Best Pruning Shears for Small Hands

As a gardener, you have to equip yourself with a lot of gardening knowledge and techniques.

Do not take gardening knowledge lightly if you want to have good results from your gardening activities.

Many people are not really concern about the knowledge that they need to equip themselves before starting to delve into gardening activities.

That is why they will face a lot of difficulties on their first attempt in gardening and maybe some failures also.

There are many subjects that you need to gradually increase you knowledge in. Some of them are soils, fertilizers, pruning and planting techniques.

Please do not misunderstand my point; I’m not saying that you have to know everything before making your first step of planting any plants.

You just need to be aware that there is something that you need to learn to be successful in gardening and you can learn all that concurrently while doing your gardening.

One of the major aspects in taking care of plants either ornamental or vegetable plants is the pruning aspect.

You really need to master this in order for your plants to be maintained correctly and will eventually give you the desired results.

Pruning techniques are different for different type of plants. It also depends on the purpose of the pruning; however the basic rules are still the same.

There are many benefits of pruning. We are going to discuss a few of them in this article.

The first one is pruning can shape the plants into the size and form that you want. This is usually done to ornamental plants as you want to maintain the size and the form or perennial plants within your garden.

Although it is usually done to ornamental plants but it is not strictly for them. We also need to prune some edible plants to maintain its size as well as to induce the plants so that it produces more yields. Example of this type of plant is the grape vines.

Another benefit of pruning is that it can improve the air circulation of a plant’s bushes. Plants will benefit a lot from this technique.

When the air circulation of a plant’s bushes is improved, the plant will be less vulnerable to infected by diseases and pests attacked.

All the conditions for pests to hide and diseases pathogens to live such as the humidity are not there for them.

Water that falls on the leaves can easily dry and there are no places that are not reached by the sunlight that can be hiding places for pests.

All these factors will help you to grow your plants healthily and vigorously and will save your money from spending a lot in pest and disease control of your plants.

Pruning is also done to get rid of the dead and disease infected branches or stems. This is very crucial to be done.

Some of the plant parts that have been infected severely by any disease need to be cut immediately.

The importance of this practice is so that the disease infection will not spread to other parts of the plants or to any other plants around your planting area.

The plant parts that have been cut also need to be treated immediately such to throw them far away from your garden.

Another benefit of pruning is that it can stimulate better growth for certain plants. In certain plants or planting techniques, you need to prune some parts of the plants for you to get the result that you want.

For example, in grape vines planting, 80 to 90 percent of the last year’s grown branches or stem will be cut out from the main part of the tree.

This is important to be done so that the grape vines could produce a better yield for the next planting season.

Another example is in roses planting, you need to prune the branches so that the rose’s plants could produce a more flowers.

You also need to cut what are called suckers that grow directly from the bottom of the main branch of the rose’s plants.

Suckers will consume a lot of energy or nutrients from the main branches that could affect the growth of the main plants in producing good flowers for you.

That is all a little bit about the benefits that you can obtained from pruning practice.

In term of the correct techniques of doing the pruning practices, a general rule is you need a slanting cut at the branches and it should be about 45° of angle.

The reason why you do this is to prevent water from staying or clogged on the cut surface. If this happened, it would be harmful to your plants.

Regarding at which point that you should prune your plants’ stems or branches, general advice is that a little bit up from the dormant bud.

However, this may be varies from plant to plant, you need to do a little bit of research on how to successfully grow your desired plants.

To prune your plants successfully it is inevitable that you have a good pruning shears.

Good pruning shear not only help to prune your plants easily but it also should be durable enough to last longer so that you can save your money from keep buying them now and then.

There are many types and designs of pruning shears that are available in the market.

You have to choose the right one for the type of pruning you wanted to do. Not only that you should also choose the one that is suitable and comfortable for you to use.

To make it easier for you to choose a good pruning shears to be used in your gardening activities, below are some of the best pruning shears especially for people with small hands.

1. Felco F-6 Classic Pruner for Smaller Hands

This is one the great pruners that are available in the market. It has gained a lot of positive reviews and ratings from its past buyers.

This pruning shears is made with a light handle but very sturdy for you to do the pruning works comfortably.

It is specially designed for people with smaller hands so that they gripped pleasantly in doing their gardening works.

If you would like to learn more about useful features of this hand pruner, please click here.

2. Gardenite RazorPass – 8.5 Inch Bypass Pruning Shears – Superior Quality Forged Aluminum Hand Pruner with Japanese Cutting Blade

This is another hand pruning shear that has been reviewed positively by its previous buyers.

Gardenite is also one the famous brands in producing great quality of gardening tools and materials.

Many people are using various gardening tools that were produced by Gardenite in their daily gardening activities.

The blade of this pruning shear is made from one of the finest steel in making blades and it is the Japanese sk-5 high carbon steel.

For this pruning shears, it does not matter whether you have small or big hands; it is specially design so that it can be used for any size of hands.

If you would like to learn more about the useful features of this hand pruner, please click here.

3. Planted Perfect – Professional Pruning Shears

If you are searching a pruning shears that are being sold at a reasonable price but still the one that is high in quality, then this one maybe should also be inserted as one of your buying options.

The handle of this pruning shear is equipped with soft gripping features that make it suitable for any size of hands whether is big or small hands. It is also would be comfortable for you to use.

This hand pruning shear is also designed with sap groove on its blade so that it does not become sticky when you prune plants that have a lot of sap.

There are a few other great features that come with pruning shears, please click here if you would like to learn more about it.

The Ending

As for the ending, you should always have a little bit of knowledge before starts to do anything on every activities, this include the gardening activities.

This is important so that you will get whatever result that you expected.

You should also need to have proper tools in every type of gardening works that you do, in term of pruning works, pruning shear is one of the tool that you need to keep in your inventor besides a few other pruning tools.

In choosing pruning shears, you cannot simply choose the one that you like, it must also depend on the type of pruning you want to do, the type of plants you want to prune and also the user’s experience when using the tool.

Please feel free to write you questions or suggestions in the comment section below. I am more than happy to help or get back to any of your comment as soon as possible. Let’s create a healthy discussion here.

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