Best Type of Mulch for Vegetable Garden

Every gardener in the whole world will try to use any materials that could help their plants to grow healthily and vigorously.

One of the materials that are commonly used among the gardeners in their vegetable plantings is the mulches.

There are actually a lot of benefits that you can get if you apply mulches onto your soil when planting your vegetables and the benefits will sometime be different depending on the type of mulch that you are going to use.

One of the benefits of mulches that are commonly known by experienced gardeners is that it could help the soil to retain the water a lot longer than the soil without mulches.

The reason for this situation to happen is because the mulches that you apply will be preventing the sunlight from reaching the soil directly.

This will prevent the evaporation process of the water within the soil to happen.

With this, you vegetable plants will be able to continuously getting the water supply that is crucial for their growth without any problems. This is very important to be looked into, especially during the hot seasons.

Actually, water is not only important for the plants when talking about the whole aspect of gardening.

Water is also important for the beneficial soil’s organism such earthworm and beneficial soil’s microorganism such some bacteria and fungi in order for them to live and perform their activities within the soil.

All the soil’s organism and microorganism are very important in helping to maintain the soil fertility and could also to help your vegetable plants to grow healthily. You should not overlook this factor ever, if you really want to succeed in your gardening effort.

The second benefit of applying mulches in the vegetable gardening activities is that mulches could also help you to reduce the weeds problem.

Whenever you remove the weeds from your gardening soil, there will be the weed’s seeds that are usually left behind on the soil. All these seeds are only waiting for suitable time to sprout and grow as another weed.

This situation can be avoided by applying mulches onto the soil surface. The mulches that you applied will suppress the weed’s seeds from acquiring the sunlight that is essential for them to sprout and grow.

When the seeds do get enough crucial elements for them to sprout and grow, they will be in the dormant state for a longer period of time and then, will eventually die and decay under the mulches.

Using mulches in controlling the weeds problem is a very clever thing to do as it will save you a lot of your time and energy from doing the weeding works manually.

The time that you have saved could be used to focus on other type of works.

Another benefit of using mulches in your gardening effort is that it could increase the quantity of organic matters within time.

However, this will only be true if you are using natural type of mulches such as hays, straws and compost and not the synthetic type of mulches such the plastic mulches and the weed barriers.

This is because the natural type of mulches will eventually decay and decompose into organic matters.

Without having to say, when the mulches materials transformed into organic matter, it will help to improve your soil in terms of the structure and the texture and this is good for your plantings.

The organic matters produced, could also help to increase the quantity of nutrients within your soil as organic matters themselves are rich in nutrients that previously contained within the natural materials that you used as mulches.

Actually there are a lot more of the benefits of organic matters that could not be described in details in this article as we are discussing about the mulches. Perhaps, I will write about it in my next article.

The fourth benefit of using mulches is that it could help you to get rid of some plant’s pests. Even some of the mulches available in the market are purposely design for this.

Examples of mulches that deter pests from getting near to your plants are the cedar granules mulch and silver plastic mulches.

The cedar granule mulch usually produces aromatic smell. This aromatic smell is arising from the red cedar oil that contained within the granules. The aromatic smells will scare away the pests from getting near to your vegetable plants.

Regarding the silver plastic mulch, in term of uses, this plastic mulch is usually used to cover up you planting bed before you make holes on top of the plastic to allow you to plant your vegetable plants.

Because of its silver color, this plastic mulch will reflect some of the sunlight back to the atmosphere that will also scares the pests to be near around your plants.

This will definitely help to reduce the damages that could happen to your vegetable plants in order for you to produce high quality yield.

Besides the cedar and plastic mulch, there are also researches showing that by using compost as mulches could also help the plants to fight pests and diseases.

This is due to the certain type of microorganism that can help to fight other diseases pathogens from infecting the plants. These microorganisms are usually high in quantity within the organic matters such as the compost.

There are actually a lot more benefits that you can get from using mulches in your vegetable garden.

However, with what have been mentioned here, it should be enough for you to understand how important is the mulches in helping you to grow vegetables successfully.

In order for you the get the best mulches for your vegetables garden, below are some of the mulches that I think are good to be used in your vegetables growing.

1. Dr Earth 803 1-1/2 Cubic Feet All Purpose Compost

This is one of the brands of compost that you can use as a mulching material that is produced by Dr. Earth for your vegetable plantings.

For any seasoned gardeners, you should already be very familiar with Dr. Earth brand. This brand has been producing various types of good quality gardening inputs that are quite famous among the gardeners.

This compost is very rich in organic matters as well as the nutrients that could help your plants to grow healthily.

Some of the ingredients that have been mixed in this compost are earthworm castings, valley grown alfalfa meal and cold water kelp meal.

If you would like to know more about this compost, please click here.

2. CedarCide Insect Repelling Cedar Mulch Granules

As mentioned earlier in this article the cedar mulch granules is a type of mulch that you could use in your vegetable plantings to help you to get rid of certain pests from damaging your plants.

The brand of cedar mulch mentioned here is one of the famous brands that have been bought by many people to be used in their gardening activities.

One drawback of this mulch is that it is quite expensive compare to any other type of mulch. That is why you see this product is not widely used among the gardeners.

If you would like to know more about this mulch, please click here.

3. Silver Metallic Plastic Mulch 4 Ft X 50 Ft 1.0 Mil Embossed By Growerssolution

This is also one of the famous mulches types that are widely used among the gardeners.

Besides helping you to get rid of certain pests through the light reflection as mentioned earlier, the silver plastic mulch could also increase the quantity the yield from you gardening effort.

It is said that your yield could be increased up to 20% more just by using this silver plastic mulch in your planting activities.

Should you are keen to know more about this plastic silver mulch, please click here.

The Windup

As you can see from what have been mentioned here, in this article, there are actually huge benefits that you can gain from using mulches in your vegetables planting.

Each type of mulches have their Pros and Cons, therefore, you need to look at your circumstances before deciding which mulch will be the best for your vegetables.

However, if you are really unsure of which type of mulches that you need to choose, the best thing to do is to buy compost to be used for your mulching purposes.

This is because; compost will always be suitable to be used for any type of soils and any type of plants.

This will be the end; I really would like to see any suggestions on the topic that we have just discussed from any experts out there. Therefore, if you feel that you have something good to say, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

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