Best Potting Mix for Container Gardening

As we all know that gardening activities is one of the best activities that we can do around our properties.

It is not like the old days when people think that gardening is an activity that only can be done for people who good soils around their house.

Nowadays, it does not matter what is the condition that you have around your properties, as long there are space that can be utilized, you are good to start your own gardening activities.

One of the techniques that is widely used for people who only have limited spaces but are interested in doing gardening is using the container gardening methods.

Container gardening is quite a fun way to do gardening. It does not mean that you need to containers to start planting your plants. Anything that contain soils and have a good drainage could be use as a container.

You can be creative in manipulating the ways to use containers for gardening purposes. You can have varieties of sizes and shapes. You can also hang it up depending of the suitability and type of plants.

If you cannot make your own container, there are always containers that are available for you to buy that come in different design, materials and sizes. Just choose the one that is most suitable for your planting and decoration purposes.

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In term of the plants, you can literally plant any plants either ornamental or vegetables plants with containers gardening method. The only thing that you need to consider when choosing a container is its depth. The depth of a container will determine the type of plants that can be planted.

This is because every plants have different root’s systems. Some plants’ roots penetrate deeper into the soil and some plants’ roots require only shallow depth of soils.

Therefore, you really need to at least plan and know a little bit of the type of plants that you wanted to grow before deciding which containers you want to buy.

Now it is the turn for us to discuss about our main topic that is about the soil. This is a very important topic, not only it is the main factor that influences your plants growth but also it will help you to choose the best gardening soil for your planting purposes.

Fundamentally, soils is the main medium where your plants that you planted in the container to grow.

It is also the main source for your plants to get all the necessary nutrients for them to grow healthily and produce whatever result that you expected.

You also need to bear in mind that supplying your plants with good soils that rich with nutrients can also help you minimize the pests attacked and diseases infection to your plants.

The reason why this happened is because; healthy plants will have their own ability or immune system that helps them to get rid of difficult situation. It is same like healthy humans, if you can imagine.

So, what make one soil better than another?

First of all we need to understand the soil composition. There are a few basic components of soil that are mineral, water, air and organic matter that if mixed together in a best ration will make it a better soil.

The particle size is also a very important factor in determining whether the soil is good or not.

The particle size that is too small or fine such as in the clay soil will make the soil too compact and will not drain the water efficiently.

Water will usually clog as it cannot penetrate down through the soil particle. This is one of the indications that the soil is not good for planting purposes.

Soil particle that is too big such as in the sandy soil is also not good for planting purposes.

This is because the soil cannot retain enough water for the plants uses as the water will drain very fast from the soil. This is another sign of bad soil to be used for planting purposes.

If you happened to encounter these two type of soils and you wanted to use the in your gardening activities, it is best for you to first treat them.

The easiest way to treat both type of the soils mentioned above is by adding organic matters to them.

One of the best sign to determine whether the soil is good or not by is by looking to composition of organic matters within the soil. The more organic matter you put in, the better for plantings.

You can easily see whether the soil contain enough organic matter in it or not by looking from its color. Organic matter usually black in color, therefore, if your soil is black then it is may be a good soil.

Looking at the soil texture is another way to determine whether a soil is good or not. Good soil texture with a lot of organic matter is usually a little bit spongy and not to thick. It is also not too sandy.

You can also look at the soil organism such as earthworms to determine whether the soil is good or not. Good soils usually contain earthworms. This is true for the soils that are in nature not the one that you bought from the shops.

There is one more important thing to mention when looking for a good soil for gardening purposes and that is the pH of the soils.

Plants usually do not like to live in too acidic or too alkaline soils. Preferred pH is between 5.5 and 7.5.

However, it is good for you to know the optimum soil’s pH for the plants that you wanted to grow as different plants have different requirement in terms of soil’s pH for them to grow vigorously.

That is a little bit of information about a good soil conditions. To answer your question of what is the best soil for container gardening, below are some of them that are available at for you to buy.

The listings are based on the previous customers’ reviews and ratings.

1.  Espoma AP2 Organic Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet

Espoma is one the famous brand in producing a lot of high quality gardening inputs and their products have been used and trusted by many gardeners.

This potting mix is made from 100% organic materials. There are no synthetic or chemical ingredients that were put into this potting mix.

You can use this potting mix as a planting medium for indoor or outdoor gardening.

It is also has been formulated with water saving formula. This mean that this potting mix will retain water much longer than any normal soil one you pour water into it.

If you would like to know more about this gardening soil, please click here.

2. FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil, 2-Cubic Feet

This is another potting soil that has been rated quite well for its performance.

This potting also received a lot of encouraging reviews by its previous buyers.

It is rich with useful nutrients that can readily be taken by the plants. This potting soil also rich with microbes and fungi that can help break the nutrients into the form that plants can use.

This potting soil also consist huge amount of organic matters. Some of the organic matters that are available within this potting mix are bat guano, earthworms’ castings and composted forest humus.

All the useful elements mentioned above will surely give help your plants to grow healthily.

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3. Sun Gro 13020402 Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil, 2 Cubic Feet

This is another organic type of potting soil from different manufacturers.

This potting soil also received good ratings and comments from people who have try it.

Every pack of this potting soil has already been enriched with fertilizer.

It is also rich a lot of organic matters such as earthworms castings and compost that make it a very good soil for your plants.

If you would like to know more about this potting mix, please click here.


As a conclusion, soil plays very important roles in ensuring the healthy growth of your plants.

When doing container gardening, it is also important for you to look into the depth of the container so that it can provide an ideal condition for your plant to grow healthily.

Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section below.

Anybody who have anything to say especially about the potting soil either your experienced or some tips, please also feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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