Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 4
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Planting your own vegetables organically even a few type of vegetables in your garden is one of the best way for you to have safe and healthy foods for your family. It can also help to safe a little bit of your money from buying the vegetables from the grocers.

In the gardening activities, fertilizers plays a very important role in ensuring your plants to have an optimum level of nutrients for their healthy growth to eventually provide you with a good and nutritious yields.

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 5
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Planting vegetables is a little bit different from planting ornamental plants. There are not much different actually, but the main difference is the goal or the result that you want to obtained from your gardening activities.

As the end goal of planting vegetables is you want to consume the yields and not only to beautify your compound, all the inputs and works need to be looked carefully to ensure the food that you produced are safe, healthy, nutritious and high quality.

One of the ways on how you can achieve this is by opting to organic gardening method or techniques.

I am not saying the conventional gardening methods is bad but as lay man it is better for us not to use any chemical products in our compound and gardening activities as we do not know what are the consequences of all those chemicals to our health and environment.

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Before we go into further details of what is the best organic fertilizer for vegetable gardens, i think it is good for us to know first the basic principle of fertilizing your vegetable plants.

We are not going into scientific term like what have been taught in universities but just a basic understanding so that we know how to apply it in our daily gardening activities.

To be honest, there are no direct answers for somebody who is asking what the best organic fertilizer for their vegetable gardens is.

This is because the type of fertilizer that you need to put into your soil is depending on the existing soil condition and also the type of vegetable plants that you wanted to plant.

I have been stressing in my article many times that you need to know the condition of your soil before any correction and planting works can be done.

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 7
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The only accurate way to know the condition of your soil is by having the soil test. From the result of the soil test then you can take whatever action that needs to be done to improve your soil condition.

If you know what is the problem of your soil then the correct measurement can be taken. For example, if the result of your soil test show that your soil is in a very acidic condition then you need to put lime not the fertilizer and if your soil test result shows that your soil is lacking of minerals that you need to put minerals not the fertilizer.

I hope you can understand this because if not you will be wasting your money and time doing the unnecessary things. For example, no matter how much fertilizer you put into an acidic soil there will always be some nutrients that are unavailable because that nutrients cannot reside in the acidic environment.

The second thing is to choose fertilizer based on the plants requirements. To enable you to do this you first need to understand what are the main nutrients required by your plants.

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Each and every different plants as well as different stages of the plants growth have different requirements of nutrients.

Some plants do not need too much of nitrogen but some plants need higher nitrogen from the other. Excessive nitrogen can sometime bring problems to some plants such as can reducing the production of fruits. There are also different requirement nutrients between the small and big plants.

Therefore, you have to really understand the nutrients requirement of your vegetable plants before deciding to buy any fertilizer and that is why understanding the N:P:K ratio is very important when you read any fertilizer label.

This will help you in choosing the best fertilizer for your vegetable plants. Below are some of the available organic fertilizers for vegetable garden. All these vegetable fertilizer are the one that have a quite good ratings and reviews from previous customers.

1. Gardner & Bloome Organics Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer 12lb Organics Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer 12lb

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 1
Gardner & Bloome Organics Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer 25lb

This is one of the good organic fertilizers for your vegetables. This fertilizer is listed with the Organic Material Research Institute or OMRI as organic fertilizer.

This means that this fertilizer has successfully gone through the organic testing procedures of this institute and you can easily trust that this fertilizer is an organic fertilizer.

The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 4:6:3. From the ratio you can easily know that this fertilizer have the Phosphorus elements as the highest element in its compound mixture.

If you think this NPK ratio is the best for your vegetable plants growth then this fertilizer could be the one for you.

If you would like to know more about this organic fertilizer, please click here.

2. Dr. Earth 733 Organic 5 Fertilizer, Tomato Vegetable Herb, 25-Pound

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 2
Dr. Earth 733 Organic 5 Fertilizer, Tomato Vegetable Herb, 25-Pound by Dr. Earth

Dr. Earth is one of the famous brands that producing many types of gardening inputs such as organic fertilizers and organic pesticides.

A lot of people trust this brand and are using this product in their gardening activities.

The NPK ratio for this organic fertilizer is 5:7:3. The ratio almost the same as the previous said fertilizer, only a little bit higher in quantity.

This organic fertilizer also contains beneficial microbes that can increase the availability of microbes and nutrients within your soil.

If would like to know more about this product, please click here.

3. Espoma GT18 Garden Tone, 18-Pound

Best Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Gardens 3
Espoma GT18 Garden Tone, 18-Pound

This organic fertilizer is slightly different in term of the NPK ratio compare to the two organic fertilizers mentioned above.

Both organic fertilizer mentioned above have the high ratio of Nitrogen and Phosphorus however this fertilizer have high ration of Phosphorus and Potassium but low in Nitrogen.

If you are planting vegetables plants that needed the nutrient elements in the ratio of something like this, then this fertilizer could fulfill your plants need.

Epsoma is also a well-known brand in producing the gardening inputs materials. You do not need to be doubtful of this brand credibility and quality. Many people are using this brand for their vegetables garden.

If you would like to know more about this product, please click here.

I think that is all for now, it is hope that this article could help you a little bit to understand about fertilizing and also to choose the best organic fertilizer for your garden.

If you have anything to say, please write it in the comment section below. I am more than happy to respond to your comments.

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  1. Hi,

    What great timing on find your site!

    I have planted my tomatoes and they are doing fine, but would like to add some fertilizer.

    I didn’t know that I have to test the soil first to find out what type of soil I have.

    Where can I find a ‘soil tester’? And I guess Miracle Grow for tomatoes is not a safe fertilizer?

    • To test your soil you need to send samples of your soils to a lab for soil test.

      How ever if you would like to test the pH of your soil the you can buy the pH tester here

      Sorry, I never heard about the organic fertilizer by miracle-gro could be harmful or not safe. So I do not have any comment about that.

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