Best Organic Potting Soil for Vegetables

Organic gardening has become of the famous gardening techniques by many gardeners all over the world nowadays.

It is the ways of doing gardening without having to use any dangerous chemical products. Most of the gardening input if not all that are used in organic gardening are derive from natural resources.

The main reason for this positive trend in the recent years is due to the increase of awareness among the people regarding their health.

It is being widely said that most of the chronic diseases that are being experienced by many people nowadays is due to the unhealthy food that we consumed.

Organic gardening is a well-known ways to produce healthy and safe foods to be consumed.

Not only that, some people also said that the produces from the organic gardening are more tasteful than the produces from the conventional method of gardening.

For nature lovers, they are also preferring the world to switch to organic gardening as for them organic gardening can help to save our nature from being polluted by dangerous chemical especially the underground water.

From what have been said, there is nothing strange if we see more and more people prefer to delve into organic gardening as there are a lot of benefit from it.

One of the main factors to be successful in organic gardening that have been stressed a lot by many gardening experts is the soil.

In organic gardening soil need to be given special priority and care compare to any other planting elements or gardening activities.

Without good soils, there is high possibilities that your will fail in producing high quality yields from organic gardening.

As you all know, soil is the main planting medium that will supply all the nutrients required by the plants for them to grow healthily.

A least good soil need to have all the basic nutrients requirement of the plants.

However, the best soil to be used in organic gardening not only must be rich with the basic nutrients requirement but also all other micro-nutrients, minerals, organic matters and many other elements.

It is not only the nutrients that are important to the soil fertility, other elements also plays important roles in ensuring the fertility of the soil that will also help the planted plants to grow vigorously.

For example, organic matter that exists within the soil will help to improve the soil structure that could help the plant’s roots to penetrate easily.

Organic matter could also help to retain water within to soil so that plants can take the water when they need it.

Another example of other elements that could help to increase the soil fertility that will eventually help the plants is the soil organism and soil microorganism.

Soil organism such as earthworm will help to improve the soil structure as well as help to improve the air circulation within the soil that immensely beneficial to the plants roots system.

Earthworms and other microbes will also help in the decaying process of the organic matter on or within the soil.

The decaying process will eventually release back all the nutrients from the organic matter into the soil in the form that can be taken by the plants.

If you intended in buying your gardening soil to be used with pots or containers, it is very crucial for you to look into the matters that have been highlighted above.

If not, you are most likely you will be wasting your money for bad soils.

The second factor in determining whether the soil is good or not is; by looking at the pH of the soil.

Soil that is too acidic or too alkaline will usually have some nutrients deficiencies in them.

Good soil pH for most of the vegetable plants is between 5.5 and 7.5. However, this is only general rule.

To be specific, you need to do some research on the type of vegetables that you wanted to grow.

Go on look how to plant them properly, what are the main nutrient requirements and what is best soil pH for your desired vegetable plants.

This research is very crucial, as mentioned earlier that different vegetable plants have different planting requirements.

To get the best result from your gardening effort, you cannot avoid in doing a little bit of research.

This should be an easy task for you as they are many websites that are discussing about how to grow specific plants successfully.

I have also written a few article about a few plants on how to grow them successfully. They are How To Grow Peas In A Garden and Organic Gardening Tips for Tomatoes.

Another factor in determining which the best organic potting soil for vegetables; is to look at the type of vegetable itself.

As mentioned earlier, every different vegetable have different nutrient requirement. Some vegetables may need more Nitrogen to grow well and some plants may need more Potassium to grow well.

By understanding your plants growth requirement you will be able to choose a better planting soils for your plants.

There are many types of organic potting mixes that are available at in the market.

Make sure you read all the ingredients that were mixed in the potting mix that you want to buy so that you have a little bit of idea what are you going to get in the packaging that you will receive.

Below are some of the potting mixes that you can get at

1. Sungro 1402040.CFL002P 2 cu. ft. Organic Potting Mix

This product can be categorized as one of the best organic potting soil that you can use in your gardening activities.

One of the reason I say this is because this potting mix is listed with Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI).

This institute will verify the material used in making of any product and will certified whether a product is an organic product or not.

With this, at least you know that there is somebody has certified that this potting soil is purely organic.

Many useful features came with this potting soil, if you would like to learn more about it please click here.

2. Espoma Organic All Purpose Potting Mix 16QT

For those of you who are new in gardening, Espoma is one of the famous brands in producing organic gardening inputs.

They are not only producing potting mix but also other type of organic inputs such as organic fertilizers and organic pesticides.

This potting mix has been formulated with Myco-Tone water saving formula that help to retain more water in longer period of time. This will surely help to reduce the watering frequency that you need to do.

Whether you are planning to grow your vegetables outdoor or indoor, you can still use this potting mix as your planting medium.

If you would like to learn more about useful features that come with this potting mix, please click here.

3. Vermont Organic Potting Soil Media – 2 Cubic Feet

This will be the last product that is going to be mentioned here, in this article.

If you read the product specification from the manufacturer or on the packaging, you will be straight away convinced that this is a good potting mix.

It is made from dairy manure plus with other type of recycled organic matters.

This potting mix is 100% organic matter and is free from peat. If you would like to know about this potting mix, please click here.

The Windup

As a conclusion, there are a lot of factors that you really need to consider before deciding which potting mix is the best potting mix for your vegetable plants.

Therefore, understand all of them briefly could lead you to the best potting mixes that are available in the market.

Please do not hesitate to leave any comment in the comment section below, I am more than happy to get back to your comment.

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