Best Indoor Hydroponic Growing Systems

Long before, people are solely depending on the soil to do gardening. That means only people who have extra spaces with good soils can do gardening activities.

With recent technologies, that is not the case anymore, anybody who is interested in gardening activities can start to do gardening even with limited spaces and without good soils.

One of the famous methods of soil-less gardening is hydroponic growing system. Hydroponics growing system is a system that does not use any soils to enable you to plant any plants successfully.

Many people think the hydroponic gardening system is a complex system and can only be handled by people who already have extensive training.

Actually hydroponic gardening is a very simple gardening method that anybody can use. You just need a little bit of the basic knowledge of how the system works and then you are good to proceed with your gardening activities.

To help our new gardeners, we are going to discuss a little bit of the basics of hydroponic gardening system.

As any gardening methods, the main purpose why they were created is to give the best growing condition for the plants so that they will produce the results that we are expecting.

One of the supports that we need to prepare for the plants in a good hydroponic system is the support that can enable the plants to stand on themselves. In other words the support so that the plants will not easily fall down.

One of the main supports for you plants is the planting medium that you use in planting your seedlings.

It is in the planting medium where the roots of your plants will develop and absorb the nutrients needed by the plants.

There is another type of support that may be required in organic gardening. However this type of support is usually needed when your plants are too high or you are planting creeping type of plants.

It is like doing staking if you are doing gardening on the soils.

The second part of our concern is the biological aspect of the plant’s growth.

As we are not using any soils in hydroponic gardening and the planting medium that we use also will not be able to supply the necessary nutrients for the plants growth, something is needed to be given.

The main source for nutrients in hydroponic gardening is the fertilizer solution that is available in the market.

If you are a beginner, please do not try do make the solution by yourself as it is a little complex. An extra knowledge is needed in order for you to produce good hydroponic fertilizer solution on your own.

The way this solution is supply to your plants is depending on the type of hydroponic systems that you use.

The simplest hydroponics system is just requiring you to put the solution in a container and it will be static there forever. You just need to put the plants on top of the container.

There are a few other systems that are a little bit complex. It will rotate and circulate the fertilizer solution now and then without stopping.

For this system you need to use a pump to operate as well as the power supply.

The reason why the solution is circulate is because to improve the air or oxygen availability within the solution and also to enable the solution to be in a proper mixture that nothing is settle down at the bottom.

There are always pros and cons of each type of hydroponic systems. The only thing that you need to consider is which type of plants that is suitable in which type of hydroponic systems.

To know this you have read a lot of gardening tips and success stories from growers that have used specific hydroponic system with specific type of plants.

When looking for a hydroponics system to buy, there are a few considerations that you need think off.

The first one, before thinking about the plantings is the space that you have for you to put the hydroponic systems.

This will determine the size of the hydroponic system and also which type of hydroponic system that is suitable for you.

For people who limited space, may be they can opt for the vertical type of hydroponic systems instead of the vertical one.

If your gardening space is near to the power sources, you may also choose hydroponic systems that are using special motor to circulate the fertilizer solution.

The second aspect to look into is the size of the plants that you wanted to grow.

The size of the plants will also determine the type of hydroponic system that you need to buy.

This reason for this is the spaces between the plants will vary depending on the plants size.

It is the same when you are gardening on the soil. Plants that are bigger need bigger spacing between each other compare to the smaller plants.

Fail to do this, you will affect the growth of the plants and you are likely to achieve the result that you wanted to have.

You also need to count how many plants that you are going to grow. The more plants you want to grow the bigger size of the hydroponic system that you need to have.

You do not to mistakenly buy a system that only allows you to grow 10 plants when you are planning to grow 30 plants.

You also need to consider the maintenance aspect of the hydroponic systems when buying them.

Most people are lazy in doing the maintenance works of the system. They only like the gardening and harvesting aspect.

So, please look into the maintenance aspects of the hydroponic system that you want to buy, try to identify when it requires high maintenance of vice versa. Choose the one that can suit you way of life.

Finish talking a little bit about the basic of hydroponic systems; now let us go to browse a few hydroponic systems that are available at that you can buy.

1. General Hydroponics GH4120 WaterFarm Complete

This one of the cheapest hydroponic systems that is available for you in the market.

If you are beginner and are trying to learn to do gardening with hydroponic systems, then this one could be suitable for you.

This hydroponic system comes in complete set. There is nothing more you need to buy. Just buy this then you are good to go with your gardening activities.

This hydroponic system also received a quite good reviews and rating from its buyers.

So, if you are interested in learning more about this particular hydroponic system, please click here.

2. DIY Vertical Hydroponic 4 Tower Kit

This is a quite advance hydroponic system. It also comes in quite different design that is vertical instead of horizontal like the first mentioned system.

This product comes with a lot of useful features. One of them is that it comes with a watering timer.

With this timer, you plants will be automatically watered when the time for watering comes.

You do not have to worry about the need to switch on and switch off the system to enable your plants to grow healthily.

You can grow up to 80 different plants on one set of this hydroponic system.

The sad thing about this product is it is not suitable for people who live in an apartment as this hydroponic system need be installed on the ground.

So, if you would like to learn more about this particular hydroponic system, please click here.

3. Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon – 10″ Buckets

This is another option of hydroponic system that could be the one that can suit your needs.

This hydroponic system is almost the same as the one that is mentioned earlier in this listing of hydroponic systems.

However, instead of getting one bucket or container that you can grow your plants, with this system you will have four bucket that you can use all of them concurrently at one time in growing your plants.

Should you would like to learn more about this particular hydroponic system, please click here.

The Ending

I think that is all for now a little of sharing of the best indoor hydroponic system that you have to grow your plants at your home.

Should you have any questions or suggestions that you want to highlight regarding what we have just discussed, please do not hesitate to write it down in the comment section below.

I am more than happy to communicate back to you.

Before i forgot to mentioned, when you do gardening indoor, you also usually need growing lamps to replace the sunlight that your plants is lacking.

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