Best Potting Soil for Herbs

Soil is an important element that really needs to be taken care off in gardening activities. It will be the one that determine the quality of the produces from your gardening effort.

Soil plays a lot of important roles in plants growth including the herbs plants. Therefore it is necessary for you to at least know a little bit of the basic of the soil science in order to be successful in gardening activities.

One of the important roles that are contributed by soil for the plants is that it gave them the support that is needed for them to stay standing up steadily.

The plants’ roots will penetrate and hold the soils in order for them to stand up. That is way you see people are planting plants on the slope of the hills to prevent erosion.

Soil is also the source of water for the plants to stay alive and healthy. Plants will absorb the water from their roots system within the soil.

That is why you need soils that have a very good soil structure. A good soil structure will have the capacity to hold enough water so that the plants can take the water whenever they wanted to.

A good soil structure will also enable the air or in more specific the oxygen to flow in out of the soil without any problems.

Oxygen is needed by the roots system for them to breath and also needed by soil organism in order for them to be alive and execute their activities within the soil.

This is the reason why you heard people saying that sandy and clay type of soils are not good for gardening purposes.

The reason why they are not good for gardening is because both types of the soils have a very bad soil structure.

The sandy soils have very big soil particles and make this soil to be too loose. The consequence from that matter is the sandy soil could not retain enough water for the plants.

The opposite condition is happened in the clay type of soil. This type of soil has a very fine soil particle that very close to each other.

Because of that, the soil become too compact that only very little water and air could penetrate through this type of soil.

Water also will usually clog on this type of soil. All of the conditions mentioned about the clay soil are not favorable by majority type of herb plants.

You plants roots or stem could get also get rotten and eventually die.

People who are facing both of the conditions mentioned regarding the sandy and clay type of soil will usually treat the soils by adding a lot of organic matter into the soil to improve the soil structure to enable them to grow something on those soils.

As mentioned earlier in this article, soil is also a place for soil microorganism to live.

Not many gardeners are looking into this matter seriously as they think soil microorganism does not give significant value for the soil as well as for the plants.

The real situation is, soil microorganism contribute a lot in ensuring the fertility of the soil. They help to break the nutrients from organic matters into the form that can be easily taken by the plants.

Not only that, there are also researches that shows soil microorganism could also help the plants to fight pest and diseases.

I have written an article about how microbes contribute to soil fertility here in my blog. Please click here should you would like to read it.

When talking about soil, we cannot avoid talking about nutrients as well. This is because one of the major roles of soil is to supply nutrients that are essential for the plants growth.

A good soil must have substantial amount of nutrients that can be taken by a plant so that the plant can grow healthily and produce the yield as expected. The nutrients must be available all the time throughout the growing seasons.

There are no other ways for you to know the condition of the nutrients within the soil except by doing a soil test.

The soil test will show you what is high and what is low in term of the nutrients within the soil.

From the soil test you could act accordingly and find the ways on how you could improve the condition of the nutrients within your soil.

This is very important to be done especially when you plan to do gardening on the ground.

And will be less important when you decide to buy potting soils to do gardening with pots as most of the potting soils in the market are already treated with a lot of useful ingredients that are rich in nutrients.

Another factor that you need to look into to know whether the soil is good for your plants or not; is by looking at the pH of the soil.

Most herbs are not favorable to be planted in the soil that is too acidic or too alkaline.

Not only that, soils that are too alkaline or too acidic will make some of the nutrients that are important for the plants growth disappeared. This is due to the chemical reaction occurring when the pH of the soils are too alkaline or too acidic.

You have to solve this problem initially before you start to plant anything on the soil. You can use agriculture lime to increase the pH of the soils and you can apply sulfur to reduce the pH of your soils.

Adding organic matters could also help to balance back your soil pH.

It is the best that you could find the most appropriate pH for the type of herbs that you want to grow and adjust the pH according to the needs of the herb plants.

This is because each different herb plants usually have different optimal pH requirements for optimal growth. If you could not find it just adjust your pH between 5.5 and 7.5 as it is the pH range where most of the plants can live in.

That is a little bit of sharing regarding the role of the soil in plants growth. By understanding these entire things, it should help you to choose the best potting soils for your herbs planting.

Please read carefully the ingredients and the description of the potting soil that are provided by the manufacturer before you decide which one is the best soil to be bought.

Different manufacturers usually use different ingredients to come out with their product.

To make it easier for you to choose the best potting soil for you herbs gardening, below are some of the good potting soils that are available at

1. Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables, 2-Cubic Feet 

The brand of this potting soil does not have to be introduced anymore. People who have in gardening activities for quite some time should already know about it.

Miracle-Gro is one of the famous brands that produce wide range of high quality gardening inputs.

This potting soil is rich with a lot of organic material that surely will be loved by your herbs plants.

If you would like to know more about this potting soil, please click here.

2. Espoma Organic Potting Mix 

This is another brand of potting soil that is widely used by home gardeners.

This potting soil has been formulated that it can retain much more water than normal gardening soil.

With this feature, it will surely help you to reduce the watering frequency that you need to do.

This product received a lot of positive reviews and ratings by its previous buyers. This could be a good sign for you that this product is performing quite well.

Should you would like to know more about this gardening soil, please click here.

3. SuperMoss (01121) HeirBloom All Purpose Potting Soil with Fertilizer, Small Bale (2.33 ft3)

This potting soil is quite unique compare to potting soils mentioned earlier as it is coconut coir based soils.

This potting mix could absorb 30% more water compare to normal soils and it is also a pH neutral soil.

You can basically plant any type of vegetables or herbs in this type of soil.

If you would like to know more about this potting soil, please click here. 

The Ending

In seeking the best potting soil for your herb plants, there many variables that are involved, not only depending just on the soil itself.

You also need to know about your herbs, which type of soil that they prefer to grow in.

Some of the things that you need to look into are the main nutrients needed and the optimal pH condition.

It is hope that this article could help you to find the best potting soil for your herbs.

Should you anything to say or ask regarding the topic that we have just discus here, please do not hesitate to write it in the comment section below.

I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You.

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