Controlling Weeds In a Garden

Weeds are one of the common problems facing by many people in their garden. Taking care and controlling them from growing again and again may become a daunting task for you. The right techniques and methods in controlling weeds need to be learned and mastered so that your tasks will become easier.

A garden is not like a farm that that you do not need to look at the aesthetic aspect when controlling the weeds. A garden need to be organized and structured in all of its maintenance aspects so that tidiness and aesthetic value were given high priority so that people could enjoy them.

In agriculture weeds are consider as a pest, this coincide with the definition of pest in agriculture that is pest is an animal or plants that is unwanted at an area, causing damages, and reduce the economic value of agriculture produce.

Therefore, in a garden weeds can be recognized as plants that grow at places that they are not wanted and are affecting the growth of other garden’s plants.

Problems Caused by Weeds
1. Rival for Spaces, Water and Nutrients

Weeds that grow among your planted plants will compete for water, spaces and nutrients. In this battle the winner is always the weeds and not your planted plants.

As a result your plants will not grow to the level that you are expected, not vigor, and if it is involving yield it will reduce the yields.

2. Host for Diseases

Weeds may also become a host or hiding place for other pests that are dangerous for plants health such insects, snails and other pathogen.

This will cause your plants to be prone to the attacks of pests and to be infected by diseases.

3. Allelopathy

Some weeds are able to excrete some type of poison or dangerous chemical to other plants, animals or human while they are alive or while they are decaying in the soil when they are dead. This serving as their protection and to ensure they win in the competition.

Back to our main topic that is controlling weeds in a garden, actually there are many ways that you can do in order to get rid of them. It is all depending of the suitability of your circumstances and budget. Without any further delay let’s go through one by one.

1. Mulching

Mulching is one of the best way that you can do in controlling weeds in a garden.

Mulching does not only helps you in controlling the weeds but can also help in improving the soil fertility in your garden.

The mulches that you put will eventually decay and supply nutrients that are needed by your plants. Mulches can also help to retain water moisture in your soil and can reduce the watering frequency or quantity that you need to supply.

There any many types of mulches being sold in the market that you can choose to be used in a garden. Some of them are:

a) Organic or Natural Mulches

Organic or natural mulches materials are one of the popular ways to do mulching. There are a lot natural material that can be used as mulch such as straws, hays, grass clippings, leaves and wood chips.

All these materials can be easily obtained from the surrounding of your garden and if you feel that it is hard to find you can easily buy them at the gardening shops.

The reasons why organic mulches are being used extensively are because they are cheap and contribute a lot in increasing the soil fertility.

b) Newspaper and Card Board

In recent days people are also using unwanted newspaper and cardboard as mulch.

This is because these materials are also easy to get and act almost the same as the natural mulches materials.

c) Gravels or Pebbles Mulch.

If you are making walkways or pathways in your garden and you do not want weeds to grow at that area then using gravels or pebbles mulch is one the best choice for you.

The gravels will surely suppressed the weeds’ seeds from germinating out and you will have a nice walkway that you can walk on it even after raining as there will be no waterlogged as the water will pass through the gravels and went into the ground.

d) Landscape Fabric or Weed Control Fabric

One of the famous ways among the landscapers in controlling weeds in a garden is by laying the landscape fabric on the ground before doing any plantings.

This material is a little bit expensive compare to other types of mulching but once you bought, you can use it to about 3 to 10 years depending on the quality of material that you chose.

e) Plastic Mulch

Another type of mulch that is widely used in gardening activities is plastic mulch especially by people who are planting vegetables.

Plastic mulch works almost the same as the landscape fabric. The only thing that you need to consider when using this type of mulch is that you need to apply if before you plant any plants as it is hard to lay it on the ground if there are already existing plants on the ground.

f) Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is made from recycle material such as tires. It comes in the form of small nuggets.

If you are having something like playground or sitting area in your garden rubber mulch is on one of the best choice to used at that type of area.

This due to the highly elasticity of this material that it can absorb any pounding that falls on it. Therefore, this material can add up to the safety measurement for kids to play around.

2. Weeds Preventer.

Finished about mulching, now we go to the second way on how you can get rid of weeds in your garden that is weed preventer.

Weeds preventer is actually a chemical that is put onto the ground to inhibit the weeds germination.

These chemicals are not suitable to be used at a place where weeds are already grown up. It must be used on the ground where there are still no weeds growing especially after you have done the weeding works or before your plant any plants after preparing the soil.

For those of you who are doing or intend to do organic gardening there are also organic type of weeds preventer available in the market.

3. Weed Killer

These types of products are already quite popular among the gardeners. It is a type of herbicide that you use to kill the growing weeds.

There are also organic types of weeds killer for those who prefer to do gardening organically.

Using a weed killer and weed preventer for a large garden will definitely help you to save time in controlling the weeds. The times that have been saved can be used to do other important gardening works.

4. Plants Spacing.

Another important aspect in order to easily controlling the weeds in your garden is to look into you plants spacing.

Try to plant your plants as close as you can together so that when the plants mature their canopy will cover the soil underneath from the sunlight. This condition is not favorable to the weeds and as a result weeds will not be growing under and between your plants.

If you are planting big type of shrubs that need longer distance between each other, try to cover the soil below with smaller shrubs or ground-covers type of plants so that the ground is covered and eventually reducing the weeds problems.

5. Manually

If there are still weeds emerging after you have taken the above said measures to get rid of them you can still do the weeding works manually by your hands with some help of gardening tools such hoes or shovels.

There are usually not much weeds to be taken care of if you have done the above said measures and therefore you do not have to worry about the work load that need to be done in doing it manually.

6. Cleanliness.

One of the important aspect but always been neglected by many people in getting rid of weeds in a garden is the cleanliness.

The scope of cleanliness here is regarding the tools, soils and any other things such as your shoes must be cleaned form the weed’s seeds.

Please really look into the procedures of your works such transferring soils from one place to another place, or using the gardening tools everywhere without looking into the cleanliness of the tools and the soils.

The reason is you may transfer the weed seeds to all of the places in a garden if your tools are not cleaned. This will eventually causing problems to you in order to control them.


This article may have not cover all aspect in controlling weeds in a garden. However, most important aspects on how to do it have been stated in this article. It is really hope that this article can help you in getting rid of weeds in your garden.

Lastly, please leave your feedback, opinion or suggestion and question, should you have any, in the comment section below.

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