Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers


People nowadays are more concern about their environment and also about their health. Because of this recent trend, organic food, and organic gardening have become more popular than before.

People are searching for many organic products and this includes the organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers have become very famous as they are one of the important element in organic gardening in order to produce organic food.

Therefore this article is going to discuss the benefits of using organic fertilizers in a little bit details for you to understand its significance.

Organic Fertilizers

An organic fertilizer is also called natural fertilizer. In simple words, organic fertilizer can be defined as a fertilizer that derived from natural resources. Examples of natural resources here are animal by-products, rock powders, plants waste and seaweed.

In the recent development, you can also see various organic fertilizers product being sold in a very fancy name and packaging. Anyhow, it is still the same they are made from natural resources  without having to go through a complex chemical process.

In old days it is hard for you to determine the composition of nutrients in an organic fertilizer such as the chicken dunk. But thanks to the recent technology, now can you know the composition of the nutrients in an organic fertilizer that being sold in the market as they mentioned them on the packaging.

Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers

1. Saving Environment

One of the benefits that you get when you use the organic fertilizers in your gardening activities is that you are saving the environment for better future for future generations.

As we all know organic fertilizers are derived from natural resources and usually do not go through a serious chemical process including the one that being sold in the market using the organic fertilizer branding.

Chicken dunk, animal waste, and compost are some of the chemical fertilizers that are very familiar that you have heard before. These are completely natural from natural resources.

As organic fertilizers are derived from organic material, therefore, they do not have hazardous chemical elements that can contribute to environmental pollution.

Another aspect that you can look from how organic fertilizers can save the environment is that you are actually recycling back all the wastes that you should have thrown into fertilizer that you can actually use.

Animal bones, animal blood, your home food can actually be turned into fertilizers. Blood meals based fertilizer, for example, is made from the animal’s blood that usually collected form the cattle slaughter houses. Same goes for the bone meal based fertilizers that are made from animals bone.

You can imagine what is going to be with all the blood and the bones if we do not transform them to fertilizer. They will be thrown away wastefully as human and animal do not consume these things.

Same goes with most of the ingredient of organic fertilizers, they are actually made form something that is going to be thrown away.

2. Good for Health

Another aspect of benefits of using organic fertilizers is the yields produced from the farm or your garden is free from hazardous chemical especially if you are combining the organic fertilizers with organic gardening.

Organic fertilizers are also very easy and very safe to apply. You do not have to worry of any dangerous chemical residue stick to you after the application. You can also keep the fertilizers easily anywhere at your farm or your home garden.

Organic fertilizer is also usually non-toxic to human and animal as a result of that you do not have to be very cautious in using it at your home garden even you have pets or children that always lingering in your gardening area.

3. Saving Cost

Now days saving cost is one of the important factors when doing anything. People do not want to spend a lot of money in many areas and that also includes the gardening activity.

Nobody would like to buy expensive fertilizer just to take care of their plants unless the plant’s price is expensive.

Using organic fertilizers can be one of the solutions in saving your cost for gardening activity as organic fertilizer as usually cheaper than chemical fertilizer.

The reason why organic fertilizers are usually cheaper than chemical fertilizers is because they were made from animals or plants waste and they do not undergo any complex chemical process at any factory thus save a lot of processing cost.

4. Improve Soil Structure

Organic fertilizers do not only giving nutrients to your plants but they can also play a role in improving your soil structure.

This is really important if your soil is a little bit sandy soil or silt type of soil.

Soil structure is really important for the optimum growth of the plants.

Organic fertilizer can also help to introduce organic material to your soil especially in the urban soil.

Urban soil usually underwent a lot of development stages that eroded the organic material elements from the soil. Housing estate or road shoulders are usually places where the organic materials are less.

By adding organic matters to your soil through organic fertilizers it can also help your soil to retain more water that is very crucial for your plant’s growth. Water need to be retained for a while in the soil before your plants can absorb it.

Organic fertilizers can also help in introducing beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Some microorganism is very important in the plant’s growth, especially in nutrients intake.

Organic fertilizer can also help your soil aeration. Air is needed in the soil for the plant’s roots and also beneficial living things to live in the soil such earth worm and beneficial microorganism. Without proper air circulation in the soil living thing cannot survive underground.


This article can only list a few benefits as been described above compare to the vast benefits that can be found from using organic fertilizers.

This article does not mean to say that the chemical fertilizer is bad or something like that as both of them has the pros and cons depending on the user’s view’s or perspectives.

This is only to tell the users or the future users or organic fertilizer of what can the gain from using organic fertilizers.

If you would like to know about  the best organic fertilizers you can read my previous article here.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below should you have any questions or suggestions that we can share regarding the benefits of using organic fertilizer.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers

  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that organic fertilizer is usually less expensive than chemicals. A few of the plants in my garden are struggling a little bit, so I was thinking of giving them a bit of fertilizer. I like to look for ways to save, so I’ll definitely look into using an organic one instead. Thanks for the great post!

    • Hi Lillian,

      Thanks for your kind comment. It is great to hear you are going to use organic fertilizer. They are not only cheap but also good for the soil and environment too.

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