4 Types of Gardening Stools to Make Your Gardening Works More Comfortable


Gardening is an interesting activity that can be done not only to beautify or to have some extra self-produced food from our garden but could also help to improve our health and well-being.

As gardening has become more popular than before, there are a lot of gardening tools and accessories have been designed and developed to help us do the gardening works easier and conveniently.

One of the gardening accessories available in the market that you could use to help you do the gardening works conveniently is the gardening stool.

Although it is not a must for us to have it, it will surely help and make our gardening works to be more comfortable and easier with its present.

What is Gardening Stool?

While it is not hard for us to know what gardening stool really is, it is good if we could make a simple definition so that it easier for us to understand.

In simple words, gardening stool can be defined as a seat that you can sit on while doing the gardening works in order to help you do the gardening activities easily and comfortably.

Although in the general definition says that the gardening stool is something that we are going to use it to sit, in the real situation, however, it offers much more than the sitting purposes.

In the next section, you can see a few benefits of having the gardening stools apart being a tool for you to sit on.

Benefits of Gardening Stool

Every gardening product that is being sold in the market has it benefits and purposes.

This also true for gardening stools and below are some of the benefits that you could gain from having them with you:

a) Comfortable Working Condition

We sometimes need to stay for a long period in certain areas in our garden to do some sort of gardening works such as weeding

Without proper sitting and proper body posture, it could make us feel uncomfortable in a very short period of time.

You can avoid this situation from happening by having a proper place for you to sit down while doing your work such as the gardening stool as sitting on it would be more comfortable and could help you to do your work longer.

b) Avoid Body Pain or Injuries

Sitting too long with improper position could also cause pain or even injuries to certain parts of our bodies especially a few hours after we stop working from our garden.

Young people may not be experienced this type situation.

However, for senior people or people with injuries and difficulties, this situation is normally experienced by them.

In order to avoid pain or injuries every time after doing the gardening activities, we need to have something that could support us to work with proper posture.

Having gardening stool would definitely help us to support our body and the one with wheels could also help us to move around with very minimum effort.

If you are keen to kneel when doing you gardening works, there are also gardening stools that can be turned into kneeling pad to protect you knee and comfort it while you doing your work.

c) Help People With Disable

People with disabilities usually could not sit properly without any help of proper gardening gadgets.

That is why most of them try to avoid doing the gardening works as they think it is uncomfortable for them with their current physical condition.

Using a gardening stool could be one of the solutions for people with disabilities to encourage them to do gardening activities without any problems.

With a proper choice of a gardening stool, they can easily reach out and keep back any type of gardening tools or equipment as some of them are equipped with gardening tools’ pouch for you to store the tools.

d) Easy Store For Your Gardening Tools

As mentioned earlier, there are gardening stools that are designed with pocket or pouch for you to keep you gardening tools properly.

This mean you do not have to carry your gardening tools and your stool separately when you want to move from one area to another area in your garden.

Whenever, you feel like to do any gardening works, just simply take your gardening stool that you kept in your storage and your gardening tools are being carried as well.

e) Cleaner

Sometimes we do not want to make ourselves dirty when doing certain gardening works.

Gardening stools could help you to do this

You do not have to sit on the dirt or kneeling on it just to do a few gardening works.

f) Easy Carrying of Your Gardening Tools

There are gardening stools that are designed with wheels so that you do not have to put so much effort when carrying you gardening tools everywhere you go.

We usually have various gardening tools that we need to carry to do our gardening works and it could be very heavy sometimes.

Using the gardening stool with wheels will make the carrying process much easier.

Instead of lifting all the bags you could easily push or pull the gardening stool to anywhere you want.

Type of Gardening Stool

There many types of gardening stools which are easily available in the market.

You can choose the most suitable that could suit your needs and circumstances.

A few types of gardening stools that are available in the market are:

1. Folding Gardening Stool

These types of gardening stool usually enable you to fold them for easy keeping and carrying.

Most of these types of gardening stools are equipped with tools’ pouch to make it easier for you to put or store your gardening tools.

With the availability of the tools’ pouch, all of your gardening tools will be very easy to be reached out and keep in while you are sitting and doing your gardening works.

2. Gardening Stools with Wheels

Another type of gardening stool is the one that is designed with wheels attached to them and sometimes they are also called as scooter types gardening stools.

These types of gardening stools will make it easier for you to move around without the need for you stand up.

These types of gardening stools also come with the storage area where you can easily put your gardening tools in it.

3. Seating and Kneeling Pad Type of Gardening Stool

The third type of gardening stool is the one that you can use it as a kneeling pad apart for sitting purposes.

The pad is usually made from the soft material to prevent your knees from injuries and to make you feel comfortable when doing your work.

These types of gardening stools will most of the time come with gardening tools’ pouch that can be put around them for you to put your gardening tools.

You usually can also fold up these gardening stools types for easy storage.

4. Storage Box Type of Gardening Stool

Another type of gardening stools is the one that comes in the form of storage box that enable you to put your gardening tools inside them while you can comfortably sit on top of them.

They are also usually equipped with wheel and handle so that you can easily pull them anywhere you want to do your works.

Example of Gardening Stool

To give you some ideas of how the gardening stools that are being sold in the market looks like, below are some the gardening stools examples based on their type as mentioned earlier that are available at Amazon.com:

1. GardenHOME – 7 Piece All-in-one Ergonomic Garden Tool Set includes Folding Stool, Tool Bag Tools, and Stainless Steel Tools

This is an example of folding type gardening stool.

As you can see apart being as a stool for you to sit on while doing your work, this gardening stool also help you to easily reach out and keep back all types of your gardening tools that you are using.

Using this type of gardening stools could help you to avoid all the hassle of carrying your gardening tools separately.

To know more about this gardening stool, please click here.

2. Best Choice Products® Garden Cart Rolling Work Seat with Tool Tray Heavy Duty Gardening Planting New

This is an example of scooter type gardening stool or gardening stool with wheels.

As mentioned earlier, this type of gardening stool will help you to move around while doing your work effortlessly.

There is also a compartment where you can put your gardening tools when doing your works.

To know more about this gardening stool, please click here.

3. Songmics Foldable Kneeler and Garden Seat Portable Stool with EVA Kneeling Pad and Tool Pouch UGGK49L

This gardening stool is the type where you can use it as a seating and also as a kneeling pad.

You just need to turn it upside down to change it from a seating into a kneeling pad.

This gardening stool is also equipped with the gardening tools’ pouch to help you to keep your gardening tools easily.

To know more about this gardening stool, please click here.

4. Suncast Portable Rolling Garden Tool Scooter

This is one the gardening stools that you could use it as a storage box.

On top of the cover, there is a soft foam cushion to make it comfortable for you to sit on.

The cushion can be removed and used as a kneeling pad should you need to kneel when doing the gardening works.

This gardening stool is equipped with wheels and belt so that you can easily pull this box around your garden where you want to do your work.

To know more about this gardening stool, please click here.


That is all about some type of gardening tools and the benefits of you using them.

If you have anything to say or suggest about what we have just discussed, please feel free to give your suggestion in the comment section below.

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  1. I like it when you said how we can avoid improper sitting posture while gardening using a gardening stool. We have a small backyard, and I’m thinking of planting a variety of vegetable. I will look for a stool online that can help me sit comfortably while doing gardening.

    • Yes, gardening stool can definitely help you to have proper posture while you are doing your works. There are a lot of gardening stools available on the market and you can even buy them online at Amazon.com

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