Environmental Benefits From Organic Farming

As people are more concern on their health and environment nowadays, organic farming has become more popular and favorable than before.

As we all know organic farming is using natural material or product in all the gardening activities to produce not only healthy but also tasty yields.

There are large different between organic and conventional farming methods in term of the material or substance used in producing the yields. Conventional farming depends a lot in chemical fertilizers and pesticides to produced high yields.

The entire chemical used in the conventional farming activities will eventually affecting the environments as well as our health in a bad very ways.

One of the benefits from organic farming to the environment is that it can increase the beneficial microbes’ activities within the soil.

Using chemicals in the farming activities will actually giving opposite effect in term of the microbes activity.

Chemicals can reduce the availability of the microbes within the soil and thus will reduce their activities.

Microbes’ activities are very important in determining the soil fertility and they plays very important role in the availability of some nutrients in the soil.

For example, nitrogen fixing bacteria is very important in order to capture the nitrogen in the atmosphere and turn them into ammonia or ammonium before the plants can uptake them.

For your information, 90% of nitrogen fixation in the atmosphere is contributed from the nitrogen fixing bacteria. This data shows how important are them in the nitrogen fixation in our atmosphere.

Another benefit of organic farming to the environment is that it conserves or stimulates the diversity of soil organism and soil microorganisms within the soil.

The soil organism and soil microorganism are also important in preparing the availability of nutrients for plants uptake within the soil.

Example of soil organisms is earthworms, centipedes, spider and sow bugs and example of soil microorganisms are fungi, protozoa and nematodes.

All these soil organism and microorganism not only contributing to the soil fertility but also can serve as a protection for the plants to other pest. This is due some of the soil organisms and microorganisms are predators towards other pests.

By opting to organic farming you are also helping in conserving the innocent organisms from being killed unnecessarily.

This is because the conventional farming methods in controlling the pests form damaging the crops is by spraying pesticides randomly.

The effect from the pesticides sprayed from the conventional farming methods do not only killed the plant’s pests but also kill whatever innocent organisms within the area. This actually will be affecting the ecosystem stability.

Beside the two benefits listed above the other benefits of organic farming activities is it will also producing chemical free foods for you to consume.

Chemical from pesticides as well known by many people is dangerous for human health. You may not see the effect of chemical to your health immediately after you eat the food but the symptoms or diseases may occur in longer period.

Some of the diseases that are linked to the excessive uses of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are cancer, kidney failure, infertility, damaged in brain’s function and miss carriage.

There are actually a lot more diseases that are linked to the uses of chemical in farming activities that could not be listed all of them in this article.

You can also see that all the diseases that were listed are a very serious and some of them may be hard to be cured.

Therefore, choosing organic farming is one of the best ways for you to have a healthy life and avoiding serious diseases over time as result from a clean environment.

Another benefits that is always been talked by many environmentalist is that organic farming can help in saving our environment from being polluted by hazardous chemical residue.

The main type of pollution that is contributed by conventional farming method is water pollution especially the underground water pollution.

The fertilizers and chemicals that we put onto the soils in supplying nutrients for the plants will not be fully consume by the plants.

A lot of them, particularly when inefficient applying method is used, are going into the ground water or into the drainage system that end up to our ponds and rivers.

The pollution that emerged from the excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers will not only affecting human or our health but will also affecting the life of other flora and fauna.

Once the pollution happened, it is hard for us to rectify and bring it back to the normal condition and it will take years to establish back any ecosystem that is destroyed by it.

In terms of monetary, organic farming will be saving a lot of cost for the farmers. They can cut the cost of buying expensive pesticides and fertilizers to a cheap but also effective organic matter in supplying nutrients to the plants such as compost and animal manure.

In term of consumers, you can have a fresh and healthy produced that is produced from organic farm that is cheaper from your local store.

Organic farming will also save the government money that is actually your money from the taxes that you have paid from being spent in rectifying all the problems that are caused by the conventional farming activities.


As a conclusion organic gardening will give a lot of benefits to us as well as to the environment.

Organic gardening must be one of the leading methods in future so that all the foods that we consume is safe to our health.

Our environments must also be protected and one of the best ways to do it is by practicing the organic farming methods.

This due to all the organic farming methods and techniques seem to be a very environmental friendly. There are no harms that are detected to the environment from its activities but instead it seems that doing farming organically could improve and restore back the natural elements to the environment.

We already have a list of environmental benefits from organic farming here but nothing will change until we take necessary actions that make all the written benefits into reality.

That is all for now regarding the benefits from organic farming.

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