PLANTER PERFECT VACATION WATERING – Automatic Self Water, Plant Spikes Water House Plants and Flowers

c) Self-Watering Probes – Package of 5

d) Master Craft Plant Watering Spikes, Set of 6


So now, please do not give any excuse of you do not have time to do the maintenance works of your plants as a reason for not doing any gardening at your home.

There are many ways that can help you to simplify your gardening activities in these modern days.

If you have anything to say, please write it in the comment section below, i will be happy to get back to you.

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