Best Rated Cordless Leaf Blowers

One of the important tools that every gardener needs to have in order to help them to clean their garden is the cordless leaf blowers.

The reason why you need the cordless leaf blower in doing the cleaning works in your garden is to help you save your precious time especially if you are having a large area to taken care off.

Just imagine how much time you could save by using the leaf blower to do the works if compare you do it manually.

I personally think that it is worth the money for you to spend to acquire a good leaf blower for yourself.

A good leaf blower could also reduce the burden that you need commit for maintaining a garden. Experienced gardeners know that in maintaining a garden, there a lot of works that need to be done.

You are not going to focus on the fallen leaf only, other works such as watering, lawn mowing and weeding still need to be done.

Having a good cordless leaf blower will enable you to use the time and energy saved to focus on other type of works that could further enhance your garden’s look.

This factor is very crucial to be looked into especially for busy people who need to be out from their home most of the time.

A little time at home that is available could be used to concentrate in doing all the gardening works faster and efficiently.

Before deciding of which type of leaf blower that you should buy, there are a few factors that you need to consider, so that the money you spent could landed on the most suitable cordless leaf blower for you to use at your home.

One of the deciding factors is the battery power. This is due to the most of the cordless leaf blower being sold in the market have different range of battery power.

To determine of which type of leaf blower and how much the battery capacity that you need to have is by first looking at the size of the area that need to be taken care off.

Please do not only be so excited with the cheapest price of cordless leaf blower as you may need to again spend your money when the leaf blower that you have bought is not performing as what your expected.

The bigger size of your garden area, the more battery capacity you need for your leaf blower.

You do not the leaf blower to suddenly stop running in the middle of your work. It will be very disappointing if this situation happened as your work may be disrupted.

If you do not have the spare battery then you will need to wait for a quite longer of time in order for your tools to be recharge again.

Talking about spare battery, you also need to take this into your consideration whether to buy or not to buy the spare battery.

If you think that it is not that very crucial for you to get it, primarily if you are only having a small size of area to be taken care off, then do not buy it. It is only a waste of money. Just wait until the existing battery broken then you can get a new one.

Please also bear in mind that some cordless leaf blower models are designed with built in battery that does not allow you to take out the battery.

If you are thinking of looking a cordless leaf blower model that has interchangeable battery features, please read carefully at the product description before making decision in buying it.

With the development of technologies nowadays, leaf blowers have come with a lot of useful features and not only to just help you to blow the leaf.

You may need to consider in buying these types of leaf blowers in case the features included could help you to do other type of works easily.

Apart from blowing the air, some of leaf blowers also could be change into the vacuum that is sucking mode, an opposite of the normal blowing mode.

It will work almost the same as the indoor vacuum cleaners. The only thing is you will usually use it outdoor.

This will help you to clean targeted areas such as you patios, barbeque areas, drives and walkways.

This feature could also be used to clean up the places after certain works have been done.

For example, the place that you have just done the re-potting works or carpentering works, the debris could be easily clean by sucking them rather than blowing them all over the places.

The leaf blower that is equipped with vacuum function will usually equipped with collecting bag to store the debris that have been sucked.

Therefore, be careful in selecting the leaf blower that saying it has the vacuum feature. Make sure it has the bag. If not, try to look at other models, brands or seller.

I think you should also know that instead of using battery as the power source, some cordless leaf blowers also using gas in order to be operated.

However, the downside of the gas powered cordless leaf blowers based on other people experienced is that there are producing a little bit higher of noise compare to the battery powered leaf blower.

Please be careful when using the high noise producing type of leaf blowers as your neighbors might be very uncomfortable with the noise produced.

In case you would like to buy a gas powered cordless leaf blower, maybe you could thoroughly reading their descriptions and past buyers reviews so that you could get the one that producing much less noise.

To make it easier for to view good cordless leaf blowers, I have listed a few of them below, Just click on the image given should you would like to learn more about that particular leaf blower.

1. GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Sweeper

This is one of a good cordless leaf blower that you could get for yourself.

There are a lot of interesting features that comes with this cordless leaf blower.

Some of them are multiple speed choice that you can choose depending on your works suitability and it is designed with two type of blower tube so that you could have more control in doing your works.

This cordless leaf blower is using battery as it power source and with one full charge it could be operated up to 35 minutes long.

If you are interested in knowing more about this particular cordless leaf blower, please click here.

2. BLACK+DECKER LSW36 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper

This is also a quite good leaf blower that could be included into one of your choices in getting the best leaf blower for you to use.

Black & Decker is also a famous brand that has been producing high quality gardening tools for a quite long time.

Many gardeners have used various tools produced by Black & Decker without having much problems.

The best thing about this cordless leaf blower is that it can be fully recharged quite fast, that is about one hour if the battery is out of power.

This cordless leaf blower is best to be used in clearing debris on hard surfaces such as walkways, patios and driveways.

If you are keen in knowing more about this cordless leaf blower model, please click here.

3. WORX WG546 TURBINE 20V Cordless Blower/Sweeper with 340 CFM 2-Speed Axial Fan

I personally like the design of this cordless leaf blower. It looks very sturdy and strong.

This leaf blower model only has two choices of speed that you can choose.

If you are not some who have a very specific task to be done except blowing the leaf, then two speed choices should be more than enough for you to complete your works.

Unlike the both earlier mentioned leaf blowers that use 40 V battery to operate, this leaf blower model by WORX only uses 20 V battery to be operated.

This mean it uses less electrical power compare to the two models mentioned earlier.

If you are keen in knowing more about this particular cordless leaf blower model, please click here.

To Conclude

To summarize this article, I would say that to buy the best cordless leaf blower to be used at your home is not like picking a food that you want eats that is only based on your taste and desire.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered in terms of your garden as well as in terms of the tools that want to buy.

Should you need any help or you would like to give any suggestions regarding our topic today, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

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