Best Rated Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Cleaning the garden area may be one of the daunting tasks for many of the homeowners as it could consume a lot of your precious time especially if you do not have the right tool to help you to do the job.

With the rapid development of the modern technologies, we are very lucky as there are a lot of tools that could help us to do the gardening works easily compare to our ancestors previously.

One of the gardening power tools that every homeowner should have to help them to easily do the cleaning works of their garden is the battery powered leaf blowers or also called as the cordless leaf blowers.

It is being understood that modern people nowadays are very busy with a lot of other important commitments and because of that, using the correct tools such like the battery-powered leaf blowers in the gardening works could help to spare more time for them to do other activities.

If you are interested in buying a battery powered leaf blower, please do not do it in a hurry as there may be a chance that you are going to make a mistake.

Most people when browsing a battery-powered leaf blower to be bought will usually look at something like the best-rated battery-powered leaf blowers, the product designs or the interesting features of the product.

Although it is not totally wrong to do that, you actually, on the other hand, need to choose something based on the circumstances related to your work areas or condition of your garden.

Factors To Be Looked When Buying a Battery-Powered Leaf Blower

1. The Area

One of the aspects that you should never neglect when buying a battery-powered leaf blower is the size of your garden.

The size of your garden area will lead you to which power capacity of the leaf blower that you need to choose.

If you go to any gardening shops or websites that are selling battery-powered leaf blowers, you will see that the seller will mention the power capacity of each of the leaf blowers that they are selling.

Some of the things that usually mentioned are something like the wind speed produced by the leaf blowers or where will each of the leaf blower suitable to be used.

From the information given you will then know whether the particular leaf blower model is best to be used at either the small, medium or big sized gardens.

The battery-powered leaf blower that is made specially to cater the small or medium size of areas and will usually not be suitable to be used at the large size garden areas.

Wrongly chosen, you will be facing a situation where the wind produced by the blower will not be sufficient enough to blow a bigger portion of an area at one time.

As a result, you will be spending more time in an area to blow all the leaves or debris compare if you are using the correct power capacity battery powered leaf blowers.

When this situation happened, people will usually blame the leaf blowers that they have bought instead of blaming themselves for the mistake they have made of choosing the wrong blower.

The common saying that we usually heard is that such brand of the leaf blower is useless and not up to their standard.

It will usually end up with that person to again spend their money to buy another set of the leaf blower with the hope that the new one could fulfill their needs.

In order to avoid such mistake, please carefully look at the area that needs to be taken care of and try to match which leaf blowers is the best to be bought.

2. The Battery Duration of Leaf Blower 

The second factor that needs to be looked into if you are interested in having a leaf blower for yourself is how long could the battery of the leaf blower last after fully charged.

If you are only looking at the design and other interesting features of a leaf blower in determining the best one to be bought and does not include the battery capacity as one of the consideration then you will probably face a problem when using the machine.

A common problem that is being faced by many people that are using the battery-powered leaf blower is the battery power finish before they could even settle the works that need to be settled.

The machine just suddenly stopped while they are in the middle of their work due to out of battery.

You will surely be disappointed when such situation happened. Another worst news is that it will usually need times for you to fully recharge back the battery in order to continue your work.

This means you will either need to wait for the battery to be fully recharged again to continue your work or to postponed your work to another day.

To avoid this problem from happening, you need to look at the battery capacity of the battery-powered leaf blower that you wanted to buy.

Make sure you choose the one that can last long enough so that you can fully finish your work before the blower gone out of battery.

Tips To Choose The Right Battery Capacity

In order to make the right decision regarding this matter, you need to again fully understand your garden area and also you yourself.

If your area is big then you need to choose the leaf blower that has high battery capacity so that you can use it long enough to finish your work.

And if you are a slow mover while doing the blowing work then you also need to choose the leaf blower that has high battery capacity even though your area is small.

That is all a little bit about the basic of how you can choose the right battery-powered leaf blower to be used at your home.

Examples of Battery-Powered Leaf Blowers Available For Sale on The Market

To ease you to make the decision of which battery-powered leaf blower is best for yourself, below are a few of the battery-powered leaf blower models that you might consider to buy them at

1. GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Variable Speed Sweeper-40V 2 AH Li-Ion Battery Inc.

This is one of the battery-powered leaf blowers that are quite famous among the buyers out there.

This tool is equipped with a few choices of speed that you could choose to use in executing your works based on your circumstances.

You could also use this leaf blower for about 30 minutes with one fully charged battery.

There are a lot more useful and interesting features that come with this battery-powered leaf blower. Should you would like to learn more about it please click here.

2. BLACK+DECKER LSW20 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper,Includes 20v Battery

Black & Decker is one of the famous brands in producing high-quality gardening machinery and it has been trusted by a lot of gardeners as well as landscapers.

The battery-powered leaf blower model mentioned here is one of the famous battery-powered leaf blower model produced by Black & Decker.

What is unique about this battery-powered leaf blower is that it could also be used in sucking mode like a vacuum apart from the normal functioning blower that is to blow the wind.

As it can be used in sucking mode, this battery-powered leaf blower is also equipped with assembly bag to help you to easily gather all the debris sucked from all around your garden.

If you would like to know more about other useful features of this battery powered leaf blower, please click here.

3. WORX WG545.1 WORXAIR Lithium Multi-Purpose Blower/Sweeper/Cleaner, 20-volt

WORX is also a well-known brand in the gardening machinery industries that  have been producing a wide range of gardening and landscaping tools.

This model of battery powered leaf blower produced by WORX is one of the interesting gardening machines among others.

One of the interesting features about this leaf blower model compared to other leaf blowers is that it is equipped with 8 different nozzle attachments that you can interchange and use them based on your works requirements and circumstances.

Some of the attachments given are the long tube, the dust brush, the detail brush and a few other more.

If you are interested in knowing more about other useful features of this battery-powered leaf blower model, please click here.


It is hoped that this article could a little bit help you to choose the best battery-powered leaf blower model for yourself.

While it is good for you to look at the ratings given by previous buyers of the battery-powered leaf blowers in making your choice of which one is the best one to be bought, you should never forget about yourself as the user and your garden where it will be used as the main factor in making your choice.

Should you need any help regarding the topic that we have just discussed or should you have any suggestion to give, please feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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