Garden Borders Edging Ideas


One of the works among the gardening activity that every gardener should pay close attention in enhancing the look of their garden is the garden borders edges so that they can have a nice and tidy garden.

Bordering works can be done to any borders and edges that you have within your garden. You can do it around the planting beds, around the mulches or the circle weeding of your trees and also the edges between your lawn and the hardscape.

To have nice borders and edges around your garden is not a very difficult task to do. You only need to have proper tools and material as well as creative ideas on how you want your border to look like.

Before we go directly into discussing on varieties of edging and border ideas that are available on the market for you to choose and install them in your garden, it is good if we could first discuss on a few benefits of having a nice and neat edging around your garden.

Benefits of Edging Works

As well all already know and being said many times by many experts, proper edges around your garden would really help to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Your garden will be looking more tidy and structured when they have proper edges around the elements within it.

Other than enhancing the look of your garden, there are a few other benefits of edging and bordering and they are:

1. Protect Your Plants From Pests.

One of the benefits of having of proper edging especially around your planting beds is that it could help you to protect your plants from the pests attack.

The improper or neglected edges and borders could become places for the pests to hide and lives.

Pests such snails, slugs and some insects will surely take advantage of the neglected edges for them to hide and reproduce.

Therefore, taking care of the edges by having nice borders around your garden could help you to reduce the places where the pests could hide and eventually reducing the risk of the pests attack.

2. Easy To Mow You Lawn

With proper edges and borders around your garden, it could help you to do the lawn mowing works faster and more efficient.

This is due to you can bring your lawn mower close enough to any border of your lawn and do not have to worry about your lawn mower to hit or cut anything especially your beloved plants except the grasses.

This could also help you to avoid any damages to your lawn mower from hitting the hard surfaces that you have around your garden such as the pathways.

3. Avoid Competition

Another benefit of having nice groomed edges and borders is that it could help to reduce the competition for spaces, water, and nutrients between your plants and the lawn.

As we all know both the grasses and the plants that you are growing in your garden are living things and they will fight with each other to obtained the aforementioned elements.

The sad thing about this competition is that your plants will always loose to the grasses for nutrients and water.  All the plant’s foods that you put might not reach the targeted plants.

Proper edging works could avoid this situation from happening and will ensure that all the nutrients that you put will be received by the targeted plants.

4. Decoration Purposes

Edging works could also be the decorative elements that you can put to beautify your garden based on your garden’s theme and design.

This is because there are various types of materials and designs of garden edges and borders that are available on the market.

You should have no problem to be able to choose the best one that could suit your needs and taste and could blend well with your garden theme.

Garden Borders Edging Ideas.

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of garden borders or edges that are available on the market and below are some of them based on the material that they were made of:

1. Wood Materials

a) Master Garden Products Teak Wood Uneven Top Solid Log Edging, 48-Inch

This garden border edging is made from the solid wood material. The size for one unit of this product is 10″ 8″ 6″ staggered height and 48″ long.

This product is handmade and was handcrafted by the Indonesian craftsman.

All the teak wood were attached together using the galvanized wire and it is also polished with outdoor sealer so that it could face the extreme outdoor weather and last longer.

If you are keen to know more about this border edging products, please click here.

b) Greenes Cedar Lawn Border Edging – Set of 2

This edging product is made from the famous cedar woods. As it is made from the cedar wood, this edging product is naturally resistant to pests attack and will not be easily rotten.

There are no chemicals involved in the making of this border edging product. Therefore, if you doing gardening organically, then this edging might be one of the good choices for you.

It does not matter how you borders or edges are, either they are in straight or curving line, as this lawn edging product comes in a flexible feature, you can easily bend them according to your needs during the installation.

This is to say that this edging model could follow any curves of your edges and borders no matter how you want it to be.

If you would like to know more about this edging products, please click here.

2. Plastic Material

a) 10 Piece Cobblestone Flower Bed Border by Pure Garden

This garden border comes in a stylish classic design that is very suitable if you are looking for a border that looks like a natural stone.

The best thing about this garden border is that it is made from polypropylene that means it is very light and very easy to be installed.

It is a good alternative for people who are looking for a stony look garden borders without having to buy real stones to be used.

If you would like to know more about this garden border, please click here.

b) Suncast BBE10TC 12-inch Interlocking Border Edging 

This garden border is almost the same as the one mentioned above except this garden border is designed to be looked more like a brick instead of the natural stone.

It is also made from poly that makes it very light and easy to be installed in your garden.

If you would like to know more about this garden border, please click here.

c) 4 Pc Outdoor Flexible Lattice Weatherproof Plastic Garden Edging Borde by LATTICE FENCE

This garden border is designed to be looked as a fence and will greatly help you to avoid any trespassing through your flower beds since it is a little bit higher compared to both of the plastic garden borders mentioned earlier.

It does not matter whether your edges are straight or curvy, this garden border will be suitable to be used.

If you would like to know more about this plastic garden borders, please click here.

3. Steel/Iron Material

a) Esschert Design Lawn Edging

This garden borders is made from the cast iron and comes in brown color.

This steel border also comes in a very unique and beautiful design that could really enhance the look of your garden.

If you would like to know more about this garden border, please click here.

b) Wrought Iron Edging Panels In Montebello Design by Plow & Hearth

This garden border is made from the wrought iron which is a different type of iron that is used in making the previously said garden border.

This garden border comes in Montebello design and suitable to be used for flower beds, pathways borders or any other places that you feel appropriate.

If you would like to know more about this garden border, please click here.

c) Panacea 89312 Arch Folding Fence

If you are looking for something that is simple in design, then this garden border might be the one for you.

This garden border looks like a small arch and will most likely to fit in most of the garden design theme for its simplicity.

If you would like to know more about this garden border, please click here.


Garden borders come in many types of materials and designs. It is up to you to choose which one is the best to be used in your garden.

While it is not a must element to have around your garden, having them will surely help to enhance the look of your garden without having you to put very much effort into maintaining them.

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