Best Organic Plant’s Fertilizer. What is it?


In recent days, organic products have been appreciated more than before. This can be seen from various products being offered in the market.

There should be enough market for each of the product offered and that is why entrepreneurs keep competing in producing and selling their products.

It is a good trend actually for people to shift from chemical fertilizer to organic fertilizer products. This is for our better future in terms of clean environment and healthy life.

What is Organic Fertilizer?

Before we go into further details to talk about the best organic fertilizers that are available in the market, I think it is good for us to first understand what is actually an organic fertilizer.

An organic fertilizer can be easily understood as a fertilizer that derived from natural elements such human/animal or plants wastes.

In other words, an organic fertilizer can also be said as a fertilizer that does not go through any chemical process by the human at any factory. All the nutrients contained in the fertilizer are naturally built.

Please do not forget that this is how natural plants in the forest survives, they do not have somebody that went into the jungle and throw some amount of fertilizer in order for them to grow healthily.

You might be wondering of the organic fertilizers that are being sold in the market that have a very beautiful packaging same as the chemical fertilizer.

Actually, for easier understanding, the main thing for you to know about the organic fertilizer being sold on the market is that it is only the packaging that is beautiful, the main products that are the fertilizer is still the natural organic materials.

The commercial organic fertilizer may have gone through some refining processes such as to be transformed into the granular form or being transformed into liquid fertilizer. However, there is usually no advanced chemical process involved.

The reason why some processes are needed to be done is to ensure that the end products is suitable for home use and user-friendly.

Just imagine if the animal waste is not treated before it reached your home.

It will not only produce bad smells around your garden but may also contain bacteria that is harmful to your health especially the children that are playing around your garden.

The Importance of Organic Fertilizer

The are a lot of benefits of using organic fertilizers compared to chemical fertilizers.

One of the benefits is that the organic fertilizers could help to reduce the soil compaction.

Organic fertilizers usually contain a lot of other materials other that the nutrients needed by the plants such as the composted manures and the sludge that help to refine the soil condition.

Using only chemical based fertilizer to your soil is not a wise thing to do. It may eventually make your soil compact and could also make the pH of the soil to be unstable by time.

A wise thing to do if you still wanted to use the chemical fertilizer is to also mix the uses of your fertilizers with organic fertilizer.

The second benefit of using the organic fertilizer is that it can increase the microorganisms activity within the soil that is really important for the soil fertility in the long term. You could not have this benefit to your soil by using only the chemical fertilizer.

Lastly, organic fertilizer can also help in conserving and keep the environment clean and safe as all the material used are from the natural resources.

There have been a lot of studies done that shows using excessive chemical fertilizer can actually contribute to the environmental problems such as the water pollution and the soil pollution.

Sources of Organic Fertilizer

There are many sources where organic fertilizers are derived from and some of the main resources are as follows:

a) Animal

Example of materials taken from the animal to as organic fertilizers is animal litter, hides, bones, blood-meal, and horns

b) Plant

All decaying plants’ parts can be used as organic fertilizers such as grass clippings and compost or processed organic fertilizer such as seaweeds extract and humic acid.

c) Mineral

Some of the organic fertilizer resources are taken from minerals such as the limestone, the rock phosphate, and the peat.

Organic Fertilizer Vs Chemical Fertilizer

Some of you may be wondering what are the differences in terms of using the organic and the inorganic fertilizers in your gardening activities as the main goal with any type of fertilizer is to supply the plants with enough nutrients. The most common questions asked is which is the better one?

The most common questions asked is which is the better one?

Actually, there is no straightforward answer to the question, it all depends on the end users itself and the condition that you are facing.

This is due to there are a lot of debates among the users and each group is defending the uses of both types of the fertilizers.

For your information, the organic fertilizer usually releases its nutrient slower than chemical fertilizers.

Therefore it usually takes a little bit of time for the plants to actually receive the nutrients from the time you apply it.

The case is different from the chemical fertilizer where it can straight away release its nutrient once you applied it and the plants that are suffering from the nutrients deficiencies will straight away benefit from the fertilizer application.

Another major difference between the organic fertilizer and the chemical fertilizer is the concentration of nutrient elements contain in each of the fertilizer.

Chemical fertilizer usually has a defined and fixed quantity of nutrient elements in a certain amount of the fertilizer that you can usually find it on the packaging.

Therefore, you can easily calculate the amount of fertilizers needed by the plants to be put onto the ground so that your plants could grow healthily.

On the other hand, most of the time, it is hard for you to know the nutrient elements that contain in an amount of organic fertilizer.

As an example, if you are using 1 kilogram of the chicken dunk,  there is no way that you could know the composition of each of the nutrient in it.

This problem, however, can easily be solved nowadays, if you are buying organic fertilizers that have been processed and were produced by some of the organic fertilizer manufacturer, this kind of problem will usually not happen as the manufacturer usually had made a research on the nutrients in each of the organic fertilizer they produced and they will mention it on the packaging.

Lastly, another advantage of the organic fertilizers from the chemical fertilizers is that besides giving your plants additional nutrients, the organic fertilizers can also act as a substance that treating your soil structure to become better in holding the water and the nutrients.

Picking Up The Best Organic Fertilizer

1. Raw Supply Azomite Organic Trace Mineral Powder-67 Essential Minerals for Your Garden Bulk Fertilizer Powder-Be Green and Grow Your Own Food, 44 lb

This is one of the best organic fertilizer being sold on the market nowadays. This fertilizer contains around 67 trace minerals that can really help your plants growth.

This fertilizer is also suitable to be used to any types of plants either vegetables, fruits or flowers.

Besides giving the extra supplement of nutrients to your plants, this   organic fertilizer could also help to refine your garden soil.

Customers who have bought and used this fertilizer are saying on the webs that they are happy with this fertilizer as real results can be seen from their plants.

A customer who has used this fertilizer on strawberry plant stated that it this fertilizer have produced double yield.

2. Age Old Organics 1FS32C Fish and Seaweed (3-3-2) Liquid Fertilizer, 32-Ounce

Unlike the previous organic fertilizer that is in the granular form, this organic fertilizer is being sold in the liquid form.

As its name above, this organic fertilizer is made from the fish and the seaweed.

This liquid fertilizer comes in concentrated form; you just need to  dilute and prepare it according to the instruction given before applying it to your plants.

The liquid form fertilizers have the advantage of to be easily absorbed by the plants once applied compared to the granular form fertilizers.

This organic fertilizer is proven to be effective in supplying the nutrients for the plants to grow healthily and to increased the yield.

Many customers who have tried this liquid fertilizer gave positive reviews that indicate that they are satisfied with the performance of this liquid organic fertilizer.


It has come to the end of the article and now it is up to you to choose  which is the best organic fertilizer that you want to use.

There are a lot of other organic fertilizers that are being sold in the market nowadays. A thorough research is a need in order for you to be able to pick the best one for your plants.

The easiest way that you can do is to browse all available organic fertilizers in the market is by going to as they have a huge collection of organic fertilizers being sold at their website.

As usual, if you have something to say or have any suggestion to give please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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  1. I want to make sure that my lawn is nicely fertilized. It makes sense that I would want to ensure that I get the right kind of fertilizer! I can see how organic fertilizer would be really beneficial. It would b e nice to not have to worry about putting unknown chemicals in my lawn.

    • Yes, it is good to know that we can always have beautiful plants and lawns without having to use any harmful chemicals.

      Thanks for your comment.

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