How To Make Hydroponic System

hydroponic 2 Hydroponics is a system that you can use to grow you plants without soils medium. Your plants can directly be planted into the water that already mixed with nutrients solution.

For urban people nowadays where land is very limited the hydroponic system can be a very good alternative for them to do the gardening activities as they can do it anywhere they wants even though they are living in an apartment.

tote box
Storage or Tote Box

Another good thing about hydroponic system is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to acquire the systems as you can even build it by yourself using the household materials. This article will be focusing on how to make hydroponic system on your own using the material that you can easily get all around you.

To build a hydroponic system you need to acquire a plastic storage box or tote box as in the picture. The main thing to consider when buying your plastic storage box is the cover must be in flat condition so that we can put the netting pots on it.

For the size of the plastic storage box or tote box is depending on your requirements. There are two requirements that usually being considered when buying the box and they are the quantity of plants that you intend to plants and the place where you want to store the hydroponics system.

netting pot
Netting Pot

For the netting pots, you are also free to buy whatever size that you want depending on what types of plants you want to grow on the hydroponics systems. The bigger the size of the plants the bigger pot you need.

Other things that you need to acquire in order to make the hydroponic system are the aquarium stones and the air pump completes with the plastic air circulation tube.

Now let us go on how to build your own hydroponic system.

First of all you need to make holes on the cover of your plastic storage box or tote box. The number of holes is depending on the size of the netting pot. The smaller the netting pots the more holes you can make on the cover.

You need to measure the holes using the netting pots and then cut half inch inside from the outlines that you have made. Cutting half inch inside from the outlines is to ensure that the netting pots will not fall down into the box when you put it later on.

To make the holes you can just use the razor blade as the cover of the box is just made from plastic. Off course if you have the electric cutter it would be better and speed up your work. There is no need for clean and clear cutting as the purpose of the holes in just to make sure that you can put the netting pots. After the netting pots are in placed the holes will not be visible anymore.

After the holes are ready then you can put the netting pots onto the holes that you have made.

For the planting material that you need to put into the netting pot you can use pea gravels. It is like in the pictures shown. This pea gravels act as support for your plants for them to grow. You can easily find pea gravel being sold at, just click on the image to go the selling page.

pea gravel
Pea Gravel

After everything is ready, it is time for you to fill in the water into the box to mix the hydroponics’ fertilizer.

There are many types of hydroponics fertilizer out there in the market. It is hard to tell which one is better. You need to choose the best fertilizer that is most suitable to the types of plants that you planning to grow. If you are not very sure there are also general hydroponic fertilizers that you can use for any types of plants.

When the mixture of water and fertilizer is ready you can now take the tote box cover that is already attached with the netting pots and close the main box properly.

At this moment you have to really make sure that the netting pots at least dipped into the water for about 2 centimeter. This is to ensure that your plants are able to uptake the nutrients from the water.

When everything is ready, now it is time to transfer your seedlings from the sowing tray or seedling tray to the netting pots that already filled with the pea gravel. Before we go any further, for your information you need to sow your seeds prior you prepare the hydroponic system so that when the system is ready you can straight away transfer the seedlings.

Pull out the seedling carefully from the tray and avoid damaging the roots. Wash all the soils or whatever materials that you have used to sow the seeds from the seedlings’ roots. Then put the seedling s into the netting pots and cover it with the pea gravels. Make sure that seedlings stand straight so that it will beautifully grow straight upwards from the netting pots.

Basically your plants are now ready to grow with the system. However there is one more thing you need to do to improve the air and water circulation in the system. These things have been mentioned earlier in this article that is the aquarium stone and pumps including the air tubes.

Just set it up same with the aquarium. Place the aquarium stone at the end of the air circulation tube and place the aquarium pumps at the other end of the air tube. Put the aquarium stones into the box and the pump is usually put outside the box unless you have the submerge type of pumps. Connect the pump to the electric power and then you are ready to go. The pump will be working in circulating the air and the water inside the box. Example of ready homemade system is as shown in the picture below.

hydroponic 1

That is the end on how you can make your own hydroponics system on your own. If you feel quite reluctant in doing it your own, please do not be worried as there are a lot of ready-made systems that you can buy even through online buying. Below are some of the ready-made systems that you can buy at

It is the end of this article, it is really hope you enjoy it and give you some input on how you can have your own hydroponic system.

Look forward to see you result, please leave a comment below about your hydroponic system, better if with the pictures.

Any comments for improvement of this article are also appreciated.

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  1. Nowadays, more and more people are interested to have their own hydroponic garden. I am sure this information will help them a lot. Great idea for sharing!

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